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Scandal – Top 10 Moments – Ride, Sally, Ride

photo: abc
photo: abc

Ride, Sally, Ride

Original Air Date: Feb 27, 2014

Brianna – Senior Reviewer

Gladiators, rejoice! After a long hiatus, Scandal came back, leaving no breathing room at all moving the story quickly along and with no shortage of conflict to launch into the last eight episodes.

They pick up after Sally Langston’s announcement that she will be running but maintaining the position of Vice President. And while the news causes the Team Fitz and new (official) addition, Olivia as campaign manager, to scramble to fix the issue, only Fitz seems to be fixing it himself. Over at OPA, Quinn’s still dealing with life in exile and Harrison’s past comes back, finally.

Here are a ten of the top moments of the hour in no particular order:

10.  David Rosen seems to still be hell bent on his crusade against the White House and with the recording of Sally confessing to Cyrus what she did to her husband as his proof he goes to James and fails to initially get him on his side. Of course, that’s not the end of that.

9. Rowan Pope’s warning to Olivia definitely made for a fantastic few minutes. The scene solidified my opinion of how fantastically frightening job Joe Morton has done with this character. Because the entire speech was amazingly delivered, I’m going to go with one of my favorite lines was, “and the greatest weapon I could use against him calls me ‘dad’.”

8. Sally’s justification for murdering her husband, claiming it wasn’t her but the “devil did it when he entered” me, was very strange and perhaps the beginning of Sally’s spiral?

7.  Quinn’s Huck-imposed exile from OPA leads her to help out with the issue of the coroner who sealed Daniel Douglas Langston’s autopsy records, by abducting her child. I don’t think we’ll be seeing Quinn back at OPA anytime soon.

6. “Don’t patronize me like I’m some hysterical teenage girl at the beginning of her cycle.”  I absolutely love Mellie and she had some really good retorts this episode and this moment while she was trying to get information from Cyrus about the Daniel Douglas Langston situation is just one of them.

5. From the moment Mellie tells Olivia to smile to the moment where she hands her a folder of acceptable men to be seen with to make the world stop thinking that she’s “ screwing [Mellie’s] husband,” that lunch scene was really interesting and just entertaining to watch these two women play the media and get things done.

4. Harrison’s past has come back and we finally see who this Adnan Salif is…turns out it’s a woman! Sparks fly and he forgets all about that gun he borrowed from Abby (which gave her some really funny lines like “here we don’t just take the gun, we ask”).

3. After a series of text messages sent to a journalist regarding Langston’s sealed autopsy records throughout the episode from someone identified as Publius, we find out it was James who sent those text messages in a scene with David where he admits, “I am Publius.” I see frighteningly close calls in his future.

2.  Papa Pope begins his mission of bringing down Fitz; the man that removed him as Command at B613, as he meets with Sally’s campaign manager in what we I can only imagine is massive unloading of information. Can’t wait to see what he’ll be doing with it and what information he does actually give him.

1. Andrew Nichols’ response to Olivia’s interrogation about why he’s single, because he let the right one get away, sounded oddly genuine. Of course, it left me very suspicious. And, with just cause as we figure out through a flashback that the one that got away was Mellie!

And, that’s it for the return! Was it worth the wait? Are you as excited as I am for the Andrew Nichols/Mellie arc? And, what about Harrison and Adnan Salif? Let me know your TwoCents!


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