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Smallville – Recap & Review – Finale Pt 2

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Finale Pt 2

Original Air Date: May 13, 2011

Addison- Senior Reviewer

“Every villain is only as great as his hero.” This is it, the ending to the long running series of Smallville. We have waited ten years to get to this point and now it has arrived. How will it end? One of our favorite characters will die, but who will it be? Anything goes when it’s the last episode. Will Clark defeat Darkseid and fulfill his destiny? Will Lois and Clark get a happily ever after? What will happen to Chloe and Oliver?

The time to find out is now…

As the burning planet Apokolips gets closer and closer to Earth, Clark goes into the barn at the Kent Farm and sees his father Jonathan standing there. Clark tells him that he is sorry for leaving his past behind and how scared he is to face the evil of Darkseid. Jonathan says that Clark will be able to defeat Darkseid because of the man he has become. Now more than ever Clark needs to allow Jor-El to guide him on the rest of his path. Martha enters, I wish she could see Jonathan as well, but she doesn’t. She tells her son how he was a miracle for them when they wanted a child so badly and now the world needs a miracle. They hug and Jonathan tells Clark that it is time; he thanks his parents and superspeeds away.

Tess wakes up after her abduction to find Lionel standing over her in a lab. She is lying down on a table and just wants Lionel to get away from her! He tells her that it’s time for her to become the Luthor that she was destined to become and reveals that Lex cloned himself numerous times; yes we knew that. But since none of them were perfect, they collected different parts of the clones to put together. Okay gross, which parts? He tells Tess that his son is only missing one organ, a heart. Tess realizes that he is planning on removing hers! Tess tries to get away but her exit gets blocked, and then Lionel does that creepy hair sniffing thing he does. He explains that when the day is through, the Luthor name will be more powerful than ever. In the next room we see a body all pieced together and hooked up with a breathing device, LX version 0.

Meanwhile, Clark finds Tess’ car and finds her PDA by using his x-ray vision. He is able to replay the video she created moments before she was taken; now he must find her. It may be too late, as Tess gets strapped to a table by a bunch of surgeons. Lionel tells her that they were going to use Conner’s heart but they were not able to find him. Would Lionel kill his own daughter? He explains that he will do anything for his son, since Lex is everything to him. Tess isn’t going without a fight; she kicks a surgeon and grabs his scalpel, cutting herself free. She knocks out the guards and then goes for Lionel. She grabs a gun and doesn’t hesitate when it comes to killing him, she shoots him and leaves. It’s like the man will not die, he crawls over and opens the door to the chamber that is holding the Lex clone. Suddenly Darkseid comes sweeping in using his dark cloud form and appears before Lionel. Darkseid wants Lionel to take his offer, but he only wants his son to live and offers his own soul to him. Darkseid rips Lionel’s heart out of his chest. Moments later, Lex wakes up and is alive.

At The Daily Planet, Clark meets up with Lois and they discover the President is telling the country that the eclipse outside is from a meteor. Clark soon realizes that more people may have been marked by Darkseid and he uses his x-ray vision to see that almost all of the people in the newsroom are branded with the Omega symbol of darkness! He does a little more investigating to find that Tess was taken by a company formed six weeks ago called Preclox which is located beneath the Luthor Mansion in the hidden corridors. Clark doesn’t want to leave Lois, but she kisses him and wants him to go save the world. After Clark leaves, Lois has a part in saving the world too. She must stop the President from using nuclear missiles on the planet – which he believes is just a meteorite. One heck of a meteorite! The missile will have no effect on Apokolips and will cause the fallout from the blast to destroy Earth. So she knocks out one of the female reporters who is covering the White House and steals her press pass. Hey she had a good reason!

At the Luthor Mansion, Clark goes in and is greeted by his original foe! This is it! Finally a scene between Lex and Clark. Welcome back Mr. Rosenbaum. Lex reveals that Tess is alright and Lionel had a change of heart, ha ha very funny. Lex has come to realize that the greatest men and women in history have always been defined by their enemies. He knew Clark was the chosen one; he was only hurt that Clark always hid from his destiny instead of embracing it. Lex states that the two of them will be great men because of one another. “We have a destiny together Clark, only on different sides.” Lex tells him. Clark says he will always be there to stop him, and Lex states that he is counting on it. “Every villain is only as great as his hero.” Lex knows that Clark is the light that is to inspire the world and he must save them all from Apokolips. Clark is worried that he won’t be able to stop this disaster on his own. Clark Kent may not be able to, but someone else can, maybe someone Super? Clark apologizes for not being able to save Lex and then superspeeds away leaving a smiling Lex behind. Meanwhile, Oliver goes to Watchtower and brings the whole place back online, then he takes his Green Arrow costume and his weapons out, time to go to work.

