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Sons of Anarchy – Recap & Review – J’ai Obtenu Cette

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photo: fx

Sons of Anarchy
J’ai Obtenu Cette

Original Air Date: Dec 4, 2012

Lyssa G – TwoCents Reviewer

Welcome to the season 5 finale for Sons of Anarchy. This season came to an abrupt ending in my mind. 13 weeks just flies by way too quickly. This season has been a lot of twists and turns, and a lot of changes that are going to impact the club until this all comes to a complete close.

This week we have to find out what is going to happen with Pope and Tig. We are going to find out what or if anything will happen  with this retired US Marshall. There is still things that need to happen with the case for Tara and with what happened to the nurse and with Otto. All of this and only 90 minutes to accomplish everything. We start out this week with Tara and Jax lying in bed. Tara gets up. We see Gemma get up out of bed with Nero. Clay is sitting and drinking his coffee, we see his tattoo all blacked out. Jax wakes up and sees a note from Tara saying that she is taking the boys and will see him later. Nero wakes up to a note from Gemma with her suggestions for names for the birds. Tara is getting an ultrasound done with her arm. Jax drives out to see Pope. He is at one of his building developments. They are talking about housing for the families and about locking down the details for when he is going to hand over Tig. It seems as though Pope has bigger plans though. At the end of that conversation, Pope looks over at his associate and tells him that everything is almost done.

We see Juice in the garage and he is putting something in the saddlebags of a bike. Clay is pulling things out and said that he is all set to go. He tells her that everything is set up with the Irish. Gemma kicks out Chucky out of the garage and he leaves saying something in French. He leaves and Clay and Gemma and then they are talking about plans. Tara is in the hospital; Miss Red tells her that everything is all healed with her hand. Wendy comes in and shows her where Jax shot her up in her arm and tells her that she needs to get the boys out. We see Nero and his guys with the sons. They need to go check out the other guys operation. The Sons end up walking into a dog fighting ring… Tig ends up losing his mind and chasing one of the guys down before he goes out back to shoot the dog that had just lost the battle. They end up going back in to get Dante and then they get chased outside. Sons get backed up by Nero’s crew and then by the Mayans a few moments later. They manage to get Dante and he ends up locked in the car with one of the fighting dogs. They decide to let him stay in there for a taste of his own medicine and let the dog take a good piece out of him.

The guys are riding back into the club house. Tara is there and Jax comes to give her kiss and she asks to talk. She tells Jax that there is no permanent damage on her hand. They think that she will be operating in 6 months. She brings up Wendy and he tells her that she will be backing off. He tells her that Wendy is just a junkie and that she will never get custody. Jax goes outside and talks to Unser and finds out all that he knows about the US Marshal. The US attorney came in to talk to Otto. He slams his head against the table with his tongue sticking out and cuts his own tongue off and throws it at the US Marshal. That was his way of sticking to his guns and making sure that he never has to talk again.

Tara is walking back into the hospital. Gemma is waiting there for her. Gemma asks when she was going to tell her about the offer in Oregon. Tara tells her that she is going to get the boys out of Charming and that there is nothing that she can do to stop her. Gemma tells Tara that she is going to report her for conspiracy to commit murder and the second she tries to step out of Charming, the only thing that will be waiting for her is a set of hand cuffs.

Gemma goes over to Clays to meet up with him so that they can leave supposedly. She walks in and Juice is boxing up all of the things up that are in his place. Gemma says that she is ready.

Jax takes Tig out to meet Pope. They pull onto an empty lot. Tig thinks that this is about shutting down a dog training ring. Jax manages to keep Pope at bay. Pope hands over all of the paperwork that Jax had asked for earlier. Jax asks for Tig’s cut and tells him that everything comes around. Pope takes Tig into the building. Jax pulls out a gun and shoots Popes man that was outside and then the two that were in the room with Tig. Jax hands Tig the gun and lets him shoot Pope. Jax reaches to touch Tig and apologizes to him for letting him think that he would give him up like that. Jax tells him that it is all done and he hugs him as he cries.

Roosevelt gets a tip about homicide. They gave the address and said that Roosevelt would want to find the bodies. He goes out to see what it is all about. Jax calls him after he finds the bodies and tells him where to go to find the murder weapon.

Lowen comes to talk to Tara about the case against Otto. She lets Tara know that he bit off his own tongue to make sure that he never has to talk again. She says that this is a good thing since there is now no one who can actually tie her to the murder weapon.  Lowen pulls out her life insurance policy, the policies for custody on the boys, and the policies for the house. Tara goes ahead and signs it.

Juice is putting all of Clay’s boxes into the garage and knows that he can bring everything into storage. Clay tells Juice that he knows that it was him that sold him out to Jax about the legal shit. Clay tells him that he loves him and that he is going to miss him. Juice almost spills the beans and tells Clay to get out as soon as possible. Roosevelt comes in and shows him the gun and tells him that he knows the weapon is registered to him. Gemma does not back Clay’s story at all and Clay knows that she just did all of this to get back in Jax’s good graces again. Roosevelt has his guy cuff him and bring him out and then tells Gemma that she will need to come down and give a formal statement.

Jax goes to meet up with Popes guys. Everything is confirmed by the police and the put the price out on Clay’s head. Jax tells him that he is looking forward to working with him in the future. We see Clay being brought into a holding cell in the Charming police department. Jax comes back to the club house and as he walks in he tells Juice that he is proud of him and gives him a kiss on the forehead. Tig is sitting there with the dog. She is being super lovable. Bobby sees Jax as he walks into the chapel and comes in and shuts the door behind him and tells him that he knows what he did with Clay and that it wasn’t about him being smart enough to hurt him, but smart enough not to hurt him. Bobby tells him that he ruined his chance at being different.

Gemma talks to Nero about the two of them being together. Gemma tells him that she is not a normal kind of girl. She says that she does not need love, that all she needs is to be wanted. He tells her that his life is about to get very messy. Lyla walks into the room and tells him that Jax needs to talk to him. They sit down and are talking about debts and new businesses that they are getting in together. Jax tells Nero that he needs to get out. Gemma is listening into this entire conversation. Nero says that when Jax walks away that he will too.

Jax comes home and sees all of the documents that were left on the counter for him by Tara. He goes to talk to her about it all and asks why Wendy is listed there as a guardian. Tara tell him that he should not have attacked Wendy. He asks if she is trying to teach him a lesson. She tells him that she needs to be strong when he can’t. She tells him that she is bringing the boys up to Oregon for this new job and that if he loves her that he will follow her up there. There is a knocking at the door. Roosevelt is coming to get Tara. It looks as though Gemma followed through on her threat against Tara. As she is being taken away in a cop car Gemma comes into the house, puts her hand on Abel and on Jax and tells him that she is here.

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