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Revolution – Recap & Review – Memorial Day

photo: nbc
photo: nbc

Memorial Day

Original Air Date: May 14, 2014

Vincent C. – Senior Reviewer

The Wild Wild West isn’t complete without a train robbery. Tonight, we get one. Will our heroes ride off into the sunset with a shiny new toy?

We start off with Tom telling Monroe that he intends to head towards DC and leave a wake of destruction that would make Sherman’s March toward the Sea look like a 10 mile fun run. For those who don’t quite remember Sherman, he was a Union general who started at a spot in the middle of Georgia and then marched his troops toward the coastline whilst burning down everything in his path, inflicting massive collateral damage. Sometimes considered to be one of the cruelest (but effective?) anti-insurrection campaigns. Tom asks Monroe if he’s interested in something like that. Monroe says he is. Tom asks about Miles, but Monroe says Miles has become soft and won’t “do what it takes.”

Speaking of Miles, he and Charlie hold a Patriot soldier at gunpoint near the river. It’s “Joe,” a friend of Marion’s. Miles is looking for the barrels of mustard gas. Joe says there’s only one barrel, but it happens to be a tanker railcar. Miles, Charlie, and the sole mercenary left (Liam?) go to spy on the railcar. Liam says “you know who would’ve been helpful with this? Monroe?” Ah, so now Liam is a Monroe fan? (after insulting him last episode). Miles responds “sadly, we’re left with only you.”

While bringing Truman lunch, Marion opens Truman’s office safe and rifles through his files. She sees a picture of Carver and another file regarding mustard gas.

Marion tells Miles that there’s something planned for tomorrow. They suspect that the Patriots will attack Austin with mustard gas and then blame it on California. Rachel wonders if they can neutralize the gas, but Miles says they can’t sneak enough lye to the trainyard to neutralize an entire tanker car. Miles and crew will have to hijack the train.

Liam finds Monroe, Tom and Connor. Liam tells Monroe that Miles plans a train heist. Monroe creates the plan to steal the train from Miles and then crash it into DC. Shouldn’t there by safety protocols near DC against this kind of thing? I guess that was just the big picture idea and they would work out the details later.

Miles had asked Marion to recruit six townspeople, but Marion could only muster 2. One of them is Joe, whose son Dylan was a brainwashed assassin who Miles had to kill in Austin. Joe doesn’t know that yet, but Miles will tell him after they steal the train.

Rachel finds Aaron in the abandoned house which is now blasting rock music loudly. Aaron tries to shoo her away, but Rachel insists on entering the house. She finds zombified residents. Priscilla tells Aaron that it is okay to tell Rachel about Priscilla’s body being controlled by the nanotech. Priscilla proceeds to show Rachel the “rat room.” The nanotech experimented with rats and fireflies until they created perfect harmonious societies. The nanotech wants to do the same to humans. Nanotech wants to “upgrade” humans. Rachel slaps her and angrily calls her a “science project.”

Miles’ new female recruit is able to sneak Miles & Charlie into the trainyard. Joe lures the Patriot train engineer to the locomotive. Miles holds engineer at gunpoint and tells him to get the train going. Charlie had “taken care” of a sentry but a Patriot patrol finds dripping blood from the stab wound. An alarm is sounded. A firefight ensues. A bullet ricochets and kills engineer. Miles tells Joe to operate the train. Joe has only seen it operated once, but begins to turn various knobs. The train eventually moves.

Who ever thought it was so hard to operate a train? The cartoons and such have fooled me into thinking that all you do is push a lever into the “forward” position. There are apparently numerous knobs and levers to play with.

Four soldiers climb onto the train as it starts moving. Miles & Charlie shoot them all. Miles says it was fun. Charlie laughs out loud.

Liam tells Monroe that the train will arrive soon. Miles’ original plan was to meet Liam, who has a wagon full of lye to neutralize the gas.

Connor seems to want to convince Tom to kill Miles. Connor thinks Miles will hold back his dad from re-establish the Republic.

Rachel tests the nano’s hearing abilities by whispering that she’ll kill the “robot.” When Prisicilla shows no reaction, Rachel is convinced she can surprise Priscilla. Maybe Priscilla was just pretending not to hear? Rachel tells Aaron that the slap earlier was also a test. Rachel thinks she has found a weakness in the seemingly slow-moving robotic Priscilla, but has she? Maybe nano-Priscilla didn’t bother to duck or otherwise deflect the blow because it didn’t really matter. It doesn’t feel pain. If it were a more dangerous action, maybe Priscilla would’ve ducked. But even if Rachel somehow managed to kill Priscilla, couldn’t the nanites just go inhabit another human body?

Miles brings the train, but is held at gunpoint by Monroe (pictured above). Miles is surprised that Tom is with Monroe. Oh Miles, you should never be surprised by anything anymore.

Tom points his pistol at Charlie, intending to avenge his son’s death. Miles steps in between the two. Monroe orders Tom to get on the train. Unsurprisingly (to the audience, and to Tom too), Monroe wants to protect Miles. Does a part of Monroe want to protect Charlie also? When Tom doesn’t budge, Monroe knocks Tom out. Tom accidentally shoots a hole in the tanker car. Turns out the tanker car is empty. Well, what an inconvenient oversight. Wasn’t anyone watching the train? At least it explains why no Patriot soldiers bothered to get on horses and chase down the train. I mean, it’s easy enough, just follow the tracks.

In Willoughby, there’s a Memorial Day celebration. The whole town is there. The Texas Rangers are also present. Ed introduces two special guests: Texan President Bill Carver and U.S. President Jack Davis. The mustard gas is there.

A shotgun-toting Rachel scares off Priscilla’s next test subject. Priscilla is mad. As she enters house, Aaron electrocutes the floor which also electrocutes Priscilla. The nanites seem to be deactivated, leaving Priscilla unconscious. Aaron begs for Priscilla to wake from the nano-induced dream in her mind. Priscilla wakes up, but it’s still the nano. Now, the nano is truly angry.

Joe tells Miles about the concert at the courthouse. Miles wants to save the townspeople. Monroe reluctantly agrees. It’s hard to put a finger on that Monroe. Why is he doing it? To protect Miles? Regardless, Connor refuses to join. He won’t ride into suicide, but tells Monroe to have fun with Miles.

Davis gives a speech, mentions that the U.S. and Texas have a common enemy, California. Marion follows one of Truman’s soldiers and discovers the gas. She is horrified. Truman finds her and says he wishes she didn’t see the gas. He says he meant it when he said he loved her earlier, but stabs her to death as he is crying.

So… this was the second to last episode of the series. It looks like we’ll have a lot of unresolved situations. The Patriots don’t seem to be as large of a menace as the nanotech. How can the nanotech be stopped? How will this series end? Miles saves the town and then… what? Will the Patriot conspiracies be exposed? It might be a pretty frustrating night about a week from now.

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