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Supergirl – Recap & Review – Reign


Original Air Date: Dec 4, 2017

Jules – Senior Managing Editor

It’s fall finale time and after a week straying into the Arrowverse, Supergirl returns to how we ended two weeks ago: Reign coming into power and Mon-El revealing he’s married.

While Kara tries to move on from what’s going on with Mon-El, she hosts a holiday party where we learn a little more about J’onn, see a potential romance start, and Kara, Sam, and Lena admit to one another that they are best friends and couldn’t get through the past year without one another.

During the party, J’onn gets a call that takes him and Supergirl to an L-Corp piece of land where a Kryptonian symbol has been burned into the ground. Kara recognizes it as something she saw on a field trip to Kryptonian ruins, so she asks her hologram mom about it. All mom can reveal is that it’s a glyph that originated from on the Kryptonian continent where life began, well before the gods decided to focus on Rao. And now these symbols are appearing all over the City. James needs his CatCo reporters to cover it, while Lena thinks it’s Morgan Edge’s doing and goes to face him about it.

Meanwhile, Kara gets called away to the Albatross Bay Facility where Thomas Coville (aka Chad Lowe prophet guy from a few episodes back) seems to have way more answers than anyone else saying that the end of says is coming and that the mark is of a dark God, the devil, the “World Killer.” Coville says that he spent two years traveling to learn about Rao and he met a disgraced Kryptonian Priestess from Fort Rozz that told him about the God before Rao, “a Lilith made of darkness and teeth who ends everything.” He also says there are three steps leading to the end of days. Mark of the beast. Then work of the beast (making lots of death) and finally, the reign of beast. When SHE comes. World Killer who will bring about the end of time. Coville says Supergirl’s purpose is to fight the devil because her rise will come at the fall of the righteous and Supergirl must stand to fight her. While we know who “she” is, Kara’s still very skeptical.

No sooner we learn this, when we see Reign in action, taking out all the members of a local street gang with her heat vision at the docks. Not too far from where Edge hires someone to take down Lena, although he claims it was the same person who’s been putting up the symbols. When Sam is shown info about Edge, she tries to take him down as Reign at his offices, but Edge hides behind a lead-lined wall. He then holds a press conference more or less pins his attach on Supergirl.

Not wanting to wait any longer, Supergirl burns her own symbol onto the roof of CatCo to draw Reign out. Luckily it works and Reign is waiting for her on the roof. Before Kara leaves, Alex tells her to be cold, that this villain scares her and that she wants Kara to be alien.

Supergirl meets Reign on the roof and then ensue on one epic battle that takes them to the inside of an Office Christmas Party, on a ship/tanker, throwing cars, and eventually on a street, where Reign is taking big blows to Supergirl that is getting her really bloody, yes, bloody. Reign seems to be unfazed by all the attack backs, while all I wonder is where is J’onn or Superman? There’s one final head butt blow to Supergirl, a swipe by Reign of Supergirl’s feet with a car door and then dropping Supergirl from atop a building to the ground below (after saying she’s truth, judgement and death). A scene that looked awfully similar to something last week. This time, no one is there to save Supergirl.

James and Lena have been looking on in shock as Alex rushes to the scene and Kara is taken to be revived at the DEO while all her friends watch on.

The episode ends with an excited Ruby ready to celebrate Christmas, rushing downstairs to wish her mom Merry Christmas, and what she finds is her mom, in black, standing and starring out the window. She goes to turn around at the call of her daughter, but then we fade to credits. What?

Stray Observations

So James and Lena are a thing now? They spent much of the episode together, chasing down leads and even saw James save Lena from Edge’s bad guys with Guardian’s shield. I was kind of surprised since their interactions earlier this season seemed like they both didn’t like each other too much, but opposites attract? This only brings into question…how long until Lena learns Kara is Supergirl? I did like how Kara and Sam both noticed that something was going on between the two.

I felt really bad for Kara seeing so much of Mon-El and Imra being so cutesy together, especially the ribs. Imra tried to rectify by saying she knows Mon-El and Kara were a thing, but it didn’t work. Kara tells Mon-El later seeing him is the worst because he’s here, but with no love in his eyes for her.

Mon-El explains the future and that there’s constant conflict and using Kara as an example, he formed “The Legion” to keep peace. Then his team’s ship was knocked into a wormhole and crashed into Earth 12,000 years ago. They went into cryosleep, but the torpedo from the premiere woke him up and here they are.

J’onn obsessed with Hall and Oats’ Jingle Bell Rock and names The Empire Strikes Back as his best movie sequel.

M’rynn love hot chocolate, calling it the superior “brown water.”

Ruby grilling Alex with Supergirl questions and then later mom gifting her a necklace with the Kryptonian emblem.

So what did you think of the finale? I think it was pretty solid and I can’t believe we ended on a cliffhanger, but seeing the bond with Ruby and Alex tonight, I hope it means more of that since we know Sam won’t be the great mom Ruby sees her as much longer. Also, Sam has no recollection of the things she does or how she even became Reign, but hopefully that lapse in time will be explained and soon.

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