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Rules Of Engagement – Recap & Review – Beating The System

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Rules of Engagement
Beating the System

Original Air Date: Apr 7, 2011

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

We start off with great news…Brenda is pregnant! But Jeff is not all excited like Audrey is. You all know I love Jeff to bits, but I was hoping that we would get a more, giddy with happiness, reaction from Jeff, instead of his usual laid-back self. Then comes the hormonal-Brenda, where she is with morning sickness and emotional and as she says: “turning into a girl” and blaming Jeff.

Audrey wants to be involved and wants to help Brenda get through the tough times…trust me … it will be getting harder as time goes by. Jeff, on the other hand does not want to be involved. Good Lord, would he have reacted this way if Audrey got pregnant herself? I’d have to kick his butt!

Then Audrey decides to have Brenda move in with them and Jeff is not thrilled, because the wife bringing home a lesbian is not all that it is cracked up to be. Jeff meets Adam at the store while buying headache meds for Audrey and stuff to settle Brenda’s stomach. Adam tells him to purposely get the wrong item, so that you have excuse to go back out again and get away. OK, seriously? We are going to listen to Adam? Well, Jeff does and it works for a while…until Audrey needs to get away from Brenda too. Jeff lets her in on his secret of staying at the office late and messing up on store errands. Jeff doesn’t like what the girls have become and Audrey promises it will get better.

Unfortunately, Adam lets Jenn know what his brilliant idea to Jeff was. As he explains what he does to Jenn, the light bulb moment finally goes off and realizes he maybe should not have told her…um…yea.

We got to see Timmy play wedding planner as he discusses with Jenn how to use a software program on the computer. But Timmy ends up changing a lot of the ideas that Jenn had and it ultimately comes down to …nobody cares what Jenn thinks. Next thing you know, Russ is just as savvy on the wedding planning stuff too….really? Since when would anyone listen to Russ?

In the end they tally the total of Timmy’s idea’s and the program tells them it would run about $360,000!! Yea, forget about that….unless you are a Kardashian. Will we ever see these two get married?

Did you like the episode? Glad to see Brenda finally pregnant? Will we get to see Jeff and Audrey excited the first time the baby moves? Give me your thoughts…are you reading this?

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