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Still Star-Crossed – Top 5 Moments – All The World’s a Stage

Still Star-Crossed
All The World’s A Stage

Original Air Date: June 19, 2017

Brianna – Managing Editor

After what’s felt like too long, Still Star-Crossed returns with the wedding that is supposed to bring the Montagues and Capulets together. While everyone, from Escalus to both Montague and Capulet patriarchs, believe the wedding is a sure thing, and the realities of what is on the line begins to crystallize, Rosaline and Benvolio have other plans.

The question is, whose plan falls through in the end? Let’s discuss.

Here are the top five moments from tonight’s episode:

5. Haunted by a spirit, Lord Capulet finds himself struggling with Juliet’s death and discovers that his wife has had a much tougher time than he anticipated. His confrontation with Lady Capulet about his unwillingness to grieve leads to a moment in Juliet’s crypt and the visit of what he thinks is Juliet sending him a warning. But of what?

4. Benvolio and Rosaline are still not dealing with their impending marriage very well, but Benvolio’s got an idea of how they can end up not getting married…by offering her what she’s wanted, running away to an Abbey to become a nun. Of course, their plans get thwarted after tough conversations with their uncles and the reality of exactly what their union means for each family.

3. Lord Montague comes to Princess Isabella with an offer to take over construction of the cathedral and brings something out in Isabella that she’s seemed completely capable of…running Verona as her father had. It’s something that’s seemingly implied in the first pair of episodes, that she was far more ready for the crown than her brother. The interaction between these two makes me wonder about what we’ll be seeing Isabella get into behind her brother’s back in the future.

2. Paris and Livia get to know each other a bit more now that’s he on the mend. Their walk in the garden offers moments of honesty from both of them as Livia talks about her station in life and her family history and Paris talks about how he didn’t want to marry Juliet, but his father had forced the arrangement. If their walk wasn’t enough, that moment at the end of the episode potentially hinted at what’s to come for the pair. But how long before people find out that Paris is there and how long before Lady Capulet finds out about their closeness?

1. The binding ceremony goes about disastrously as one would expect with these two families and the stakes in the union. In the midst of the chaos, Rosaline and Benvolio chase after the man who (literally) blew up their ceremony and discover that it was Tuccio, the man who had harassed Benvolio in the tavern. They soon find out that it’s not so much one family pit against another, but it is someone who wants to give that image to begin a war. That realization leads to the pair coming to an agreement to find whoever is responsible in order to join the families against a common enemy. The tropey-ness! This is gonna be fun to watch.

That’s it for this week. What did you think of the episode?

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