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Southland – Recap & Review – Phrase Three

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Phase Three

Original Air Date: March 2, 2010

Farrah Kaye – Associate Editor

For some of us, it’s been a week. For some of us, it’s been nearly a year. Either way, the wait is over as the season two premiere of Southland has finally arrived. That finale left me breathless, as I’m sure it did most of you. There were literally fireworks! Before I start, I would just like to let you know that the initial numbers are in and there were over 2 million viewers who watched last night, over one million more than those who watched the season finale last week. That is an awesome thing. So now, on with the show …

Opening scene: Sherman and Cooper arriving to the scene of an angry mob. They are even jumping on the officers. Voice over: Officer Ben Sherman is halfway through his one year probationary period as an LAPD officer. The job hasn’t turned out to be exactly what he’d expected.

Side note: It has Tom Everett Scott listed as “special guest star.” That makes me sad.

There is an old man picking flowers in his yard when a man comes to him and the man looks up at him. That’s it. Adams is talking to Clarke on the phone about a press conference she has to go to about the shootout while he’s having his bandages changed at the hospital and his doctors come in. At the station, the officers are in their daily meeting, watching Dewey’s spinout that was put on YouTube. Dewey is in rehab and they are sending around a card to send to him. There is a list of stolen cars being passed around and also that gangs/drug-dealing are on the rise. Brown gets stuck with some clown and she is not happy. Adams comes in to the office to some guy packing up Clarke’s desk and says he’s her new partner. When she goes to her supervisor, she is told that Clarke may never come back. Her new partner’s name is Cordero and she is not happy about him. Adams packs up Clarke’s desk. Sherman is told he needs to report to the Captain’s office after shift to find out if he’s done with Phase Two. In Phase Three, he rides alone. Cooper tells him all about the end of P2 and that P3 isn’t all that cool. At a street, two guys get out of a truck and shoot at a fancy car but miss. At the same time, the police are holding their press conference about gangs and guns and taking them off the street. The truck continues to follow the car and shoot at it. The truck finally catches up with the car and shoots the driver.

Adams and her new partner are called to a missing persons case, which is odd because usually they just let them go. Cordero is trying to have a conversation but Adams is having none of it. Moretta and Bryant get to the shooting scene. The driver is a “day worker” with only a Mexican ID driving a Bentley from a popular dealership. Sherman and Cooper are discussing the Dewey/Brown situation when the guy in front of them slams on his breaks during a yellow light. Cooper gets out of the car and yells at him for stopping suddenly. Cooper tells Sherman no matter what, it’s your job to protect your partner, no matter what you have to do (in reference to Brown waiting so long to report Dewey). Adams and Cordero are at the house of the old man’s house from the opening scene. The only thing that is missing is his car and him. Cordero doesn’t want to work the case but Adams says they’re going to stay on it. Brown and her new partner, Ferguson (I think?) are driving around. He’s eating and makes them stop to pick up his dry cleaning. He’s a total fool, let me tell you. Adams calls Clarke while he’s in physical therapy to whine about her new partner and Clarke is clearly in pain. She says she is going to visit him later on. While driving around, Cooper and Sherman come across a guy peeing in an alley. He also has an open beer with him. Cooper says to site him and the guy tells them he is on parole and wants to know if it will be in violation of his parole. He is respectful and Cooper says to just give him a ticket and they send him on his merry way. Back at the missing old guy’s house, there is a witness who saw the man in the garage talking to the old man. The man took the old man and his car away, but the old man didn’t put up a big fight, he just cried as they drove away.

Cordero wants to call a press conference about the old man missing while Adams gets his bank records. Adams thinks this guy is all Hollywood, likes the big cases. Cooper and Sherman get called to a warehouse of some sort that was being robbed but the robber got stuck in the middle of coming down his rope. Moretta and Bryant are interviewing the owner of the dealership where the car was missing from. There were also drugs in the car. Byant thinks the owner is using the dealership as a cover for drug-dealing and using god-speak as a cover for his bad ways. Adams and Cordero get to the bank and find out about withdrawals that were attempted to be made. They look at the surveillance video and in the video, we see it was the guy that Sherman and Cooper had ticketed in the alley earlier. Moretta and Bryant visit a gang member that’s locked up to find out more information about the shooting and in turn they will try to help him get out. Adams gets a call that the old man’s car is found and the passenger side window is covered in blood.

