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Scandal – Top 10 Moments – The Key

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The Key

Original Air Date: Oct 23, 2014

Brianna – Associate Editor

After the nerve wracking final act in last week’s episode with Jake in custody, we got to see what happened now that he was there and what trouble he is in for. Not to mention, frustration levels were at an all-time high as Papa Pope continues to show off just how good he is.

Check out my pick for top moments from the episode below:

10. “You’re getting your expensive hands dirty.” Olivia joins Quinn on a stakeout as they track down the cop that was somehow connected to Catherine’s husband, all the while Liv’s client (still) is stuck in jail and it’s up to OPA to solve it. This story gets threaded throughout the episode but doesn’t manage to outshine the other stories in the hour.

9. Liv and Papa Pope sharing a nightcap and being giggly about life was kind of weird (and incredibly infuriating) to watch given that we know that Rowan has an idea about where Jake has disappeared to. And, this façade Rowan continues to play off—successfully might I add—only get more and more frustrating to see.

8. Jake seems to be absolutely done with the Pentagon’s choice of interrogator, Bill. He is so done with him that he eventually pulls a “Rowan” as he gives the snarkiest monologue as Bill just sits there, watching him.

7. Huck definitely needed a hug this episode. He is back to semi-stalking his wife and child. The inevitable confrontation doesn’t go well as his wife pleads to leave her alone, but Huck won’t give up until he sees his son. His wife agrees to let Huck see him but, it doesn’t go as planned (as it has tendency to do on this show).

6. Fitz decides to take on Jake himself and the interrogation doesn’t necessarily go as you expect. Initially, there’s no violence or screaming. Just a regular conversation as if they are just two friends chatting at a restaurant. Things take a turn when Fitz tells him all will be solved as soon as he signs the confession and Jake tries to get him to see that this is all Rowan’s doing.

5. After a few episodes, it had seemed like Mellie was moving in the right direction (sort of) but, the put together Mellie doesn’t seem to be back…until yet another confrontation with Fitz where the truth of where he’d been while he missed their daily visit to Jerry’s grave. Her response to the reveal was slightly odd to see and definitely confused me. It’s the one thing that spurs the beginning of her transformation from “smelly Mellie” to not “smelly Mellie.”

4. Quinn finding Huck attempt to wrap a gift for his son was kind of adorable in its own special Scandal way, granted that Quinn was talking about Caitlin’s dead friend and where the key is hidden. As it turns out, it was right in front of them, inside Caitlin’s friend Faith.

3. Cyrus is the one to tell Liv where Jake is and how he was the one responsible for not only the murders of Jerry but, Harrison as well. But, she’s definitely not buying that line as she goes to Rowan with her accusations and he continues to spin the story that best works for him and his mission.

2. David’s guilt reaches its peak as he finds himself perpetually drunk this episode and ends up in Abby’s office in the White House confessing that he is responsible for the judge’s murder as he used the B613 information to his advantage.

1. Who would have thought that what would take Abby to reconcile with Liv would be the news of her boyfriend being framed for murders he didn’t commit and the fact that he is somewhere in the bowels of the Pentagon? Either way, it felt like that relationship shifted back to the way it was and it was much appreciated.

What did you think of Mellie’s slight break down in the oval office after hearing about Jerry’s cause of death? What about that Abby/Liv reunion moment? And do we all agree that Huck needs a hug?

Next week: “An Innocent Man”


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