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Scandal – Top 10 Moments – Inside the Bubble

photo: abc
photo: abc

Inside the Bubble

Original Air Date: Oct 9, 2014

Brianna – Associate Editor

What could have been a simple enough missing person’s case turns into a murder investigation, David Rosen learns what it takes to get things done in D.C. from the inside with some unwanted consequences, and Mellie uses all of her newfound energy to solve a case she sees on the news on this week’s Scandal.

Check out my pick for top moments from the episode below:

10. Olivia and Abby still seem to be on the outs but, that doesn’t stop them from helping each other out…or refer people to one another. This week’s case was a friend from law school, Katherine Winston, who initially seems to have a normal enough case of a daughter that goes missing. That is until, OPA continues to dig deeper.

9. So, Olivia invited Jake to dinner with Rowan which brought up their situation as a point of contention between the pair. Jake emphatically says no, because honestly who would have a civilized dinner with the man who stuffed him in a hole in the floor and tortured him? Meanwhile, I continue to be ambivalent about their situation and a scene later on in the episode doesn’t help change my stance at all.

8. Quinn gets pulled back into the Charlie thing as a coerced favor for Jake. She is trapped in a room for hours with him, as Charlie tries to get under her skin all over again. But, we initially see a stronger Quinn who doesn’t take anything from anyone. Unfortunately, that façade buckles a bit when he tells her that she’s got no one waiting for her. You just couldn’t help but feel for her in that moment.

7. Cyrus and “Michael’s” thing continues, with Cyrus being none-the-wiser that this guy has the potential to completely ruin him in the future. The fact that he tells him that he’s “paying for privacy” should honestly have been a warning sign for him. Yet, the eternal cynic in Cyrus is nowhere to be found.

6. Fitz is taking the news that they are losing the gun bill a bit hard and really makes that point after David tells him about how the hearing went. To be fair, he made a compelling argument in that asking for not allowing just “anyone get an AK-47 and shoot up a school. Is that too much to ask?”

5. Rosen’s learning the ways of “the bubble” Cyrus has dubbed him to be in, as he manages to get the gun bill more traction…with just a bit of blackmail. While he’s being celebrated in the oval, he later learns the consequences of the actions he took; finding out that the man he was blackmailing had killed himself.

4. Quinn’s feeling underappreciated after she goes missing for 24 hours and neither Liv nor Huck seems to notice. She lashes out at Liv and Huck, saying that it was the reason Harrison died. You can tell Charlie struck a chord with her. Eventually, it’s Huck that comes to her and tells her that he would go looking for her if she went MIA again. At this point, it’s borderline sweet and borderline common sense so, I’m a bit on the fence with this one.

3. Mellie’s moving from her period of total withdrawal to completely throwing herself into investigating a case of newlyweds who faced tragedy while on their visit in Yosemite. It quickly snowballs into a legitimate investigation on her part, even bringing in members of the Cabinet to help make her case that the wife was innocent, with maybe just a hint of determination coming from some aspect of her life? It all comes crashing down when during her meeting with the investigator, she finds that the case has been solved and the wife had been cleared. And, cue Abby with the save for the First Lady.

2. Fitz apologizes to Abby for yelling at her. But, she takes things into her own hands and tells him he should be apologizing for not calling her by her name…finally! After being called “Gabby” for a bit, she finally seems to be moving in the right direction of getting the respect from these people she’s working with in the White House.

1. Jake says yes to dinner with Rowan and Liv. But, the dinner doesn’t seem to be for the reason he may think, as the minute he is alone with former Command, Jake threatens him and tells him his life is over because of what he knows and how he could ruin Rowan’s relationship with his daughter easily. Of course, the king of monologues, Rowan, is not one to remain quiet and does a fantastic job of being intimidating. Jake remains unfazed, though and even more determined to ruin him.

Bonus moment: Jake and Olivia have an argument…through a crack in the door because Jake wouldn’t let her in for what he thought was another “booty call” (please, stop). This starts up yet another conversation about the dynamics of their relationship and the fact that she may very well be in love with another man (he means Fitz. But, don’t even get me started on that) that maybe is meant to stir up some sort of emotion, but really doesn’t quite get there.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? What about thoughts on what Jake’s up to? Also, did anyone else appreciate Huck coming to Quinn saying he’d look for her if she went MIA?



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