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Supergirl – Recap & Review – Homecoming


Original Air Date: Feb 27, 2017

Jules – Managing Editor

After last week’s ending, Kara and Mon-El are now officially an item. Kara wants to keep it hush hush for now, but Mon-El, well…he can’t keep secrets. Apparently it’s in his blood though.

He lasts a pathetic ten seconds before he tells the entire DEO that he and Kara are a thing. Apparently in Daxom, they would throw parties when people got together. That’s when J’onn breaks the news that since Kara and Mon-El are also co-workers, they must fill out some paperwork and Alex giddily tells them they also have to take a mandatory sexual harassment training.

The DEO then gets a signal that Cadmus is moving a weapon so Supergirl and J’onn go to interrupt it and what do they find? More like a who. It’s Jeremiah! Chained up and worse for wear, but indeed it’s him!

Jeremiah arrives back at the DEO and tells them about what happened that fateful day and how he was asked to keep Henshaw alive and that he did such a great job that they kept him around. Jeremiah hopes that helping Cadmus also helped keep Alex and Kara alive. From the last time Kara saw Jeremiah, it seems his hand’s been seriously damaged – punishment he received to help Mon-El and Kara escape.

Jeremiah also lets them know that Cadmus built a nuclear fusion explosive using Kara’s heat vision from when she was in their custody last. He thinks they will detonate and then blame on all the aliens. Winn’s reaction when he’s explained all this was priceless.

Jeremiah and Eliza reunion was nice, but not as enthusiastic as one would have hoped.

Mon-El questions what Jeremiah has told them and how easy it was to even find him and thinks he’s using them. Kara instead wants everyone to be happy with Jeremiah’s return. So of course a family dinner is in tow. Jeremiah’s happy reaction to Alex and Maggie was cute, but not as much as how giddy Kara was with Alex on how Jeremiah was nice about the relationship. During the dinner Eliza questions her years apart with Jeremiah and that they must learn each other again and move forward.

Aldo during dinner Jeremiah asks J’onn that he’d like to return to the DEO formally and pending a full psych eval, J’onn is all for it. This doesn’t sit well with Mon-El, so much so that he causes a scene at the dinner after Kara asks him to say something nice and he can’t. It all ends with Kara kicking him out of the dinner. Jeremiah is the one to walk Mon-El out and when they are in the hallway, Jeremiah tells him that “I know who you are and I doubt Kara will like the truth.” Ooo, intrigue!

Mon-El tells Winn about his theory that Cadmus wanted them to find Jeremiah and to watch him until they learn what he’s been doing for all that time locked up. Winn agrees to help him, but only if Mon-El can do him a favor. Winn wants Mon-El to be good to Kara.

While giving Jeremiah a tour, J’onn says he was first human to treat him as equal and then gives him the key to the med-day and familiarize himself with everything inside. Jeremiah immediately goes inside and uses the computer easily and Winn sees it. Winn tells Kara that Jeremiah tried to break into the DEO mainframe and it looks like he may be spying on them. Apparently Jeremiah was just looking up old case files to see what his daughters have been up, too. Alex is not impressed when she learns and Kara explains she trusts Jeremiah, but not Cadmus.

While this happens, Winn continues to scan for the nuclear device, but nothing is showing up until it does. The DEO team head to an empty warehouse, but they were just played. Back at the DEO, J’onn can’t read Jeremiah’s mind. Also not good. J’onn keeps asking Jeremiah “What have you done?” and Jeremiah did what he had, too. Oh and his hand – not nerve damage, it’s now bionic. Did no one bother to X-ray him?

Jeremiah and J’onn duke it out awhile as he puts a device on the computer to capture information and when it’s done he shoots up the computers and flees. Alex is not happy to learn this turn of events. Seems all may be lost, but guess what? Winn put a tracked on Jeremiah after he was knocked out by him.

Jeremiah meets up with bionic Superman and Lillian and it’s another set up for Supergirl and Alex. They blow up a bridge that a train travels on that takes Supergirl away, while bionic Superman knocks down a tree as Jeremiah runs away. Alex has the opportunity to take own her father, but she can’t do it.

So for now, Jeremiah gets away and Mon-El and Kara appear to make up. And that intel Jeremiah took? It was the entire national alien registry. That’s not good. Also it appears Jeremiah made some deal with Lillian as the episode ends with her saying “Soon the earth will be free. Forever.”

What does that mean? I knew Jeremiah wasn’t going to be good, but still, it made me a little sad inside. Can’t wait to see what’s next. What did you think?

Next Episode: Exodus

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