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Running Wilde – Recap & Review – One Step Forward

photo: fox
Running Wilde
One Step Forward

Original Air Date: Dec 26, 2010

Karen Belgrad- Associate Staff Writer

What? You mean you didn’t know Fox was going to burn off one the remaining episodes of Running Wilde tonight? Yes, after adding and pulling the episodes from their schedule, they did air one tonight and have another scheduled for 11PM (CST) on January 1st. Set your DVR if you want to catch the last scheduled airing!

Tonight brought us Emmy’s charity, the return of Andy, Steve’s gold plated bicycle, and special guest star Drea de Matteo (The Sopranos, Desperate Housewives, Joey). And everyone’s actions are all predicated on a fairly cumbersome misunderstanding.

The episode opens with Puddle giving narration, which she does every episode. And may I just say, these are awfully adult situations for a preteen to be narrating, regardless of naiveté the writers pose in her dialogue! As always, we learn that Steve’s shallow existence consists of him spending his days buying frivolous items, like a one of a kind gold plated bicycle. Emmy wants to appear to have deeper values, so rather than admit she does nothing all day, she claims to have started a non-profit charity.

Steve, wanting to woo Emmy, offers an endless supply of donations to fund her charity where the cause is… causes. Emmy talks on the phone with Andy (who’s in Canadian jail) about her guilt over taking the money for her non-existent charity. He thinks she should use the money to bail him out. Steve realizes giving money feels good, so he wants to give Emmy more… until his stepmom DeeDee shows up to advise he’s been cut off by his father… for giving money to Emmy’s charity. Steve promptly vomits.

DeeDee, a former classmate of Emmy’s, offers Steve a deal… sleep with her and she’ll give him money (that he can use to fund Emmy’s charity). Steve once again vomits.

Meanwhile, Andy has returned and convinced Emmy they need to continue get more money for their charity. Steve goes to sell his expensive bike and Fa’ad buys it. But Fa’ad is also broke, so he takes a loan from Andy (which is Emmy’s original money that she got from Steve) to buy the bike… which gives Steve the money to give to Emmy (which is still her original amount). Meanwhile, DeeDee has approached Andy, thinking he’s a loan shark, to get money to pay Steve for sleeping with her. Turns out Steve’s father has dumped her and she is broke, so she wants to sleep with Steve, videotape it, and extort money from Steve, who isn’t cut off at all. Did you follow any of that?

Emmy’s guilt gets the best of her and she goes to confess to Steve. Migo intercepts her and says he’s with DeeDee. Of course, Andy pops in to say he knows DeeDee and all of the pieces fall together. Steve is stopped before he goes in to DeeDee’s room, where Fa’ad is sleeping with DeeDee for money… which she doesn’t have. Fa’ad is disgusted to have had sex for (gasp!) pleasure!

So, don’t you think a child was not perhaps the best narrator for this show? Regardless of what Puddle does or doesn’t know… it is all a little… creepy, right?

So would you buy a chest toupee from Fa’ad? Or do you want Steve’s one-of-a-kind bicycle? Or did you miss all of this because you didn’t even know this episode was on tonight?

Well, there’s my TwoCents! Leave your comments, feedback, and TwoCents below!

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