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Revolution – Recap & Review – Happy Endings

photo: nbc
photo: nbc

Happy Endings

Original Air Date: Jan 29, 2014

Vincent C. – Senior Reviewer

Aaron and Priscilla make it to Lubbock, Texas, but we don’t get a glimpse of the large concrete cowboy. Monroe, Connor, and Charlie take a trip to New Vegas and get into a heap of trouble. Miles and Rachel stay behind and have a cute date. Tom and Jason Neville make it down to Willougby (how did they get down there so fast?).

The episode starts off where we last ended. Truman is ordering his soldier Sanders to “Take the shot!” From afar, Miles uses a sniper rifle and kills Sanders. Truman’s other two soldiers lay down their rifles. Truman and his two soldiers are tied up while Connor flees with the meds. When Truman asks Connor to leave one dose for him, Connor just leaves (possibly with a smirk on his face?) I thought that was poor sportsmanship, but on the other hand, Truman did order his man Sanders to take the shot. So even steven.

Connor delivers the vaccine to Rachel who gives an injection to Gene. Gene is saved. The four of them leave the quarantine camp in a horsedrawn wagon with Connor at the reins still dressed as a Patriot soldier. They then pick up Miles and Monroe. Truman is eventually freed from his office. He makes it to the quarantine camp and injects himself with the vaccine.

The Patriot President tasks Tom Neville to hunt down Monroe and kill him. In order to make Tom comply, the president is holding Julia Neville as hostage. Tom is able to get his son Jason along to help him. Tom and Jason report to Director Truman in Willoughby, Texas.

Monroe tells Miles that they need to get themselves some soldiers. He will go to New Vegas to get some mercenaries. Miles probably should have went with Monroe. Instead, Miles stays behind to watch over Rachel and Gene. Charlie decides to join Connor and Monroe to New Vegas.

In New Vegas, Monroe meets with an old acquaintance, Duncan Page. Duncan is a warlord, who happens to be a woman. A confrontation-happy Charlie draws her pistol and there is a brief tense standoff between her and Duncan’s men until Monroe convinces Charlie to stand down. Monroe and Duncan are left to chat as Connor and Charlie leave. The two of them flirt a little bit, continuing from when they first met at the quarantine camp after saving Gene.

Aaron and Priscilla have walked to Lubbock, Texas. There, they bump into their old friend Peter. Peter is a pastor. A congregation member was caught in the nuclear blast in Atlanta. Her face was burned and she was blinded. Peter prays and the firefly nanotech appear, buzz about, and heals the woman. Her burns heal and her vision is restored. Priscilla is surprised and Aaron seems a little bit unnerved.

In New Vegas, Monroe has struck a deal with Duncan to buy mercenaries at 30 diamonds per head. He is looking to get about 10 or 15 soldiers.

Aaron explains to Peter about the nanotech.

Miles takes Rachel to an old abandoned drive-in movie screen. They pretend to watch the movie “Evil Dead II.” Miles pre-emptively ruled out “The Notebook.” I never saw that movie, but I do have a soft spot for Nicholas Sparks’ “A Walk to Remember.” Anyhow, before the pretend movie preview trailers even finish, Miles and Rachel kiss. They most likely also hook up, but we don’t see that. The couple we do see hook up is Connor and Charlie. It was a little bit foreshadowed by the flirting, but it seemed to happen pretty fast. Especially in contrast to Miles and Rachel’s 20 year foreplay. Of course, Monroe finds out, is mad, and screams “You’ve got to be kidding me!!”

Tom Neville has found Miles and Rachel. Tom lies about wanting vengeance for the Patriots bombing Atlanta and killing his wife. Miles asks Jason if Tom is telling the truth and Jason says yes. Miles probably still suspects a Neville scheme. After all, Miles has proven in the past to be smarter than the average bear.

Monroe tells Connor that he is mad because he thinks Miles and/or Rachel will be mad if they find out Connor slept with Charlie. It’s possible Monroe is mad because he himself liked Charlie, but he’d probably never admit it. There was a brief moment earlier when Duncan Page teased Monroe about picking up a very young girl.

In order to get enough diamonds to pay for his mercenaries, Monroe plans to rob Gould, the owner of the New Vegas casino and also the arranger of fights. As seen from the beginning of this season, Monroe used to fight in New Vegas under the alias “Jimmy King.” Monroe is able to arrange another fight. Monroe plans for the fight to be a distraction to draw away most of Gould’s security men from the casino floor. Connor will be the other distraction. Connor fakes collapsing in the actual casino. Charlie then steals the box full of diamonds and hightails it. Gould’s security gives chase but can’t catch Charlie.

In Lubbock, Peter has locked Aaron and Priscilla in their room. Peter doesn’t want Aaron telling the parishioners about the nanotech and ruining their faith. It’s a little weird that the nanotech will only listen to Peter now, but not Aaron. Couldn’t Aaron order the nanotech to unlock the door? Come on Aaron! Exercise your powers!

Monroe’s plan proves to be more complicated than necessary. Instead of Charlie hightailing it with the diamonds, her running away was actually yet another diversion. She ran away to draw the last of Gould’s security. But she actually stashed the diamonds in a trash can before running off. As she ran off, Connor went to retrieve the diamonds. Gould somehow figured this out and stopped “Jimmy King” and Connor before they could leave with the diamonds. Tsk tsk. This debacle would never have happened if Miles were there!

And that’s where we leave off for a 4-week hiatus for the Olympics. The episode title seemed a little bit of a fake out. No happy ending for Aaron, Priscilla, Connor, or Monroe. Though, maybe for Connor, since he got to be together with Charlie for a split second. Miles and Rachel got their happy moment. Ironically, as they were chatting, Charlie had been the pessimistic one about their survival chances and Connor was the optimistic one.

So what do you guys think will happen with Connor and Monroe? Will they have to fight it out? Will Charlie reach Miles and perhaps they will save the Monroes? Or perhaps the new mysterious warlord Duncan Page will come to the rescue. She and Monroe seemed to have a connection.

On a sidenote, I will be patriotic (in the non-Revolution sense of the adjective) and say “Go Team U.S.A.” in the Snowlympics. Good luck to the other participating nations as well. See you guys for the next episode of Revolution on February 26th.

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