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Ringer – Recap & Review – She’s Ruining Everything

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She’s Ruining Everything

Original Air Date: Sep 20, 2011

Anne – Associate Editor

Granted, this episode wasn’t quite as action packed as the pilot, but it didn’t have to be. I think that they are moving along at a steady speed. But I can see where some people may look at it as boring. I, however, am not one of those people. I think that there were some suspenseful moments and some unexpected moments as well. Sarah continues to adeptly play all three roles with seeming ease and aplomb. I can’t find any weakest links in the bunch, though someone who I don’t like at all does emerge in this episode.

We pick up where we left off in the loft, where Bridget is struggling to hide the goon’s body. Just as she’s done rolling it up in a painters tarp, Gemma shows up to further shriek about Henry and his affair. I’m used to Tara Summers on Boston Legal and it’s a bit jarring seeing her with that red hair, but she does pull it off. I was wrong about Gemma last week, she is actually an architect, not a designer. Potato/potato, just as impressive. I do hope that she learns more about the affair soon, because it will add more interesting drama and I’m getting sick of the constant whining. I know it’s only the second episode though, so I’ll let it go, for now.

Andrew continues to go on and on about the baby and you can see it wearing on Bridget. I wonder how she’s going to handle that one? I guess they’d better get busy soon. Juliet, who would be the weakest link if I HAD to pick one, comes home hung over and fights with Bridget. Bridget has a flashback to when she was younger and Siobhan had to bail her out. She tries to make peace with Juliet, but she’s not falling for it. At his office, we meet Andrew’s business partner, Olivia (Warehouse 13’s Jaime Murray. I don’t like her. At all. I don’t think we’re supposed to though. I’ve just never been fond of any role she’s played lately. She obviously doesn’t like Siobhan as she makes some disparaging comments about her taste.

Back at the loft, Bridget is trying to figure out how to get rid of the body. She apparently contemplates chopping it up with a saw there for a moment. Then Malcolm gets hold of her and they agree to meet half way so that he can help her figure everything out. As she’s getting ready to leave, Det. Victor shows up and wants to talk more about her “sister”. She manages to elude him and heads to the bank. She found one of Siobhan’s ATM cards and wants to pull out money to escape. She fails to correctly figure out the PIN number, so she’s sent to a teller. It seems she was flagged for special treatment. She asks the bank manager to close out her checking account. He reminds her of the “for emergencies” account that she set up recently. She closes that out and leaves with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Victor went to the police and asked them to keep an eye on the Martin’s new loft, he’s suspicious why “Siobhan” wouldn’t let him in to use the bathroom. The cop kind of scoffs at him, but Victor won’t give up. Meanwhile, Bridget heads to the airport to go meet Malcolm. But Andrew calls and tells her that he offered up the loft for a business cocktail party. She panics and heads back there. And chops up the body to put in a trunk. We don’t have to actually see this, but it’s heavily implied. I love the moment when the party planner tells her that Andrew wants to go for a Titanic vibe. Cause Ioan was in Titanic. I giggle at simple things. Later, she again tries to talk to Juliet, but is brutally rebuffed.

At the party, she tries to guard the trunk with her life. I have to say that Sarah looks lovely in her party dress and I love her hair with the extensions. Very pretty. She also struggles through the party to not drink the champagne. *Tear* I’m so proud. Gemma, however, drinks her share and more and proceeds to shriek very publicly about Henry’s affair. She found his hotel key card and is demanding answers. He skulks and confronts Bridget about why she left him. Then she notices that there is blood trickling from the corner of the trunk. Just as she’s checking it out, our friendly neighborhood FBI agent approaches. Of course. He takes her for a walk and talks around the issue rather than just confront her about speaking with Bridget. Why can’t he just ask a direct question? Sheesh.

She manages to get through the evening unscathed, until the trunk starts ringing during Andrew and Olivia’s speech. Bridget runs to the trunk and grabs the phone before anyone else can react. On the way, she notices another possible goon. We’ll call him Goon 2. We don’t see him again this episode, but I know he’ll be back. On their way out of the party, Olivia tells “Siobhan” that it was a brilliant strategy planning a pregnancy to hold on to her husband. Oh no she didn’t! Bitch! I wonder if there’s a history with Andrew and Olivia? I wouldn’t be surprised. When they get home, he says he’s glad to have the old Siobhan back and he hopes she sticks around. I noticed something that bothers me. They don’t have set sides of the bed. I thought all couples had sides. Everytime we see one or both of them in bed, they’re on different sides. Just something to momentarily ponder.

She tries to sneak out in the middle of the night to meet Malcolm, but once again, she is stopped from leaving. She finds Juliet puking in the bathroom because someone at the bar gave her a pill and now she doesn’t feel good. Bridget has another flashback from her past and stays to take care of Juliet. Andrew gets out of bed to find them on the floor of the bathroom and is happy that they are getting along. After she gets Juliet settled into bed, she heads for the loft to get rid of the body. On the way she calls Malcolm and tells him that she just can’t leave now. She needs to stay for Siobhan and for Siobhan’s loved ones. As he listens to her message, Malcolm is stopped in a parking garage by Bodaway. But a student comes to his aid and Bodaway leaves. I’m telling you, that dude is menacing!

Over in Paris, Siobhan goes into a bank to make a withdrawal, but is shocked when she learns that the account has been closed. While storming out of the bank, she makes a phone call and says, “She’s ruining everything, it has to get done sooner than later!” Could she be the one who ordered the hit on herself? I think she did. Back at the loft, Bridget is stunned to find the body gone!

Wow! What a roller coaster this show has been! Yes, it wasn’t all action, but even the exposition was exciting to me. What did you all think? Do you agree that Siobhan is behind the hitman? What do you think happened to the body? I’m thinking maybe Olivia? Or Goon 2? I hope we find out next week! Please leave your TwoCents below and let me know what you’re thinking. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you back here in a few days for episode 3!

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