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Supergirl – Recap & Review – Luthors


Original Air Date: Feb 13, 2017

Jules – Managing Editor

Supergirl managed to drop a major reveal in the first 10 minutes of the Luthor-centric episode and it was a doozy. We also see the return of a big-bad and another cliffhanger ending!

The episode opens with 20 years ago, when Lillian Luther is introduced to her new adopted daughter Lena via her husband Lionel. In present day, Lillian is standing trial and Kara who is likely Lena’s only friend, convinces her to visit her mother in prison. Lena goes and gets a shocker from Lillian – she really is a Luthor! Seems Lionel was having an affair and when this woman died, Lena was just four and instead of putting her into the system, the Luthors adopted young Lena.

In prison, Metallo gets a special kryptonite package. How did the guards not check this? So the next day when Metallo’s on the witness stand, he never finishes his testimony as he starts blasting the room with his green chest. Lillian just sits back and watches and she and Metallo escape.

It all goes downhill from now for Lena. The police keep finding evidence to show that Lena helped Metallo escape, from a doctored video to Lena being the only visitor to the prison that night. So Maggie arrests Lena, while it’s just Kara who is standing up for Lena because they are friends after all. Not even James will take Kara’s side on this as he and the team at CatCo “crash” the latest issue (an industry term meaning re-do their main story) to focus on Lena. Kara continues to fight for Lena’s innocence, while James just wants Kara to trust him, especially what happened with Clark and his friendship with Lex.

At the prison where Lena is, Metallo goes in get her out, but it first met by Guardian. Later Lillian uses Supergirl’s weakness against her, forcing her to save the town and letting herself, Metallo and Lena go. Where the group goes is to some hideout of Lex’s that Lillian can’t breach the heart of without her daughter. By now Lillian tries to convince her daughter to join Cadmus and that will allow Lillian to be the mom Lena always wanted as they are the last remaining Luthors. Lena resists the forcing the hand, but Cyborg Superman helps out and the inside has everything Lillian could ever want to rid Earth of all aliens.

By now the DEO team has figured out that the video showing Lillian taking the synthetic kryptonite we know to be fake. The real video? It’s Cyborg Superman doing the dirty work. They also have discovered that Metallo’s kryptonite is decaying and that he could explode at any minute. In an effort to save Lena, Supergirl heads to this secret hiding spot.

Supegirl barely arrives on time and to be met by one of Lex’s new toys that cripples her. Metallo won’t listen to her insistence something bad will happen soon. J’onn arrives to help out while Lillian and Cyborg manage to escape. While J’onn, Supergirl and Lena manage to escape just in the nick of time before Metallo blew.

James admits to Kara that she was right about Lena and they agree to stop trying to protect one another and just be friends. Seems Lillian and Cyborg may have gotten away via helicopter Lena and Kara share at nice moment at episode end, especially with Lena praising Kara for standing with her because she never had that.

Elsewhere in the episode Alex introduces Maggie to the entire group and everyone seems pretty happy about it. I loved J’onn’s reaction the most – Of course I knew, I’m psychic. Ha!

Mon-El claims his relationship is going well with Eve, but when Kara talks to Eve about dating “Mike,” she says that all he did was talk about Kara the entire time. It’s clear Mon-El still have feelings when he shows up at Kara’s apartment. Kara’s come to the realization that maybe she can have it all and the pair go in for kiss when they are interrupted by one Mr. Mxyzptlk who says he loves Kara! What?

So what did you think of this Luthor-centric episode? Share your TwoCents below!

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