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Supergirl – Recap & Review – Girl of Steel

Girl of Steel

Original Air Date: Oct 9, 2017

Jules – Senior Managing Editor

Supergirl is back for season three! In case you don’t remember the end of season 2, Kara/Supergirl and team defeated Rhea and got rid of all the Daxamites on Earth, which meant Mon-El was also forced to leave. Alex proposed to Maggie, Cat knows Kara is Supergirl, and Supergirl and Superman weren’t the only ones who were sent to Earth from Krypton – a girl named Reign made it off, too.

We open with a dream that finds Kara in a field with Mon-El and her mom (now played by Erica Durance). In reality, Supergirl is high up National City and comes to her senses when there’s a high speed truck chase that has a high power gun aimed at Alex and Maggie who are in pursuit. Supergirl stops it and fights the guy off, but he ends up getting away, while only the getaway drivers are caught.

This fact is all Supergirl can think about at the DEO. Apparently she’s been in a mood since Mon-El had to leave six months ago. Here we also learn that Maggie and Alex are engaged an that they are doing to do some tastings, but Kara doesn’t want to go.

Elsewhere we meet real estate mogul Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar) who is at a meeting with National City big wigs, including Lena and James. A Girl of Steel statue will soon be unveiled at the waterfront, but Edge is upset about how CatCo has a news bias.

Speaking of CatCo, seems Cat Grant is no longer there. She has a new job as the President’s Press Secretary! And Snapper is on sabbatical, so James is still running the show. Seems the next issue is hinging on Kara getting an exclusive from Supergirl about the statue unveiling and all the crime she’s been able to prevent.

After James tries to give Kara a pep talk, news breaks that Edge wants to buy CatCo. Kara goes to Lena to see if she can help stop it and she agrees to go. Lena then tries to get a hang out with her best friend, but Kara keeps canceling.

The gang of J’onn, Alex, Maggie, Winn, and James gather and discuss how much more time must they give Kara to grieve. Alex confides to Maggie that she really misses her sister and doesn’t want to go wedding activities. Is this Alex pushing Maggie away? I hope not.

Winn traced some of the blood that ended up on Supergirl from the guy that got away. He’s Robert Dubois – ex-military. Kara wants them to learn more, but when they try to get into the military base system, they realize it’s been hacked. Seems DuBois is on the hunt for something. Supergirl goes to the base without backup and is attacked by a cloaked Daxamite ship that also attacks other soldiers. Supergirl stays to help, but her signal is activated, so she leaves.

But the activation was done by James because Kara hasn’t gotten her Supergirl story in yet. Kara’s naturally pissed because Supergirl was doing her job. James notes that Kara’s been slacking and after a quick heated exchange where Kara says that what makes her is Supergirl and Kara quits CatCo.

The military base had a high pressure regulator and the Daxam cloaking device stolen. The DEO team conclude that using what was stolen means they could drop drop a nuke without anyone knowing. All signs point to the statue unveiling as the sight of something happening.

Meanwhile, Lena goes to talk to Edge about CatCo, but he barely changes his mind. Alex and Kara fight after Alex confronts her sister about quitting CatCo. Alex is worried Kara is keeping all her feelings inside, but Kara says she’s not human, so it’s OK and that maybe Kara Danvers was a mistake. It ends with Alex saying “Kara Danvers is my favorite person. She’s saved me more times than Supergirl ever could. So, just think about that while you’re trying to get rid of her.”

Statue unveiling time at the waterfront and time for someone else to talk some sense into Kara. This time it’s J’onn who reminds her that she now has a human heart. At the unveiling, Alex admits to Maggie that she doesn’t want a big wedding because her dad won’t be there to walk her down the aisle. Winn listening in was cute. They also run into mother Samantha (Odette Annabele) and her daughter.

Lena gets the honor of unveiling the Supergirl statue and not soon after, the ground shakes. But what was it? There’s no trail or any visual. That’s when Supergirl realizes that the pressure device that was stolen was meant to use underwater. Just then, another missile hits below them. Supergirl ends up finding the sub and rocks it, but while she has superpowers, one of them isn’t being able to breathe underwater.

The sub fires another missile, but Supergirl isn’t able to stop it before it’s detonated. Above ground, the streets are being split into pieces and one bean traps Samantha’s daughter. When she goes to rescue her, she’s able to get some crazy strength and lift the beam off to save her daughter. Reign is here!

Meanwhile, Kara is drowning and is woken up by a dream Mon-El screaming “Wake up!” Supergirl immediately goes to the missile and pushes it back into the sub and then lifts everything out from the water. Everyone’s saved!

At L-Corp, Lena tells Kara that she wasn’t able to stop Edge from buying CatCo, so she bought it instead. Kara’s stunned, but not as much as when Lena asks her to break the story and Kara has to tell her she quit. Lena admits that she can’t run a new conglomerate without her best friend. Awww! Then Edge shows up, but Kara leaves.

She returns as Supergirl to take care of Edge by leaving him on a barrage in the middle of the ocean and letting him know that she knows he was behind the attack.

Later Alex asks J’onn to walk her down the aisle and it’s the best moment of the episode.

At home, Kara is cleaning and finds some photos of her and Mon-El. Kara decides that it’s finally time to move on, including going back to her CatCo job to help Lena and going to hang out with her sister and friends. We finally even see a Kara smile.

We end with Samantha having a scary dream of Aurora. But why??

Other Moments

  • Cat’s response to a reporter that asked with President Marsden believes in climate change. “Yes, Carl, as a matter of fact she does. She also believes that two plus two equals four, and that the Earth is round, because the President is not a moron.”
  • Winn saying Kara has gone from Little Miss Sunshine to Alex because of her unrelenting seriousness. Alex claims she’s not like that, but it’s kinda true.
  • Under the waterfront it looks like Reign’s spaceship has been unearthed, which means her powers activated? 
  • After asking J’onn to walk her down the aisle, Alex asks him not to cry, because she will  cry and everyone will know that “we actually can cry.” LOL

What do you think? Share your thoughts below!

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