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Salvation – Recap & Review – Chip off the Ol’ Block

Chip off the Ol’ Block

Original Air Date: Aug 9, 2017

Vincent Chia – Staff Writer

The title of tonight’s episode has two meanings. We learn a little bit about Grace’s father and we also learn a little about Darius Tanz’s background.

Harris Edwards’ superior, Defense Secretary Calhoun, barges into Edwards’ office and demands to know how the situation could have occurred. Liam is being grilled at the Pentagon regarding the details of the people who had kidnapped him and stole the EM engine prototype. All Liam knows is that they were Russian. The Pentagon has been monitoring Russian airspace, but cannot locate the mystery plane. In addition, Edwards hypothesizes that just because the kidnappers spoke Russian doesn’t mean the Kremlin was behind it. The kidnappers could have been corporate espionage mercenaries.

Rayburn suggests deploying two aircraft carriers to the Baltic. When Grace says she thinks that action is too drastic, Edwards explains that the D.C.-Moscow emergency hotline has gone dead. Grace says that she has a personal relationship with the Russian ambassador and she wants to try to make contact. Edwards convinces Calhoun to agree to give Grace a chance.

Grace meets the Russian ambassador, Katya, secretly at a nearby park. Katya admits that the Russian government has stolen some type of secret American technology. Although Katya doesn’t know the specifics, she knows it was stolen in retaliation for something called “Project Atlas.” Neither knows what Atlas is.

Back at the Pentagon, satellites have spotted the plane in Siberia (for some reason??). Calhoun orders a special forces incursion to recover the prototype EM engine.

Meanwhile, Darius Tanz brings Liam to London. Darius introduces Liam to his uncle, Nicolas Tanz. As luck would have it, Uncle Nicolas has a collection of meteors. In fact, the meteorite that Liam used back at Tanz Industries was actually just a small chunk of a much larger meteor that Nicolas has. Darius calls his piece a “chip off the ol’ rock.”

Darius asks his uncle whether he can borrow the meteor for a display at a science museum. Nicolas refuses to lend the meteor, and also reveals that the Russians recently offered to buy the meteor from him. Darius tells Liam that he intends to steal the meteor.

Grace is having dinner with her daughter and her parents. Her dad comments in private that Grace looks a little bit worn. She’s a chip off the old block in that they are both workaholics. Darius Tanz drops in as a surprise. He had been trying to call her but she shut off her phone during dinnertime. It seems Darius can zip across the Atlantic with speed and ease.

Darius tells Grace he can build another EM engine. Grace asks Darius if he needs her help with something. Darius says that actually, he needs Edwards’ help.

Jillian snoops through Liam’s private stuff, after some prodding from Capitol Eyes reporter Amanda. She tells Amanda that she found nothing strange, but when Liam returns home, Jillian reveals that she found Liam’s bloody sweatshirt. Why didn’t Liam get rid of it? Hmm… In a questionable move, Liam tells Jillian everything he knows about the asteroid that is about to impact Earth and the Russians stealing the EM engine prototype. Jillian is upset that he kept such important information from her and she storms out. What’s to prevent Jillian from leaking this information to the public? This seemed like a major oversight.

Edwards pays a visit to Tanz Industries. Tanz asks Edwards for a tactical team to extract his uncle Nicolas’ meteorite. Edwards says that Calhoun would never greenlight a mission in England, a political and military ally. They’ll have to do it themselves.

A very distraught Liam shows up at Tanz Industries and insists on being a part of the team being sent to London. He insists that only he has the proper scientific expertise to successfully extract crystals from the meteorite.

Grace’s CIA contact who can help the Samson team secretly sneak into England turns out to be….. her dad. We get another way in which Grace is a chip of the block. Edwards’ covert team will land in a private airstrip. Grace’s dad has a friend in the British MI6 who will help.

Edwards personally leads the covert military assault team. Tanz supplies non-lethal rifles saying Nicolas’ guards aren’t their enemies, they are just doing their jobs.

The covert team successfully drill into Nicolas’ meteor and collect the necessary crystals. (pictured above: Liam drilling into the meteor) However, before they can escape undetected, a Russian team has also infiltrated the mansion. A firefight ensues but the American team is victorious. When the team lands in America, Edwards and Grace kiss. Edwards has also convinced Calhoun to call off the special ops incursion into Siberia.

Nicolas stands in front of his meteor, staring at the hole that was drilled into it. He vows retribution. I had thought that perhaps Edwards could frame the Russians for the theft, but I suppose Nicolas figured out that it was his nephew Darius.

In the news, the Russian government has broken off diplomatic relations with the United States. The Russians are pointing their missiles at the U.S. and is prepared for war. I wasn’t entirely sure if this stemmed from perhaps Nicolas also retaliating against Russia for attempting the meteor theft and then Russia blaming that retaliation on the U.S. Looks like all that effort to call off the special operations incursion into Siberia was pointless. The Russians wound up preparing for war anyway.

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