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Scranton Office Convention Story – The Scrantones Concert

The night after the Cast Q&A we all headed over to another college in Scranton and attended as VIP only snack. No cast arrived because – well, to be honest – I think they were tired! Also, many were upstairs judging The Office Costume Party. It was Halloween anyway.

Many great costumes were everywhere – many Moses.

Right after the contest, we were treated to one of the most amazing moments of my career. Standing one row from the stage for The Scrantones!

Yes, I know – no one knows who they are. They recorded the Theme Song and they were the band on the Booze Cruise.

It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever been to. Most every star in attendance at the Convention took the stage to sing a song and they ALL stormed the stage at the end.

This video shows MANY of the cast performances from the show. It’s GREAT! Check it out!

These are videos I took:
The Concert Opening

Creed Playing The Blues

Melora Hardin Sultry Singing

Closing (part 1) Part 2

After the concert, NP and I jumped in the car, and with a tip from a certain cast member, headed over to Poor Richard’s Pub cause they would all end up there soon. Poor Richard’s is actually inside a bowling alley – it’s a little tiny place.

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