Moretta, Bryant and Sal are discussing the case and an undercover guy comes in and tells them they had a situation set up at the dealership and the guy that was shot was their informant. Adams and Cordero are at the station when his press conference airs on TV. While they talk, he tells her that he picked her to be his partner. While Brown is driving around she thinks she spots one of the stolen cars from the list in the morning and they call it in. Adams and Cordero get called by a parole officer in charge of Alan Gaylord, the man who took the old man. The car Brown called in is confirmed stolen and when they go to stop him, he keeps driving forward and backwards, almost as if he doesn’t know how to drive it. He drives into a neighborhood (his own?) and there’s a mob around him. The mob around him is screaming at the cops to leave him alone and Ferguson shoots at the car, shattering the entire back window. Chaos ensues and Brown calls in for backup. Cooper and Sherman get the call and, despite having a drunk woman in handcuffs in their backseat, head to help them. Ferguson chickens out of the situation and is hiding in the police car, leaving Brown to fend for herself as she tries to arrest the guy. Cooper and Sherman arrive and we come upon our opening scene. Cooper rescues Brown while Sherman is being attacked by three guys, but he gets them all off. Cooper throws Brown and the guy in the car with Sherman and goes to her car (with Ferguson in it) and they drive away. Funny moment of this whole chaotic scene? When Sherman drives backwards, there’s a guy laying on his front window. Wonder how long he stayed on for?!

When everyone gets to the hospital to switch cars, Cooper tells Brown to turn in Ferguson ASAP. Cooper and Sherman hear the call about being on the lookout for Alan and they let Adams know about their run-in with him. Cooper and Sherman find him and Adams and Cordero are right there as well. Sherman and Cordero go after him in the trains (oh, memories of Third Watch in the bus yard!) and Alan attacks Cordero. Sherman gets him and he tells them where the old man is. They all walk down this wash area and into some woods and the old man is tied up on the ground, bleeding, but alive. In the prison, the guy Moretta and Bryant visited earlier is attacked while in the shower for being a snitch. And by attacked, I mean his insides are now on the outside.

At the hospital, Adams is filing out paperwork when Cordero comes out with a few cracked ribs. She says she was impressed with his running skills – winds up he ran track in college, so did she. A bonding moment? Gasp. Cordero wants to get drinks but Adams has plans to visit Clarke. Oh yah, he thinks she’s hot, forgot to mention that. At the station, the guys finish up their shift and Sherman keeps asking Cooper how his back is. He keeps saying “fine.” Brown tells the kid she arrested about what’s going to happen to him. When Cooper asks her if she wants to talk about what happened, she says no but thanks them for their help. Moretta and Bryant decide to join the task force that is watching over the dealership – the detective overseeing it goes way back with Moretta, but Bryant feels really out of place. Adams tells Clarke about Cordero putting Clarke’s stuff in a box and all the stuff that happened with them. Clarke says he told their boss to box it up and Adams gives a bit of praise to Cordero for his end of day heroics. Clarke says he is really tired and Adams says she’ll leave and that she misses him. She leaves and has a little cry in the hallway. Aw man, seriously? Come on now guys … I didn’t need that! Brown leaves the station at the same time as Sherman, who got his Phase Two book signed by the Captain. He asks her if she wants to grab a drink and she says no. I don’t care what anyone says, I see these two together some day! She tells him he’s gonna be a great cop.

So was the season two premiere everything you thought it would be? Will Brown speak up this time and turn Ferguson in? What will happen when Bryant and Moretta join the task force? How will Cordero work out with Adams? Will we ever see Clarke on the force again? Leave your two cents below!

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