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Salvation – Recap & Review – Coup de Grace

Coup de Grace

Original Air Date: Aug 30, 2017

Vincent Chia – Staff Writer

With last week’s successful launch of the EM engine gravity tractor, I kind of felt like the series could have ended there. However, we have yet another phase to the drama. Let’s say where this new phase takes us.

Defense Secretary Calhoun is swimming laps in his pool when he is almost purposely drowned by henchman to a guy named Bennett. Bennett warns Calhoun not to “rock the boat.”

When Grace arrives at work at the Pentagon, Darius is waiting for her in her office. He wants to have a meeting with the President. The two of them meet with Edwards and Rayburn. Rayburn says that the President is super-busy. She would need to know the topic of the meeting before approving it. Grace tells Rayburn that someone tried to assassinate her a few days ago. Darius says they traced the phone call back to the White House. Darius also adds that he has known the President since she was Governor Rayburn and she would be willing to see him if they asked.

Rayburn reveals that the President is “unwell.” She has good days, but also bad days. Grace is shocked. Rayburn will not give them a meeting.

Darius takes matters into his down hands. He calls Amanda the reporter and agrees to be her source to confirm her story about Project Atlas.

Edwards asks Rayburn whether the Pentagon is putting hits on American citizens. Rayburn admits that there might be a certain group or “inner circle” who might doing so. She doesn’t know the exact players, but she knows Calhoun is involved.

After Capitol Eyes publishes a web story about Darius Tanz confirming Project Atlas, Darius also gives a follow up news conference about the project. (pictured above) One of the reporters asks him about the President’s denial. Darius addresses the camera with a message directly for President MacKenzie. He’s awaiting her phone call.

Roughly five seconds after the news conference, a team of secret service agents approach Darius and Grace and whisks them away to meet with the president.

When Darius and Grace are brought into the oval office, they are greeted by an infuriated Madam President. She is quite displeased that Darius would confirm this “fake news” about Project Atlas. She denies knowledge of Atlas. In addition, if Atlas were real, wouldn’t she know? She thinks that the photo of the meteor fragment with Tanz Industries tech embedded is a doctored photo.

Darius tells the president about the assassination attempt on Grace and that they traced the phone call to the White House. The President then gets a serious headache. She asks them what day it is and appears to be disoriented.

Harris Edwards has a secret meeting with his former roommate at the Naval Academy. Edwards asks his friend for the classified security log of all the people who were at the White House at the time someone from the White House had called Grace’s would be assassin.

Once Edwards returns back to the Pentagon, Rayburn tells him they have a big problem. The President has decided to hold a news briefing in the evening.

Meanwhile, over at Tanz Industries, the Board of Directors has called a meeting. Actually, it is Darius’ Uncle Nicholas who called the meeting. Nicholas points out that there is a billion dollars missing from the company’s balance sheets. He also points out that in addition to the missing money, Darius has now admitted to being involved in an illegal weapons scheme. Darius responds that his tech was used without his permission or knowledge.

Rayburn and Edwards calls Grace in for a meeting. Edwards tells Grace that the President’s planned news conference will have the President publicly apologizing to Russia for Atlas. The President also plans to tell the public about the asteroid Samson.

Darius has a private conversation with his childhood sweetheart Tess. He regrets breaking up with her in order to focus on achieving his current success. Tess has separated from her husband, but keeps up appearances for the benefit of her children.

Liam interrupts the quasi-romantic moment and informs Darius that the EM engine is not obeying instructions from Earth. Darius wonders if it’s a hack but Liam doesn’t think so.

Edwards gets a hold of the White House visitor logs. He shows them to Rayburn. Randall Calhoun arrived at the White House very close to the time Grace’s assassin received the phone call. Edwards thinks it is Calhoun and also believes the President is in danger. Edwards and Rayburn meet with the President to warn her. President MacKenzie informs them that she has fired Secretary Calhoun and names Edwards as acting Defense Secretary. The President asks for his loyalty. Edwards says he can’t promise complete loyalty but he can promise honesty. This is such a weird almost word for word exchange similar to our current president and his former FBI director.

MacKenzie agrees to Edwards’ deal. In the spirit of honesty, Edwards recommends against the planned news briefing. MacKenzie insists she must do it. She has a migraine but soon recovers.

Darius and Liam figure out that on the current trajectory, the gravity tractor will collide with the asteroid and the fragments will land all across Russia and parts of China. Whoever took control of the EM engine is planning to (once again) use an asteroid as a weapon.

Edwards drives to Calhoun’s residence to confront him about trying to kill Grace. Calhoun denies he was involved and warns Edwards that there are much more powerful forces at play. Personally, I did think Edwards jumped too fast to the conclusion that it was Calhoun who ordered the hit on Grace. The list of names on the visitor’s log was quite long. Calhoun decides to leave town and hopefully disappear.

Darius has lost the vote by the Board of Directors. He will be replaced as CEO. Darius is infuriated. His friend Tess tries to comfort him, but he tells her to go home and be with her children. Grace witnesses Darius and Tess in their tender moment, and perhaps decides to not pursue a relationship with Darius.

MacKenzie starts he speech to the nation. However, she stammers mid-speech and starts to choke. She has a huge headache and Edwards screams for a medic.

It is soon revealed that MacKenzie suffered a sudden death. The Vice President is sworn in. It is…. Monroe Bennett, the gentleman from the very beginning of the episode. Hmmm… Interesting intrigue. Once again, it feels like an unnecessary add-on plot, but let’s see where this goes.

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