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Supergirl – Recap & Review – Human for a Day

photo: cbs
photo: cbs
Human for a Day

Original Air Date: Dec 7, 2015

Jules – Managing Editor

Supergirl kicks it up a notch this week to give us Supergirl without powers for most of an episode and the story behind Hank Henshaw that we’ve all been waiting for.

So no time to waste, let’s get to what happened on “Human for a Day.”

So the bleeding that ended last week’s episode was a sign of Kara temporarily losing her powers after fighting the android. Normal recovery is about two days. In the meantime, Kara gets a cold and Cat makes her go home and later runs into James. While the two are out and about talking about surviving without Supergirl for a day, a major earthquake hits. The city is in mayhem and James even has to save Kara from being hit by a car and in the process, she injures her arm.

Meanwhile at the DEO, Alex is super suspicious of Hank while they deal with a new alien they’ve trapped in a glass cage. But when the earthquake hits, they lose power and the alien Jemm escapes. There’s now a lockdown at the DEO.

At CatCo, Cat tells people to go home if they want (she takes photos of who does) and then wants everything back online ASAP, but the IT guy says it’ll take a few hours. Winn gets it up sooner and on the TV screens, they see Maxwell Lord dissing Supergirl for being MIA. Cat calls Winn in to set up a live feed so she can counter Lord’s messages about “her girl,” while Kara and James decide to go out to talk to Lord in person.

Outside, Lord is still as cocky as on TV and even guesses correctly that Supergirl lost her powers and suspects if she doesn’t get them back soon, she might never get her powers back. The trio soon go help a woman’s father, but it seems he lacerated a vein so Kara tries desperately to get her x-ray vision to work, but alas, he can’t be saved and Kara is really sad.

James reassures her that even Superman can’t save everyone, but “a real hero never stops trying.” With that Kara goes to try and stop a nearby robbery in progress, without her powers. While this happens, back at CatCo, Winn is having difficulty getting the live feed up, but once he does, Cat goes on air in support of Supergirl, telling the public to have faith in her and to share their stores of heroism. While that happens, Kara tells the robbers to choose to be a better man (having OUAT deja vu) and with that, the robber hands over his gun and James is there to photograph the moment.

Meanwhile, at the DEO, two agents and Hank go out in search of Jemm, while Alex is in the control room. But when Hank disappears and Jemm looks to have killed the other agents, Alex suspicions are on overload. They get higher when Hank returns saying he will go out solo to go after Jemm. So Alex tells fellow agent Donovan about how they can’t trust Hank and the two go out to take down Jemm themselves. Unfortunately for Donovan, Jemm gets in his mind and he’s lost. Alex is saved by Hank, but she immediately pushes Hank about her father, gets him to lock himself up and speaks to Jemm to say that she can help him get out, much to the dismay of Hank.

Later, Alex tries to battle Jemm solo and while she’s pretty badass with the shooting, it’s gonna take more than that to take him out. Luckily, she has Hank (or some version of him?) to save her. Before we get to that, let’s finish Kara’s story.

After Kara’s heroism success, Kara and James share a moment about the photo he took and how “you don’t need to have powers to be a hero.” We also learn James lost his dad in the Gulf War. Winn interrupts their moment to say he’s hacked into Superman’s DEO file to say a Krypotian version of extreme adrenaline may help Supergirl get her powers back and then runs out. Kara chases after him to calm him down, but Winn reminds her that she’ll never be normal once her powers return.

That’s when it seems an aftershock happens, but it’s not, it’s an explosion in the building and people above them are trapped. So how to save them? Elevator shaft! James climbs the shaft to help the people above and then gets stuck on a cord that breaks and luckily, that’s the adrenaline rush Supergirl needed to save him. With that, Supergirl goes to save kids on a school bus, and puts out a fire all while Lord looks on. Supergirl later tells Cat that she inspired her today and while on a happiness high, she’s caught by Astra’s henchman. Yup, Astra’s back!

OK back to Hank. He tells Alex she can’t tell anyone what he’s about to tell her. And with that we get the real story of what happened with Jeremiah Danvers and the real Hank Henshaw. Danvers and Henshaw died while pursuing an alien they tracked to Peru. They were sent to terminate him, but Danvers realized the alien was a refugee like Supergirl and a good guy. While Danvers tried to stop the mission, Henshaw’s obsession got the better of him, so Danvers gave his life to save that alien; he died a hero. So that alien, well he’s Henshaw because he’s a shape shifter and returned to reform the DEO. The alien made a promise to Danvers to take care of Alex and that’s why he recruited her to protect her.

Who is this alien? He’s the soul survivor of his planet, the last son of Mars. He’s J’Onn J’Onzz!

So what do you think? Did you guess that Hank was J’Onn J’Onzz? I didn’t, but I’m excited to see how this news affects Alex. Are you excited Astra’s back? Next week is the winter finale so it should be a good one. Share your TwoCents below.

Next week: Hostile Takeover

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