The Green Arrow goes to see Darkseid’s prophet minions who continue to gloat that they have won. They see that Oliver no longer is marked with the Omega symbol and they believe he doesn’t have the power to stop them or their “Lord”. He shoots three arrows off at them and they all burst into dark clouds and are gone! Go Oliver! Lois is doing her part now, trying to approach the President since she snuck onto Air Force One. She sneaks by one of the Secret Service Agents and tries to reason with the Secretary of Defense, but they already know about what the missile will do. They are prepared to sacrifice a third of Earth’s population to save the whole planet, and Lois pleads with them that The Blur will save them. They give her five minutes to convince them.

Clark goes back to barn at the Kent Farm and takes the crystal of the Jor-El construct so he can go talk to his father. That’s when the zombie like Lionel comes in all dead and taken over by Darkseid, his voice is deep and disturbing. Clark says he will fight him to the end and he believes there is good in people despite Darkseid’s influence. The evil entity grabs Clark and throws him backwards towards the loft of the barn. As Darkseid yells for Clark’s surrender, Clark remembers that he must let Jor-El guide him and he finds himself in a different place, surrounded by images of his past. We see our favorite moments from the different seasons of Clark’s incredible journey and how far he has come. They were all trials, and Jor-El tells him they were all leading him to this final trial and must seize his destiny. Is this the moment we have been waiting for? Clark flashes back to his fight with Darkseid and stops himself mid-air! He turns and flies at the possessed Lionel and destroys Darkseid! He’s flying, he’s finally flying! This really is the end.

Tess returns to LuthorCorp and finds that Lex is there sitting at his old desk. Lex admits that he knew he had a sister and recruited her on purpose to take care of his work when he went missing. Tess explains that she always wanted redemption with the name that she bears. Lex hugs her and says he loves her. This is when I get a bad feeling! Lex then stabs Tess in the stomach and she falls to the ground. He claims that he is saving her from turning into him. Tess takes her hand and strokes his cheek and says that Clark already did that. That’s when Lex realizes that she has infected him with an amnesia drug and he will soon forget everything in his life up until that moment! As Tess dies, so do all of his memories, one by one. They use yet another montage for the fans of the horrible life that Lex lived. He walks to the window and looks at the devastation that is stretching out over the planet. Clark is now ready to take his final steps as he flies to the Fortress of Solitude. Jor-El tells him how proud he is of his son and he is now ready to save the world. Out of the ground rises Martha’s gift to Clark, his super suit! The famous costume. Jor-El reminds Clark that it was his time in Smallville and all of the people there that made him a hero. That’s when Jonathan appears and hands Clark the suit and tells him to always remember Smallville, then he fades away. Is that a tear in my eye? Clark then flies into the air and changes mid-flight into the suit and goes out through the top of the Fortress!

Apokolips starts to hit Earth causing Air Force One to hit turbulence and throws everyone on board around. Lois lands near the window of the plane just in time to see a red and blue figure stopping the plane from crashing. Clark flies to the window to have a moment with Lois as they smile at one another before he flies away. Lois then grabs a camera onboard and begins reporting and gets the President on film as he steps out. In Metropolis, everybody watches the skies as Apokolips comes closer. Clark flies over their heads and Oliver is there to cheer his friend on. Clark flies upward and pushes the entire burning planet away into space causing the Omega Symbol to fade from each infected person. Clark takes a moment to feel his moment of victory. I’m just so excited to see him flying in the suit!

Seven years later…

We see Chloe again, finishing up the story to her son, telling him that it was the day that Clark Kent turned into Superman. He begs her to read it again, but she assures him there will be more adventures for yet another day. She kisses him goodnight and walks out, as her son looks over at the bow and arrow sitting on a chair in his room, it’s totally Oliver’s kid. As if you had any doubts! Chloe relieves a call from Lois who is busy at The Daily Planet, heading for Perry White’s office. Jimmy Olsen comes up to her, the younger brother of the other Jimmy, played by the same actor Aaron Ashmore, he shows her the pictures her has of Superman. We then see a news broadcast on the TV that Lex Luthor is now the President and is shown in his famous white suit. As Lois rushes up the stairs, a clumsy Clark runs into her and makes her drop her papers. As he helps her, he shows her their wedding rings, since they have been waiting seven years to get married! Suddenly someone rushes in and yells that there is a bomb in an elevator uptown. Clark tells Lois that they will have to wait a bit longer. He rushes to the roof, and with the actual Superman theme playing, Clark takes off his glasses and loosens his tie as he runs towards the edge of the building in slow motion. He rips open his dress shirt to show the super suit and flies off into the sky!

Chills, perfection, epic! I don’t know how else to explain how amazing that ending was. It was everything I was hoping for, and having the Superman theme made it even better. The final shot was my favorite. I love that they brought Lex, Jonathan and Jimmy back. I was sad to see Tess killed, but they left the rest of our favorites with perfect endings, which is actually a new beginning. I still cannot believe it’s over. I have enjoyed every single episode and loved reviewing it for you guys. What did you think of the episode? Was it everything you were hoping for? Are you hoping for any spin offs? I would watch a Green Arrow series! Give your two cents below. And you can follow us on twitter @thetwocents and me @TTCAdd.

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