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Revolution – Recap & Review – Dreamcatcher

photo: nbc
photo: nbc


Original Airdate: Mar 5, 2014

Vincent Chia – Senior Reviewer

Tonight’s episode of Revolution was a little bit of a departure from the normal episode. We spent a lot of time in Aaron’s head. There were definitely things I liked a lot about this episode, but I’m looking forward to returning to the “real” world where the blackout happened and the main characters live sans electricity.

The episode starts off with Aaron in a world with electricity. It’s March 5th, 2014. (Like in *our* world! Clever.) Aaron is watching a news conference. A spokeswoman is talking about how the U.S. military disabled a couple of Taliban bases by knocking out their power. Aaron feels like he’s forgetting something, but can’t quite put his finger on it. While watching the press conference on tv, he thinks he recognizes the “little bald dude” standing next to the spokeswoman. He can’t remember who it is, but it is Dr. Calvin Horn from earlier in the season.

Aaron is the boss of his own company, Pittman Digital. He has an important meeting with Google. (didn’t he used to work for Google?) Two of his techies need help with an important recursive algorithm. When Aaron looks at the whiteboard, it is the nanotech code. He has quick flashbacks of him working on the code in Peter’s office. On TV, Aaron sees Rachel being interviewed about the machine the DoD uses to create power outages against enemies. Rachel’s image also causes quick flashbacks. Aaron hyperventilates. He knows Rachel but doesn’t understand how that’s possible.

Aaron tells Priscilla he thinks he’s in a dream and about the world without electricity. Priscilla tells him that’s impossible by the laws of physics. She kisses him and calms him down. Aaron has a Bud Light for the first time in a very long time. At night, Aaron goes to bed with Priscilla and hopes that everything is real.

The next morning, Aaron is in a chipper mood. An upbeat pop song plays in the background. This was something I enjoyed a lot even if it was only for a split second. Revolution is usually so dour and serious. I love the show, but it was nice to have a brief cheery scene. Aaron remains in a chipper mood while entering his officers. Two of his techies again ask him for help. Aaron finds a memory leak in the code and starts fixing it. All of a sudden, Charlie appears with a crossbow and shoots one of the techies dead. She pulls out a knife and stabs the other techie. She then kidnaps Aaron.

In the stairway, Aaron remembers Charlie’s name. He’s sad when he realizes that he is, in fact, in a dream. Aaron is stuck in a virtual reality program designed by the nanotech to trick him. It’s like the Matrix! The nanotech almost fooled Aaron into telling them how to fix the code.

Charlie tells Aaron to find her mom so that she could help him. Why? This didn’t make sense to me. Why couldn’t Charlie help? I mean, Rachel would have just been a figment of Aaron’s imagination like Charlie was. But whatever, let’s run with it. We need an adventure story. Charlie is soon dispatched by a shot to the head. Horn and a squad of soldiers are chasing after Aaron. Aaron runs into a cab and heads to Chicago.

One thing I wished happened in Aaron’s dream sequence was a cameo by Ben. There was a brief cameo by Nora when Aaron bumped into her while trying to catch the cab.

In Chicago, Aaron meets Rachel in a garage, but Rachel doesn’t know who he is. She tasers him when he gets close. All of a sudden, a revolver appears in Aaron’s hand. He demands that she take him to Miles. Aaron tells Rachel a string of private things he had learned about her in an effort to gain her trust. He also tosses his gun out the window of the car.

Miles is watching tv. A commercial for an insurance agent plays. It’s Tom Neville! “This guy’s a dick,” says Miles to his tv. True. Rachel arrives with Aaron. It seems that Rachel and Miles have broken up. It also seems that Miles is drunk. “Who’s Beardy McGee?” asks Miles. Who’s the jerk now, Miles? At first, Miles won’t talk to Aaron. However, he changes his mind when Aaron offers Miles $1,000 for 10 minutes of his time.

Monroe arrives. He’s been trying to help Miles get over Rachel. Aaron, very frustrated, snaps his fingers and tries to get Miles, Monroe and Rachel to revert to the personalities he remembers them as.

Soldiers barge in and haul Aaron away. At first, Miles, Monroe and Rachel simply stand and watch. Suddenly, Miles and Monroe have swords in their hands and they remember what Aaron is talking about. They fight off the soldiers and pull Aaron to safety.

Since nanotech has Aaron in a dream, he has to wake up. Usually, the sensation of falling wakes him up. Aaron gets up to the roof of a tall building (which he owns). As he’s on the ledge, Priscilla appears and asks him to fix the code. Nanotech/Priscilla tells Aaron he deserves to live a happy life. He should just fix the code and stay in virtual reality. Aaron wants to be happy, but he knows it’s not real. He jumps.

Aaron awakens. Or so it seems. He’s actually still in virtual reality. This time, it’s not an ideal dream. It’s a nightmare. Aaron is restrained and being tortured. Aaron is panicking, but he remembers something that Rachel said earlier in the dream. Since the virtual reality is in his mind, he should be able to control it if he just concentrates enough. That’s how he gave Miles and Monroe swords.

Aaron suddenly gains control. Horn loses the scalpel. Aaron is no longer restrained. Aaron says he’s no longer afraid and Horn disappears. Aaron wakes up in Peter’s office.

Since the nanotech is dying off, the power should slowly come back. Aaron and Priscilla walk to Willoughby. Miles and Rachel are glad to see Aaron and they meet Priscilla. The power has been flickering on and off for a while now. Suddenly, violent lightning strikes hit all around the town. Aaron believes it is the dying throes of the nanotech. Rachel is struck. She’s dying. Aaron gets to the nearest laptop and starts fixing the code so that the nanotech won’t destroy the world with lightning storms. Once he fixes the code, Horn appears and says “Thank you Mr. Pittman.” None of it was real! It was a dream inside a dream. Tricky nanotech tricksters.

I had a tiny feeling it would be. It was slightly weird when Rachel guessed that the girl with Aaron was Priscilla. Why would she guess that? Even if Aaron mentioned Priscilla to Rachel before, why would she presume that Aaron met back up with Priscilla? But I let it slide at the time.

After the nanotech get their answer, Aaron wakes up for real. Peter is happy. The nanotech told him that Aaron helped. So Aaron and Priscilla are freed from Peter’s confinement. Aaron and Priscilla walk away from Lubbock towards “home.”

How did you guys feel about this episode? I’ve always kind of thought that the Tom Neville plotline and the Aaron Pittman plotline could be taken out of Revolution and it would just pretty much the same. Just the Mathesons and Monroes show. This episode doesn’t do much to advance anyone else’s character other than Aaron. But I thought it was important, if anything just to say that the nanotech is here to stay. Does anyone think this will be the last we see of Aaron? He said “home” but we don’t know that he went to Willoughby. Also, if this is the last we see of him, it kind of wraps up his storyline reasonably well.

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