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Supergirl – Recap & Review – Distant Sun

Distant Sun

Original Air Date: Mar 27, 2017

Jules – Managing Editor

Last week’s Supergirl episode ended with Mon-El tells his parents he will not go back to Daxam as Prince while Kara broke up with Mon-El and then got whammied by the Music Meister. That storyline continued on The Flash where Kara eventually woke to Mon-El’s true love’s kiss and the pair reunited.

This week’s episode starts with happy reunited couple and turns bad when Supergirl battles and alien in the middoe of town. He’s no regualr alien though apparently. He’s a bounty alien – someone’s put a massive bounty on Supergirl, causing J’onn to tell her to lie low for awhile for the public safety of the City.

Meanwhile, Madam President is back telling J’onn to err on the side of caution with the Daxamite warship and to not engage with it for fear of an intergalactic war starting.

Mon-El is off visiting his parents as he suspects them as the culprits of the bounty. They both deny it and also are entertaining learning of his job as a “servant” aka “mixologist,” a noble profession according to Mon-El.

Supergirl does not do well laying low for any sort of time, even with James and and Winn trying to entertain her with board games. When Mon-El arrives telling about his visits with his parents, he’s soon mind controlled by an alien outside, freezes up and then pushes Kara out the window. Winn has a device that will go off for mind control device near by, so he deals with that while Kara and Mon-El have the most awkward fighting experience and Guardian tries to intervene. Nothing works until Winn goes after alien with a stapler (as a gun). Ha!

Winn nicknames him “Creepy McGee” and the telepath eventually reveals via J’onn mind-reading that the person who called the bounty was a Daxamite. Winn says that he may be able to break into the warship, but J’onn reveals his orders from the President to not do anything with ship for fear of intergalactic war.

Supergirl and Mon-El invite Mon-El’s mom to Fortress of Solitude to confront her about the bounty. She says that he can’t dictate their relationship. Supergirl tries to reason with Rhea who then attacks her with some Kryptonite daggers. To spare Supergirl’s life, Mon-El says he’ll go back to Daxam and be Prince to make it stop. Just like that, he’s beamed back to the warship. Mon-El asks for the bounty to be called off, which Rhea does. It seems it was all Rhea’s idea and not Lar Gand at all so she could get back her son. Mon-El tries to convince dad about the changes we wants for Daxam, while hearing this, Rhea locks up her son for the four year journey back to their planet.

Supergirl fights back to engage with warship to get Mon-El back despite the strict orders from the President not to. J’onn eventually caves to the idea and the plan is executed to get Mon-El back. J’onn as Kara is beaned up to the ship and fights past the guards and kryptonite. Winn is also beamed up to release Mon-El and hack into the video system so the DEO back home can see what’s happening.

During all the fighting, Mon-El releases a gun to break a hole into the side of the ship. A guard is sucked into the sky, while Mon-El’s parents almost are before the hole closes. Lar Gand asks for all the fighting to stop and Mon-El tells his parents that he’s not going back. Rhea is not happy that Krypton has taken everything from her, including her son.

Back at the DEO, J’onn speaks with the President saying he accepts the actions and the consequences of his decisions to engage the warship. President is not happy and when they get off the video chat, it’s revealed that she’s an alien!!

Elsewhere, Maggie and Alex while out and about and being cute, run into Maggie’x ex Emily. Alex, trying to be all cool with everything invites Emily to dinner with the pair of them. Emily never shows and Alex tracks her down because it looks like the no-show made Maggie upset. In fact, it was Emily who should be upset – Maggie cheated on her and Emily just wants to forget it all. Alex and Maggie heart to heart where Alex tells Maggie that it’s clear she stopped trusting those closest to her and that Maggie doesn’t have to be so guarded with her. And just like that, they are the most reasoning couple around.

Kara and Mon-El now reunited talk about how his dad’s changed to be more hopeful and that there’s hope for Daxam. But is there? In closing moments, Rhea, clearly upset at her husband ends up stabbing him and saying how “You betrayed me, my love” as she heads back to Earth.

So what did you think about the President twist? And Rhea killing her husband? We have to wait a whole month until new episodes, so ponder your thoughts in the comments below and see everyone here in four weeks time.

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