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Revolution – Recap & Review – Dead Man Walking

photo: nbc
photo: nbc

Dead Man Walking

Original Air Date: Oct 30, 2013

Vincent C. – Senior Reviewer

Is this the end of Monroe? Is there another traitor in the midst of the Willoughby townspeople? Tonight’s episode provided a bit of a setback to Miles and his plan to foment a kerfuffle between the Texas Rangers and the patriot troops.

The episode started with Miles and Monroe fixing up the scene of the crime to implicate the patriot soldiers in the killing of Secretary John Fry. They also tie Fry’s body to a cement cinder block and drop him to the bottom of the river. In town, Fry’s entourage realizes that Fry is missing and they go look for him. The follow Fry’s tracks to the river tower at the dam. They find a shell casing belonging to an automatic weapon that only the patriot troops have. They also pull Fry’s body out of the river. Miles and Monroe watch the Rangers ride off on horseback. Monroe is confident that their plan has succeeded.

Five Days Later: Monroe has killed another patriot soldier. Miles is mad. He wanted to lay low and wait for Texas to start battling the patriot troops. Miles wonders what’s taking the Rangers so long. Monroe managed to get some information from the patriot soldier, including base coordinates.

Rachel is mad at Miles for being buddy-buddy with Monroe. Miles tells Rachel that Monroe got more intel in two hours than they’ve been able to get in days. Although Miles insists that they need Monroe, Rachel is unimpressed that Monroe is good at torturing people and disagrees with Miles.

At Monroe’s hideout outside of town, he is captured by a combined force of Texas Rangers and patriot soldiers. Truman places Monroe under arrest. The combined forces soon enter Willoughby with Monroe trapped in a cage on a wagon. In the caravan is General Carver, the leader of Texas. (pictured above in cowboy hat) He gives a public speech to the town and credits Ranger Malcolm Dove for capturing Monroe. Texas has allied itself with the new U.S. government.

At a bar, Aaron is approached by Bonnie Webster, who is in General Carver’s press corps from Austin. She recognizes Aaron from her days working for Forbes magazine before the blackout.

Miles and Charlie are scouting the jail to see if they can rescue Monroe. There are 10 guards in front and 5 or 6 in back. Miles thinks rescuing Monroe is necessary since Texas has now allied itself with the patriots.

Flashback to three years after the blackout: Miles tries to convince Monroe that they should attack another camp to steal supplies. Monroe disagrees. Monroe has a pregnant girlfriend named Shelly.

Allenford has led Tom Neville to a reprogramming center/boot camp. They are shot at and flee. Jason is one of the pursuers. Allenford’s husband is in the “High Command” of the new U.S. government. Her son was also brainwashed by one of the camps. She tells Tom that Jason is no longer the son that he once knew. If Tom doesn’t flee, either Jaosn will kill him, or he will have to kill Jason.

In Willoughby, Monroe is moved to the bank to be placed in the vault. It is a more secure location than the jail. Miles suspects Rachel has tipped the patriots off about his planned jailbreak. Rachel confirms it. She and Charlie continue to argue. Rachel says she only did it to protect Charlie, but Charlie tells Rachel that Monroe actually saved her life earlier while she was returning to Willoughby.

A judge sentences Monroe to die by lethal injection at midnight.

Tom Neville is able to dispatch two of the three soldiers chasing him. He holds Jason at gunpoint but soon gets into a hand-to-hand brawl. Jason almost chokes Tom to death but Allenford knocks Jason out.

Flashback: Shelly gives birth. However, she is soon in distress. The medic (or nurse?) calls for water and towels. Miles rushes to get them and asks Tom Neville to assist him. This is seemingly where Miles and Tom meet. When Miles returns, Monroe exits his tent with bloodied hands. It appears Shelly has died.

Present: Miles visits Monroe at the bank. Texas gave Monroe a last request and Monroe asked to see Miles. When Miles asks why Monroe would want to see a “nobody” like Stu, Monroe suggests that the patriots already know who Miles is. Monroe wants Miles to shake his hand and say goodbye. Miles does shake his hand, with his broken hand. For a second, I thought maybe this was a ploy and that Miles hid something in his wrist cast that he passed to Monroe.

Monroe tells Miles that he has a child. Not the baby with Shelly, but a son with Emma. Monroe asks Miles to find his son and take care of him. Miles reveals that he already knew about Monroe’s son and that he is fine. Emma told Miles a long time ago and Miles hid the son because he thought the son would be safer from a crazy Monroe. Monroe screams at Miles, especially because his baby with Shelly died.

In chains, Monroe is escorted to the town courthouse. The townsfolk are gathered outside to watch him. Charlie is standing near the entrance. Monroe tells her to “take care of your uncle, kid.” Seems like he got over his anger at Miles pretty quickly. Rachel’s dad Gene has been asked to prepare Monroe for execution.

Flashback: Monroe toasts two soldiers, saying “Job well done.” Miles arrives and Monroe explains that they “gutted” the other camp. Miles is surprised that Monroe didn’t leave any survivors (or very few). Monroe says “Bad things just happen.” Last season, I got the impression the Monroe only became a little unhinged after he and Miles had established the Monroe Republic and a rebel had tried to kill Miles in the capital Philadelphia. Now, it seems Monroe may have gone brutal well before that. This kind of reminded me of the movie The Dark Knight when the Joker says to Batman near the end that your average person just needs a tiny push to go a little crazy. Monroe’s trauma seems to be Shelly’s death. Though, the attempted assassination on Miles probably was an additional trauma that pushed Monroe further.

Present: Monroe is strapped to a gurney. He apologizes to Rachel. Gene gives the injection and Monroe appears to die. Gene feels for a pulse and confirms that Monroe is dead. Miles wasn’t in the courthouse; he as drinking at the bar.

Monroe is buried. At the bar, Charlie tries to console her uncle. Aaron is also at the bar. Bonnie tells him that it was nice meeting him. Carver and his entourage are returning the Austin. She tells him that he should leave town too. Texas has signed a treaty and is ceding Willoughby to the patriots. Bonnie also tells Aaron that there is a traitor in Willoughby’s midst. Ranger Dove is smart, but not smart enough to have figured out where Monroe was.

We find out that Gene is allied with Truman. He gave up Monroe. Not sure when or why, but I had some inkling that Gene was a patriot. Although Truman is greatly annoyed with Miles and Rachel, Gene warns Truman not to touch either of them. Gene (and Rachel and Miles) seem to be protected by a higher up named “Dr. Horn.”

Aaron had been drawing the pyramid symbol without knowing what it was. (I guess neither Miles nor Rachel talked about it with him.) Aaron then sees the symbol on a horse-drawn wagon arriving in town.

Last scene: Rachel tries to dig up Monroe.

So, what do you guys think will happen next? Is Monroe still alive? Maybe some nanotech magic like with Aaron? Or…. Perhaps Gene is really a double/triple agent and is working against the patriots? Maybe he injected Monroe something that would mimic death but really didn’t kill him? That would be interesting.

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