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Revolution – Recap & Review – Chained Heat

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Chained Heat

Original Air Date: Sep 24, 2012

Vincent C. – TwoCents Reviewer

In this episode, we find that Charlie is merciful, resourceful, guilt-laden, righteous, and a capable killer.

We start out in a flashback one week after the blackout. Ben and his family are going to leave the city and walk to the countryside. Ben’s wife Rachel asks Charlie to never let go of Danny’s hand and to watch over him.

In the present, Miles is in a sword-fight with a bounty hunter. (let’s call him Bob) Miles prevails, and is about to execute Bob, but Charlie intervenes. Miles relents and instead locks Bob up in a train boxcar.

Miles and crew walk to Pontiac, Illinois. Miles is looking for a person named Nora to help him fight the Monroe militia. Nora is an explosives expert. Surprisingly (or maybe not?), Bob escapes and finds Miles. Bob’s men have captured Charlie, Maggie, and Aaron. When Bob threatens to slit their throats, Miles surrenders. I was hoping Bob would return the mercy from earlier, but it appears Monroe simply offered too high a bounty. How naïve of me.

As Miles is escorted out, he does his greatest-swordfighter-in-the-world thing and kills all of Bob’s soldiers. He chases Bob down and gets Bob to tell him where Nora is before he kills Bob. Nora has been arrested for stealing militia gold.

Scene shifts to Captain Neville, whose men engage in a shootout with an armed person who turns out to have an American flag, thus indicating that he is a rebel. One of Neville’s men is mortally wounded. Neville believes that even if the militia isn’t perfect, they are the only thing preventing chaos. Danny tells Neville he’s a murderous psychopath.

Back to Miles, Maggie picks the lock of his handcuffs. Miles says he will split off from the team and find Nora himself. They will regroup in two weeks at Lowell, Indiana. The next morning, Maggie and Aaron find that Charlie ran after Miles.

As Charlie is walking through the woods, she senses that someone is following her. She bolts but then trips and injures herself. Nate comes and wants to help her, but she was just pretending and manages to handcuff Nate to a pole. (With Miles’ former handcuffs. Clever.) Hey Nate, you are a horrible soldier. First, you don’t hide your brand. Now, you can’t track someone stealthily?

Maggie is nervous, but Aaron tries to calm her down. In any event, since neither of them can track or hunt, they wouldn’t be able to find Charlie. Aaron reveals the secret locket that Ben gave him before he died. Ben told Aaron to find a woman named Grace Beaumont in Grand Park, Illinois. Grace is the woman who rescued Danny earlier. Aaron is actually excited about the locket, since he believes that the blackout was man-made. If that’s true, then it can also be undone.

Maggie carries around an iPhone because even though it doesn’t work, she doesn’t have any hardcopy pictures of her kids. Aaron is optimistic they can get her iPhone working again. So, advice to all, print a couple pics from your files!

Miles finds that Charlie has been following him. Charlie confesses that she feels responsible for the situation. It was her job to look after Danny. If she weren’t at the ferris wheel pouting about her fight with her dad, maybe she would’ve been there to prevent Danny from confronting the soldiers and perhaps her dad would still be alive. She seems a little bit hard on herself.

Miles and Charlie find a prison crew dragging a helicopter through the woods. Monroe is hoping to somehow get it running. Nora is one of the prisoners. Miles thinks he is saving her, but she got arrested on purpose so that she could steal the warden’s sniper rifle. Since firearms were outlawed by the “Valdemar Act,” rifles are priceless.

Miles asks Nora for help getting Danny back. She owes him for something in the past, but she insists on getting the rifle first. Nora fashions a makeshift pistol, which only has a very short range. Since the warden already knows Nora’s face, and will most likely recognize Miles as a wanted fugitive, Charlie volunteers to kill the warden. She will pretend she got lost in the woods. Miles doubts that she has the stomach to kill, but Charlie says that she is disturbed by the prisoners being used as slave labor.

Flashback to the Mathesons’ escape from the city, a stranger holds Charlie and demands that Rachel exchange all of the family’s food in a big toy wagon. Ben Matheson has a gun and threatens to shoot the stranger unless he frees Charlie. The stranger gets the exchange, but Ben says he’ll shoot if he doesn’t let go of the wagon. The stranger says Ben won’t shoot. The stranger gets shot, but it’s Rachel who fired.

Back to the present, Charlie manages to get close to the warden, and shoots him with the improvised gun. The warden drops his rifle. Miles and Nora arrive and a melee ensues. Miles and crew prevail, naturally. Maybe some of the prisoners will join the rebels?

Although Charlie is saddened by killing two men, Miles is proud of his “unusual” niece. As Nora tends to a cut, Miles is upset when he sees a rebel American flag tattoo on her back. He worries for her safety.

At Grace’s home, a man named Randall confronts her with a taser. He also has a locket.

In the last scene, we find that Rachel is still alive! Monroe has her detained, but in a seemingly very nice place. He tells her Ben was killed, but he has Danny. He demands answers about Ben and everything she knows about the blackout.

We learn in a preview that Miles Matheson was the commanding general of the Monroe Militia! What happened? Was there a Matheson Militia? Does Monroe think he is close to solving the puzzle? Will iPhones ever work again?

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