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Rules Of Engagement – Recap & Review – Uh-Oh It’s Magic

Rules of Engagement
Uh-Oh It’s Magic

Original Air Date: Jan 17, 2011

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

The gang is back and we are happy to see Sara Rue as our spunky lesbian surrogate. This week Audrey tries to get to know Brenda better since she is more of a friend to Jeff than Audrey. Cris Angel is our guest as himself. Adam and Jenn have a super cute Super ,that is doing some fixing up in the apartment.

Audrey & Jeff: Jeff makes plans to go out for a few beers with Brenda, but Audrey wants to get to know her better since she will be the surrogate. Needless to say, a night of hanging out with just “one of the guys” turns into a double date. Can you just picture the look on Jeff’s face? Yep, that’s the one! Yep, the eyes rolling and the disgusted look.

So anyhoo, They go to dinner, and we find out Brenda didn’t tell her girlfriend that she was going to be the baby mama and Audrey unknowingly spills the beans. Needless to say the night goes badly.

Later, Brenda shows up wanting to talk to Jeff but Audrey (thinking like a straight girl) tells her that she doesn’t want Jeff, she needs girl talk. Um, no…ice cream is not what she wants. Jeff shows up and they go for a few beers. Brenda is worried she won’t find someone else, but sees Jenn in the hallway in a tank top, carrying a tool belt, and then feels better. I will explain that scene later.

Later, Jeff asks Brenda to act like she likes Audrey. Brenda DOES like Audrey and decides to go shopping and out to eat with her.
I love having Sara Rue come back on the show and can’t wait to see what happens in this storyline. My only question is…what are they waiting for as far as getting this pregnancy started? I really hope this doesn’t fall through and Brenda doesn’t do it.

Jenn & Adam: There is a really cute new Super in the building and Jenn has him fixing all the things Adam said he was going to do. Um yea…I heard that before too. Adam feels a bit bummed because he wants to be the manly guy. Um…have you forgotten the cheerleader outfit? (which is the funniest episode…ever!) Needless to say, Adam fixes the showerhead. Jenn agrees to test it out with him and gets the towels. Next thing you know the showerhead shoots off and hits him in the head before she gets in and soon she is running down the hall looking for Joe (the Super). Joe carries Adam out of the tub to the couch and we see Adam man crushing on Joe. Haha!

**This is where Brenda saw Jenn in the hall getting Joe’s tool belt.**

Russ: Our little man-ho has a date with a single mom to go see Cris Angel – Mindfreak! Cris does a disappearing act on his date that we later find in Cris’s dressing room. Kind of wished maybe Cris would make Russ disappear, but didn’t happen. I was excited to see Angel on the show since my daughter is a huge fan of his…but the storyline fell kind of flat for me. I just wasn’t dying to know what was going to happen.

Best scene of the night is Russ saying the date had a cesarean when she gave birth, so it’s ok. Audrey looking mortified and Jeff giving Russ a look of “ yep, I understand”. lol

Your thoughts? Did you like the episode? Am I the only one watching? Just drop me a line to tell me it’s worth writing this up each week, ok?

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