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Supergirl – Recap & Review – Nevertheless, She Persisted

Nevertheless, She Persisted

Original Air Date: May 22, 2017

Jules – Managing Editor

It’s the season two finale and it doesn’t disappoint with a major battle and a lot at stake for all involved.

We open where we left off with Superman attacking Supergirl. He says he’s fighting for his planet and his people. This makes no sense. And it shouldn’t. Rhea is using silver kryptonite on Superman that can be used for manipulation, so instead of seeing his cousin he sees his mortal enemy – Zod. And Superman will go all the way to protect his planet.

It’s an epic opening battle between the cousins in the middle of town, in water, in front of Alex and Maggie as Supergirl desperately asks her cousin to fight the silver kryptonite powers. Supergirl is ultimately able to get the last major uppercut blow before passing out into the arms of Alex.

We then see Kara and Mon-El in bed talking about her necklace from her mom. It’s just a dream thought as Supergirl wakes up in the Fortress of Solitude, where Superman is as well with a waiting Alex. Superman realizes he was beat by his cousin because he never lost his strength from the silver kryptonite. They look for a way to defeat Rhea and what they find is “Dakam Ore” a fight to the death tradition. Supergirl invokes the sacred oath of a one on one battle against Rhea, who accepts challenge. Supergirl wins, Daxam invasion ends. Rhea wins, nation and planet is Daxams. Mon-El naturally hates the idea, but wants to stand by Supergirl’s side.

First thing’s first, the battle has turned into a PR nightmare that needs to be handled. J’onn – now awake after a vision of M’gann – has Kara and Clark go to Cat to get it all sorted out so there isn’t an audience of civilians when Supergirl and Rhea battle. Kara tells Cat that Supergirl has promised them an exclusive as long as they put down the sensation of the battle because Supergirl doesn’t want anyone showing up and getting hurt. Cat makes the deal.

Meanwhile, Lillian presents Lena with a Lex device that was meant to get rid of Superman, but maybe it can be used to save the planet now. They present the failsafe idea to Supergirl and Superman with Lena saying she can convert it to release lead into the atmosphere so it becomes toxic to Daxamites so if they stay, they die or they leave forever. Even Mon-El would have to leave. Lena knows he’s dating Kara, but Supergirl gets Lena to start working on it. Supergirl tells the DEO team and Mon-El supports its use, but Supergirl insists it would not come to it as she will win. Supergirl and Superman spar in preparation, while we learn Mon-El may last a bit longer once it’s released because he’s been exposed to the Earth’s yellow sun for so long.

Battle time! Supergirl and Rhea meet. Each have moral support. They reiterate the agreements. And for the Earth and they fight. After Rhea gets the first knock down, the Daxam forces start destroying the City. Rhea is not playing by the rules. No worries. Superman and J’onn head out to fight because “Stronger Together.” Mon-El heads out too to “be a hero” and is “sorry not sorry” to take down his own people. He needs a uniform now! M’gann soon arrives as well, with her White Martian friends in tow, all on Earth’s side.

Rhea now looks to have an upper hand as her hand has been laced with kryptonite and she’s taking Kara down while Lena and Lillian work on the device with Winn helping out. When Lena’s done, Lillian can’t wait to activate the device, but surprise! Lena gave Supergirl the remote so only she can turn it on when she’s ready.

Rhea wants to destroy city after city until the whole world is gone. Supergirl looks defeated, but relays this is her home and knocks Rhea out, who says that it doesn’t matter if she lives or dies as her people will keep coming. Daxam has invaded all buildings and by now Mon-El has returned and nods indicating it’s time. With that, Supergirl pushes the button with a curious Rhea looking on. With that, the Daxams are taken down and they leave, while Rhea stays – making one last plea for help from Mon-El – before turning into stone and disintegrating. Bye Rhea, we won’t miss you!

With the entire atmosphere impacted, Mon-El doesn’t have much time left. Supergirl makes a final request as there’s nothing else she can do to help Mon-El but get him off the planet. Alex gets the pod and Mon-El and Kara say their very tearful goodbyes. “Wherever I go, I’m going to be better because of you. You’ll be in my heart.” With that, Kara gives him her mother’s necklace and to keep it safe. They say their “I love yous” and then Mon-El goes, both with tears in their eyes.

We learn M’gann came to Earth because she felt his mind. They kiss and it’s great to see her back.

Kara and Alex have a heart-to-heart, too where Kara tells her sis to never let Maggie go. And Alex takes that literally as she asks Maggie to marry her. She even says please! We don’t get a real response, but Maggie’s smile makes us realize it can’t be a no I hope.

Finally, Kara later meets up with Cat where she tells her about how she really loved someone and then it didn’t work and that maybe love is just not in the cards for her. Cat gives Kara some final advice women have the guts to be vulnerable and can feel the deep emotions and still make it to the other side. She says Kara’s mae great waves this year and is on a “heroes journey.” With that Kara says she has to go do something and after she leaves, Cat says “Go get ’em Supergirl!” OMG! Cat knows! Kara had to have heard that right? Super hearing?

Supergirl flies off with Idina Menzel’s “Small World” playing and the lyrics are perfect for this montage of Supergirl flying into space as Mon-El is sucked into another dimension. “Goodbye, gravity/Goodbye, enemies/I’m going up to a place where the world is small/Where I can fly above it all.”

In the close, we go back to 35 years ago, the day Krypton died. Seems Kal-El and Kara weren’t the only others to have left Krypton. There was a baby that will grow strong on Earth and then it will “Reign!”

Other Moments

  • Winn being in awe of Superman (again).
  • Mon-El introducing himself to Superman as Mon-El of Daxa, but not of the “kill-y” Daxams. Haha
  • Cat saying how she thinks Clark without glasses must be a tiger in bed and Kara says under her breathe she hopes Rhea kills her. Ha!
  • Winn’s “I don’t like you” to Lillian and her subsequent reaction.
  • Two meta references related to Calista Flockhart. First was her saying “I’ve never seen Star Wars.” In real life she’s married to Harrison Ford aka Han Solo. Second was Cat saying she could have been married five times, but she turned down Rob Lowe’s proposal twice. Flockhart and Lowe played a married couple on Brothers and Sisters – a Berlandi produced series.

Great finale with lots of emotion and surprises. Plus, could there have been more political references in an episode from the title to “Stronger Together” mention? Can’t wait for season three. Share your thoughts on the season below!

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