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Supergirl – Recap & Review – Resist


Original Air Date: May 15, 2017

Jules – Managing Editor

Undoubtedly one of the best episode of the season and not because Calista Flockhart returned (ok, that was part of it), but it really hit on the name of the episode (Resist!) and showed strong female empowerment. Plus, so much happened, I want to be able to cover it all.

Daxamite Invasion
We left off last week withe Rhea and her Daxamites invading National City. Lena was knocked out and beamed up to the spaceship (and now wearing a black floor length dress) with Rhea, who wants her to preside over the new world (New Daxam) they will create. Rhea soon beams her visage to Earth saying that she is their new queen and her new subjects should obey her as Daxamite soldiers shoot up the NCPD and take down the DEO. Supergirl heads to the DEO and is just fast enough to save Alex who leaps off the building shooting away. Mon-El is on the mothership too and Rhea has arranged for her son to marry the only worthy Earth-being – Lena Luthor of course. The pair each resist this pairing, but after Rhea threatens the innocent at Luther Children’s Hospital, the pair begrudgingly agree. Also, did you know Lena can produce an heir just from their locks of hair?

New HQ
With the DEO HQ out of commission and it being Independence Day outside, the team set up shop at the alien dive bar. With J’onn still out comatose, Alex is now in charge of the DEO. Lillian Luthor soon arrives in hopes to team up with Supergirl to get her daughter back. Alex and James adamantly say no and believe they can rescue their friends themselves, so that’s it for now, but Lilian holds out hope with Supergirl as we know two of her loved ones are on the ship.

Strong Women Resist
President Olivia Marsdin beams a communication with Rhea demanding her to evacuate National City because Air Force One is headed towards her right now. In the middle of their verbal fight, who should come out from behind doors on Air Force One but Cat Grant aka Queen of all Media. She spews some great lines about being strong women and tough and just talk peace already and how the future is female. She also says if she can broker a deal between Kanye and Taylor Swift, this should be a piece of cake. Oh how we missed you Ms. Grant. Also, Rhea’s not impressed and wants Cat killed. So Rhea calls off the conversation and then attacks Air Force One. Cat is sucked out of the pane into the sky, but Supergirl knew it was going to happen and saves her. The plane is blown up and the President is dead, but wait…she’s an alien, so yup, she’s fine and reveals her identity to Cat and Supergirl. Loved Cat’s dead pan reaction to the revelation, “At least tell me you’re still a Democrat.”

Supergirl brings Cat and the President back to the Diver Bar HQ. We learn that Marsdin was Cat’s RA at Radcliffe.
The rest of the group learns that the President is an alien and Marsdin reveals that she was born on Durla and was one of the few to have escaped her planet. Marsdin wants Alex to break into the DEO and steal the positron cannon to take down the Daxam mothership. Supergirl doesn’t like the idea and while Alex understands, she must comply with Presidential orders.

Supergirl and Cat
Supergirl needs air to think about what’s going to happen next and it leads us to a great Supergirl/Cat chat that has been missing this season. Supergirl thinks it’s selfish wanting to get her friends back, but Cat responds that it’s not, it’s “human.” Cat says she left National City because she wasn’t happy and asked Siri where the happiest place was. It was Bhutan. There she found out the secret to happiness is human connection. “It’s not about what you do, it’s about who you love.” Wanting to rescue is not selfish, it’s everything. So with that, Supergirl flies straight to Lillian for assistance.

Supergirl’s Plan
Plan is to use Superman’s Phantom Zone projector to beam them on board of the ship with hep from Hank’s supercore to get them on board undetected. But they need a distraction. In comes Cat who want to help because she’s great at distractions and just needs Winn’s assistance. When Cat and Winn go to CatCo to set up for the distraction, I loved Winn’s response to Cat’s question of where James and Kara are. Winn stammers and ends up calling them both cowards to explain their absence.

Plan in Action
Back on the mothership, it’s nuptual time. Lena is wearing a gorgeous red dress while her and Mon-El have the best disguist look on their faces as Lena marries them. Before they can officially marry, Cat beans herself to give a great message to National City. She calls Rhea “tiara woman,” while telling everyone that despite feeling afraid that they do have a job at the moment and that it’s to resist with everything you’ve got and to fight back and be the superhero. “They promise to make our world great again, and yet they know nothing about the people who make this world great.” She ends it with “I’m Cat Grant. Not going anywhere.” Winn’s reaction, “Classic.” Soon after message is over, they are attacked by Daxamite soldiers, but Guardian is there to take them down with Winn’s space astham. When it’s all over Cat thanks James, who says he’s Guardian. Cat’s response, “I can see your eyes right through the slits.” So she can see his eyes, but not through Kara’s glasses?

On the mothership, Mon-El and Lena are escorted to their chambers when Mon-El picks a fight with a guard. Enjoyed Mon-El trying to take down a soldier with his hands, but Lena takes him out with a gun. Lena then uses her tiara to break free while Mon-El says he understands why Kara loves her and Lena replies “Likewise” in a cute moment which leads right into them reuniting with Supergirl! Supergirl and Mon-El contain their excitement, while Lena is surprised her mother came. They ready to go back, but Lillian beats Supergirl to it and takes herself, Lena and Hank back to the Fortress, leaving Mon-El and Supergirl on the mothership to die because she tells Alex it’s safe to fire the cannon.

By now Alex and Maggie have broken into the DEO and at the cannon while Maggie realizes the pair first met when the President was in town last and now they are taking orders from the President.

No worries about Supergirl and Mon-El because she came prepared for the betrayal and Winn made a remote to turn the projector back on to beam them back. Only thing is that Supergirl doesn’t plan on going back. She sends Mon-El back, let’s everyone know Supergirl is still on the ship, who goes face to face with Rhea. Here Rhea admits to killing her husband and then Supergirl is knocked to the ground by Superman! On Earth, Alex struggles with what to do and then the cannon goes off before she can release it.

Also to note, Supergirl asks Lillian why she never told Lena about her real identity. Apparently, she wants Lena to find out on her own and hate her later.

So what did you think? I miss Cat Grant a lot, so it was great to have her back. It was all about women this week and it was awesome. Can’t wait for the season finale next week!

Next Episode: Nevertheless, She Persisted

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