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Salvation – Recap & Review – All In

All In

Original Air Date: Sep 6, 2017

Vincent Chia – Staff Writer

This week’s episode had almost zero action and basically zero mention of even the asteroid which this entire series is about. Or maybe there was one mention of the asteroid. This episode featured some character development and strengthening of various relationships between the main characters.

This recap will be structured a little bit differently than normal. It will be broken down into the character relationship developments as opposed to strictly chronological the way things unfolded in the episode.

Liam Cole and Jillian

The Tanz Board of Directors has suspended all work done by the “skybox” think tank. Liam and Jillian chat. Since neither of them have much to do (Liam has lost control of the EM engine, Jillian has no work at the think tank), they decide to have a day of “normalcy.” Liam and Jillian have a fun day at a local park. (pictured above) At the end of the day, Liam asks Jillian to marry him.

Liam brings Jillian to Providence, Rhode Island to meet his mother. His mother is a nurse at a hospital who had adopted him when his biological mother, a teenaged girl, abandoned him. He tells his mother that he plans on getting married. Momma Cole asks Liam how long the couple have been together. Liam says 53 days. His mother is disappointed that Liam is acting so impulsively. She tells him that she cannot support his decision.

Liam and his mother reconcile. His mother walks Jillian down the aisle in a very small ceremony, but Jillian bails last minute. When Liam catches up with Jillian, she tells him she still loves him but wants to get married for real sometime in the future. She’ll love him even 130 years from now. Mrs. Cole also eventually catches up with the couple and is relieved the two of them are still together.

Darius Tanz and Nicholas Tanz

Nicholas leads the board meeting at Tanz Industries. The company has lost half its value since the U.S. government has cut all ties after Tanz’ latest shenanigans. (which I presume means his press conference and confirmation that the U.S. and Project Atlas was a purposeful attack on Russia).

In a little bit of a weird action scene, Darius promises Nicholas that he will divulge the secret project that his R&D division has been working on which has been burning up so much money. Darius takes Nicholas on a flight in his private jet. However, it is a ruse. Darius isn’t going to show Nicholas any secret project. Darius threatens to crash the plane unless Nicholas reveals why he seems to dislike Darius so much. Nicholas resists at first but eventually admits that he originally had a romantic relationship with Darius’ mother. After proposing marriage, Nicholas’ bother (Darius’ father) “steals” the girl and Nicholas has been furious ever since.

Later, Darius and Nicholas seem to reconcile. Darius proposes that he be reinstated as CEO of Tanz Industries since he is more capable with regard to the science/engineering aspects of the business. Meanwhile, Darius thinks Nicholas should run the financial aspects of the company. Darius also tells his Uncle Nicholas that he is sorry to hear about Nicholas’ heartbreak.

Darius Tanz and Theresa “Tess”

Theresa and Darius attempt to rekindle their romantic relationship.

Darius shows Theresa the Salavation/Ark rocketship.

Later, Darius tells Tess that although he believes in second chances, he also believes in timing. It is not currently the right time for them to start a relationship and Tess understands.

Grace and Harris Edwards

Grace goes to Harris to try to get help with finding her daughter Zoey.

Harris is called in by the new president. Rayburn hands Harris a couple of pictures of the people the White House believes are in the ReSyst hacker network. Harris recognizes his son Dylan as one of the people in a slightly obscured picture.

Harris goes to Grace and tells her about the Resyst network. He can’t use Pentagon resources to find ReSyst, or else the others. Harris asks Grace to seek help from Darius to locate ReSyst.

When Grace arrives at Tanz Industries, she is declared a security breach. It turns out that her phone was bugged by her daughter Zoey. Darius disables the microphone that was planted in Grace’s smartphone. He then traces the ReSyst signal to a warehouse roughly 50 miles from Tanz Industries.

Grace and Harris go to the warehouse. Harris, armed with a pistol, decides to go into the warehouse alone. This seemed like a bad idea to me. Alas, my suspicion bares out. It’s a trap and Harris is held at gunpoint. Luckily, Dylan is there to call off his co-conspirators. Harris tries to convince Dylan to abandon the hacker group, but Dylan decides to stay. Harris also tells Dylan he wants to get Zoey to safety. Dylan says he can’t tell his dad where Zoey is, but that she is safe somewhere else. Harris warns his son that the government is close on the group’s heels. He hugs his son goodbye and wishes him well.

President Bennett orders a strike team to take out ReSyst, which has been branded a terrorist organization. There was some suggestion earlier by Dylan that the group had made a “mistake” and possibly killed some National Guard troops.

Grace watches news coverage of an abandoned factory that went up in flames in an explosion. She wonders about her daughter. However, Harris tells Grace that Dylan promised Zoey would be safe.

Harris is lured into the Oval Office by Rayburn. The President isn’t there. For a second, I thought maybe Harris would be ambushed. However, it’s “good” news. Rayburn reports that the President is very pleased that ReSyst seems to done. Six dead bodies were recovered at the abandoned warehouse/factory. Rayburn tells Harris that he is now in the new President’s trusted “Inner Circle.”

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