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Sons of Anarchy – Recap & Review – Authority Vested

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Sons of Anarchy
Authority Vested

Original Air Date: Sep 18, 2012

Lyssa G – TwoCents Reviewer

Welcome to week two of this long journey! After last week I cannot wait to see if they are able to keep up with the high pace that they set up last week, or if this week will dwindle into more of the story.

Last week as we started on this new path with Jax. He is already embracing his role as president. Bobby has now been voted in as his vice president. Tig is going to be on a rampage now that Damon Pope killed his daughter. Opie has decided to step away from the club for now. Gemma is now very friendly with Nero, he is even offering a safe place for Jax and Chibs while the sheriffs are looking for them. Lets see what kind of chaos arises this week.

We open this episode with Opie talking to Roosevelt. Roosevelt was looking for Jax. We end up jumping to Jax, Chibs and Bobby over at Nero’s. Jax is wondering what is going on and why he is helping. Gemma vouches for him and Jax cuts him off. He tossed him the keys to a pickup to go find Tig. Unser is okay, we see him getting up over the floor. He tries to call Clay and he hangs up on him. When the guys get to Tig, he is still sitting by Dawn. They decided to pull her out and they know they need to find Fawn. Clay comes over by his house and sees all of the damage. He says that he thinks that it is black but we have heard that before. We come back to the guys at the hole, and Tig is outside of the hole holding Dawn’s burnt body.

Jax and Bobby are trying to get a hold of Romeo. They know that they need more of a Sons presence there. Nero and Jax seem to be getting along well. Tara and the lawyer come up to Nero’s to talk to him about how they need to turn themselves in. Gemma is looking after Tig now. He really is not in a good place. Jax tells her about what is going on with the case against Bobby, how Otto ratted and how the Cartel is involved with the CIA. Jax tells her that the Cartel is holding this over the Sons heads so that they can keep this deal going. Chibs comes up and tells Jax that Gemma’s house was hit. Jax decides to send Gemma back to the house to take a look at damage. When she gets back the entire house is trashed and Roosevelt is there grilling Unser and Clay about what went down. Tara and Jax are talking and they are going to run off and get married before he goes inside again. He heads off to go get Tig’s other daughter Fawn. Unser came to talk to Roosevelt and wants to help with the home invasions. Roosevelt thinks that he is still working for Clay.

Pope and his guys know that Tig had managed to escape custody and killed the detective and killed the cleaner. They decided that it was best that they just clean this up so that the other people that they have bought and paid for in the police force do not decide to back out because it is going to get bloody.

Tig and the guys decided to come and get Fawn. They end up walking in on her as she is having sex with her boyfriend. When we come back, Tig is telling her that she needs to get out of town as soon as possible. Fawn asks if he is having Dawn do the same thing. He just looked at her shaking his head and crying. She figured it out immediately that Dawn is dead and ran out of the house. Jax convinces her boyfriend to get her to pack a bag and get out of town for a while. Jax decides to head back to Nero’s and leaves Chibs to keep an eye on Fawn.

Bobby is driving Clay around. Clay tells him to turn down Opie’s street. He wants to sit down and talk to Opie about his dad. Opie comes at him asking what he really wants. He tells Opie that it is Jax and his turn at the head of the table. Clay tells him that Jax needs him at that table.

Jax gets picked up by Nero. They are talking about business and how he manages to keep everyone happy. Also they are talking about how the gun running works… Percentage and blood. Nero also is talking to him about how they started when they were young, prison runs and so forth. They are talking about their Sons. They notice that someone is tailing them. Nero jumps down a side street, drives down an quarter of a mile then flips the car around and plays chicken with the other truck until they turned into a dumpster. Nero said to Jax “Sorry, I don’t get out much”.

We see Lyla and Ima together on set. Opie pulls Lyla aside to talk to her. He wants her to take his kids and look after them while he goes away for a while. She decides to do it. He tells her that he thinks that he doesn’t love anything.

Gemma comes up to Nero’s to give Jax the marriage license. She goes to talk to Tara about how they need to stick together. Gemma tells her that she is someone that she is going to need because she has been there and gone through everything that she is going through. We see Jax and Tara as they finally getting married. Chibs gets up and says something in Irish and then they are officially married.

Romeo called in. They need protection while they are inside. They are talking about how they need to stay alive in order to keep the gun relationship running smoothly. Romeo knows that there are no options right now other than the Sons and they will be attempting to get them out.

The guys are all back in the club house and they are ready to be taken into custody. Tara tells Jax that she loves him. Gemma tells Tig that she will take care of Fawn to make sure that nothing happens to her. Roosevelt comes and picks up the guys. Opie pulls into the drive and punch Roosevelt in the face and goes inside with Jax, Chibs and Tig. Jax knows that this is his way of saying he is ready to be back in SAMCRO. Pope is ready for the guys in Stockton. We now know for sure that it is the Nomads that have been responsible for the home invasions.

What do you think about this week? Do we really think that Pope will manage to get through to the guys in Stockton or will they end up out thanks to the Cartel? Has Gemma found her new old man? What is your TwoCents on this week?

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