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Sons of Anarchy – Recap & Review – Dorylus


Sons of Anarchy

Original Air Date: Sep 20, 2011

Lyssa G – TwoCents Reviewer

Last week we were introduced to the new players in SAMCRO’s gun business. We are still trying to figure out what is going to happen with the rest of the club. Jax has told Clay that he wants out of the club and Tara has announced their engagement. After Roosevelt took a fire ax to the club house, we still need to find out what is going to happen with him and the club.

Before we even start, this week had so much thrown into one week. I spent the evening with my hands up in the air in awe of this episode. There was so much going on and so many different paths that this week takes; it was almost hard to follow.

We see Jax and Clay talking over breakfast about how the vote might split between the guys. Gemma and Tara walk in and they are talking about the boys. Tara goes to get a bag for Thomas and Clay follows behind her. He starts to tell her how much he loves and appreciates the fact that he got to raise Jax. He tells her that he loves Jax as much as he loved John. We see Jax hand Thomas to Tara to take care of. They are joking about how Tara made it seem so hard to raise the boys and yet they have disposable diapers. It had a cute and very funny element behind it.

Then we jump to Happy and Kozik as they are loading up the guns onto a truck. They are getting everything ready to go back to Charming. They show these boys playing basketball and the ball goes over. They convince Kozik to come onto the other side and play a little one on one.

We see the boys getting the boxes together in the old Oswald lumber building. They are getting ready to start packing and shipping the guns. Clay and Jax come in and Clay grabs Bobby to go out to the Wahewa lands to check on the ammo.

We see Kozik kicking major butt in a game of one on one. They were joking about the guy who challenged him saying that he was getting beaten by a Lemonhead (Kenny Johnson’s nickname on The Shield). After that comment the guy got pissed and put the ball down. Kozik gets beat by one of the boys who are watching the game. They steal his keys and drive off in the truck with the guns.

And that is just the first 5 minutes of the episode!

We jump into the police station. Roosevelt and Potter are talking about the Sons new connection to the cartel. They knew last week that the Sons would not have gotten rid of the Russians without having some kind of a backup plan and they were right. They decide that the way to get through to the club is with Juice and his family tree.

As Clay and Bobby are coming onto the Wahewa land, Bobby knows that the only reason Clay brought him out there was to talk to him about this vote. Clay tells him about how Jax wants to get out and offers that if Bobby backs him up on this deal with the cartel that he will push for the president’s patch to go to him.

Unser and Gemma are together at St. Thomas hospital. They meet up in the church. Unser seems to be a balancing force for Gemma this season. I think that while the guys were in prison that he was with her and helping her. As they leave the church for Tara’s office, Gemma has Unser stay outside as a lookout but he gets distracted while Gemma is looking for the letters. Margret Murphy ends up walking in on her searching through Tara’s desk and lets Gemma know that she will tell Tara.

As we go back into the Wahewa lands we see the Russian that the boys handed over last week for retribution for the men that they killed. He is buried in a hole and covered in flesh eating ants. The Wahewa talk to Clay about how the tribe needs to be compensated if they are charging the cartel more for the ammo then they were charging the Russians. Clay tells the leader that he is selling the ammo at the exact same price as they were charging the Russians, and they believe him.

We see the rest of the guys head to Happy’s aunt’s house. They are going there to try and get back the guns. Kozik and Jax start going at each other because those guns were already sold to the Cartel. They decide to head over to what Happy says is the one place to unload stolen merchandise. They go over to the house and the guys who stole the guns show up at the house. The guys start to chase after them. The kids who stole the truck got caught by the cops as they blew through a stop signs. Kozik decides to make up for what happened by going and shooting the back of the police car and getting the kids free. Jax comes up to the car and says “License and registration please” just when the boys thought that they were home free. They threw the boys into the trunk of the car after beating them up. Kozik beats up one of the kids until the other talks and tells them where the guns are. They go back to the house Happy told them about and the woman’s sons were the ones who bought the guns off of the kids. She gets her sons to give the guns back and Jax gives them back the money. They take the guns and load up the truck.

Chibs and Juice are coming out of Clear Passages, the place that he was talking about in the first episode of this season. The sheriffs come and arrest Juice and bring him into Roosevelt. Roosevelt brings up his family tree. Roosevelt shows him a picture of his father. He is a black man. Roosevelt is trying to break him down by bringing up a part of him and telling him that the club will never accept him if they knew who his father was. Juice seems to have confidence in the club though.

Tara talks with Margaret Murphy. She handed Tara recommendations from different hospitals and tells her that Gemma was snooping around her office. Something seems as though it is not right. It feels as though Tara had some kind of plan to leave with the boys and try to get away from the club. She makes copies of John’s letters and puts a copy of them into storage. Gemma and Tara are talking in her office about John and Jax and what had happened back in the day when John died. About the relationship between her and Clay. Gemma, of course, is very believable.

Piney tells Gemma about how Clay wants to run guns and mule cocaine for the cartel. He is trying to find a way to get the guys out of this. We know that Piney’s vote on this is a no. He is first nine and does not want to see the club get to this point. Gemma tried to confront Clay on it and he gets pissed off that Piney told her. The vote falls. Clay, Tig, Opie, Kozik, Miles, and Jax all vote for it, the others including Bobby voted against it. Majority rules and the vote passes. As Clay is walking out of church, he tells Piney that if he tried to end run him through Gemma gain that he will slit his throat

This week had so much information and changes thrown into it. It was a cluster of almost everything that the sons are involved in and I once again was out of my seat begging for more as the reaper came on the screen. What did you think of this week?

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