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Supergirl – Recap & Review – Star-Crossed


Original Air Date: Mar 20, 2017

Jules – Managing Editor

Supergirl is back and what we learn this week is that no one is as they seem. While Kara enjoys her “fun-employment” with Mon-El an electronic transmission on all National City screens asking for the release of Mon-El of Daxam otherwise they will take him by force.

The DEO figure out there is a new aircraft in sight and Supergirl goes to check it out. She’s soon met with some missiles, an aircraft protected by a force field and a bubble dragging her back to Earth that Supergirl’s just barely able to escape. Just before Kara is attacked with more missiles, Mon-El finally says he will relinquish himself.

Mon-El beams up to the aircraft, but not before Kara decides to go with him last minute. There Supergirl is introduced to Mon-El’s parents – King Lar Gand and Queen Rhea (played by Kevin Sorbo and Teri Hatcher respectively), making Mon-El crowned Prince of Daxam. Supergirl is shocked. Us audience folks, not so much.

After learning this truth, Kara is thrown into a mix of emotions. She endures a family dinner with the parents and it’s anything but fun. We did learn how Mon-El escaped Daxam. Mon-El’s guard woke him up while in bed with a woman and the same guard killed a Kryptonian so Mon-El could steal a pod to escape the crumbling planet. After hearing this Kara leaves to go back home.

Speaking of home, Winn’s in some trouble and when he’s stressed he likes to eat donuts. Maggie’s called him into the police and it’s because the night before Winn and Lyra broke into the local art museum. That’s just not it though, it seems Van Gogh’s Starry Night is missing, too. And in the video from the museum, the only one present is Winn. Looks like Lyra has been playing him because it seems her kind are not visible on video cameras. Alex gets Maggie to release Winn to their custody for 24 hours to they can figure it all out. Maggie agrees.

Alex finds a pattern of missing art pieces where guys said their girlfriend set them up. Kara is ready to go full steam again on this new baddie, especially now that Guardian is back, too. While Alex tries to convince Kara to give Mon-El a second chance, Rhea shows up at the DEO and asks to speak with Kara. Rhea tells Kara to speak to Mon-El so he will talk to them so that Mon-El can be the face of the future of Daxam and unite the whole country since Kryptonians are so unforgiving.

Meanwhile, Winn, James and Alex go to the bar to get intel about Lyra’s whereabouts, which they get from a fellow alien in exchange for Hamilton tickets (don’t worry, Alex knows the guy who plays King George and he owes her a favor). The group soon find Lyra at a remote trailer and she tells Winn that he was just a mark all along, upsetting Winn greatly. It seems Lyra’s brother was in trouble with a local alien gang and to pay id debt, she had to hand over some stolen artwork.

Winn comes up with a plan to give the artwork back to the fence (a former Fort Roz resident) and get Lyra’s brother back. There are tense moments when Guardian is almost beaten to the pulp, but the DEO step in at the last minute and arrested all the alien gang members and Lyra and her brother are reunited. No one ends up serving any police time and it seems Lyra and Winn may still be a thing. When Kara questions Winn about still being with Lyra even though she lied to him, Winn says he sees the good in her and tells Kara that whatever is going on between her and Mon-El, she should see if his reasons for lying are good enough with her.

While the team does battled an alien gang, Kara talked to Mon-El to convince him of his second chance and to talk to his parents since he found out he’s not the last Daxamite alive. What happens next is Mon-El giving a great monologue to try and win Kara back saying how he was once spoiled and useless, but that he didn’t know until he met Kara. “I love being a hero because it means I get to spend every single day by your side. I love the way you’re honest to a fault. And the way that you fight for those you care for. And I love you. With everything that I have, I love you.” Mon-El apologizes for lying, but it’s not enough. Kara says it’s over and tells Mon-El to leave.

With that Mon-El returns to his parents, but not to be Prince. He says he’s done and he knows what kind of person he wants to be and just wants his parents to leave and not come back.

Throw in a short scene about Winn saying he’d get along great with Cisco and a portal opening device he gives to Kara, the episode ends with the introduction of the Music Meister (played by Darren Criss) who hypnotizes Supergirl who passes out and is sent to an alternate world where it seems she’s in an old-time movie musical while the Meister goes to hunt down the “fastest man alive.”

And it’s another “To Be Continued” as the episode continues over on Tuesday night’s musical crossover of The Flash.

So what did you think? Were there enough musical references in one episode (Mon-El also said he wanted to watch some while on fun-employment) to get us ready for tomorrow’s episode. Who’s excited about that? What will happen with Mon-El and his parents? Share your TwoCents below and catch up tomorrow for The Flash and some singing!

Next Week: Distant Sun

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