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Supergirl – Recap & Review – Exodus


Original Air Date: Mar 6, 2017

Jules – Managing Editor

This week’s Supergirl follows on last week’s reveal that Jeremiah stole the national alien registry. Now Cadmus is going around abducting aliens with 20 so far having gone missing. So what will the team do now? Everyone has their ideas, but will any work?

Kara’s idea is to get CatCo aka Snapper to publish an article about the abductions, but with so much fake news happening, Snapper wants two sources for every quote and even just one from Supergirl won’t do. Kara suggests Snapper interview Supergirl in person. Snapper is intrigued with the exclusive and goes with it. Unfortunately, the interview doesn’t go very well. Despite Supergirl going on the record to confirm the list and that it was stolen, Snapper wants to know from where was the list stolen and who told her about it and Supergirl won’t confirm any of that. To Snapper, a “half truth is a whole lie” so it’s a no go on the story without all its sources.

Winn says he can get the aliens at the bar, but he’s too wrapped up with Lyra and hey, there’s James! There’s an invasion at the bar, but good thing Alex and Maggie are there too fight the bad guys, but they still get Lyra. Guardian is also able to save Alex from being shot. Alex later lets out all her frustration about her dad on the alien hunter they find.

Later that evening, Jeremiah sneaks into Alex’s apartment saying he betrayed his children to show his loyalty to Cadmus, who is now going to slaughter all the captured aliens unless Alex offers to help him. Alex decides to do it and guess what? It wasn’t Jeremiah…it was J’onn testing her. Alex is now suspended until further notice from the DEO.

Kara doesn’t agree with J’onn’s tactics, but thinks Alex should sit this mission out. Luckily for Alex, Maggie “Ride or Die” Sawyer is on her side. They track down the next alien abduction – their friend Brian, save him and get the information for the GPS and are aale to pinpoint where Cadmus HQ is.

Meanwhile, Kara runs into Lena at CatCo, who convinces her friend to publish her article as a citizen journalist and post it on a blog and tweet the “hell out it.” Lena also offers up her services to see if she has anything to find the missing aliens and if she can find anything left at El-Corp from her mother to provide for a second source for Kara. Lena does an empty building that looks curious and gets Lena’s assistant’s attention, who is actually in Lillian’s pocket. They try to “take care” of Lena, but instead she’s thrown over the ledge, but is saved by Supergirl because Lillian was on the phone with Kara at the time. Lena tells Supergirl where the aliens are while Alex has already figured this out as well. Oh and by now, Kara has released the news about the alien registry being stolen on the blog.

At Cadmus, Alex is captured by her dad and it’s revealed that Lillian is ready to launch all the aliens back into space and there is no override switch. Alex says she’s planted bombs all around the facilities and plans to detonate them all if the launch isn’t stopped. And Alex doesn’t like about these things as she presses a few buttons. Alex asks her Dadto “make this right” and indeed he does. The father/daughter fight off Lillian’s goons, but it’s too late, the launch has started. Jeremiah tries to stop by hacking into the ship, while Alex runs to the ship to try and stop from the inside. Jeremiah also has to battle Cyborg Superman, while Alex has to battle with being trapped inside of it. She makes it inside to unlock Lyra, but they are trapped on the ship that ha now been launched into the atmosphere.

In comes Kara to try and slow the ship down. It takes a sister on sister moment, but it works and ship doesn’t go into the universe.

Kara goes back to work and all her stuff is in a box. She’s fired for posting that story on a competing news source using CatCo resources. Snapper says she was lucky, but that “The rules are there for a reason. To make sure you get the story right.” Worst part? Snapper was rotting for her. I don’t argue this, Kara should be fired for what she did. She knew the consequences.

J’onn apologizes to Alex for his actions and never meant to hurt Alex, he was just protecting her. They made a truce to stop doing things for the wrong reasons. J’onn hope one way we get Jeremiah back. Alex says we will.

Kara and Mon-El spend the night together while she wonders what she’ll do next. “Supergirl is what I can do, Kara is who I am.” Kara hopes that maybe being Supergirl and having Mon-El is enough, but is it?

The episode ends with Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo (!) playing a pair of royals ready to land on Earth…who are they exactly?

I’m not going to spoil anyone here because if you didn’t see the promo for the new episode in two weeks, you may not have guessed who Hatcher and Sorbo are playing. Thoughts about the episode? Where did Jeremiah go? Share your TwoCents below!

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