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Supernatural – Recap & Review – There Will Be Blood

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There Will Be Blood

Original Air Date: May 11, 2012

Alyssa Silva – Associate Staff Writer

Last week on Supernatural the Winchesters found themselves acquainted with Kevin of Advance Placement, who turned out to be a prophet after a freak lightning strike. Kevin translated the Word of God (the tablet that Dick wanted in Dungeons & Dragons) while Castiel’s return to the world of the sane left him a few marbles short of giving a damn. The translation revealed a weapon that could kill the Leviathan, a bone of a righteous man bathed in three kinds of blood.

This episode saw the Winchesters faced with an Alpha vs Leviathan smackdown and the realization that Bobby has spun out of control. Dean’s hatred of Dick Roman also grows when the Leviathan boss targets high-fructose corn syrup – namely the one thing that is in everything worth eating.

The weapon

We got a few more hints on how to eradicate the Leviathan from Kevin’s translation and Bobby. The bone needed has to be sourced from someone as light as the Leviathan are dark. This, for me, seems to rule out Dean who Castiel called a righteous man way back in Season Four. While Dean might be a force of good, there is definitely darkness lurking around inside his soul. The three blood types required are blood from a fallen angel (Castiel happily supplied this last week), blood from Crowley (when summoned told the Winchesters that he would happily provide his blood once they had gathered the rest of the ingredients, and the blood of an Alpha. The Winchesters are told by Crowley that the Alpha vamp Gramps Winchester had captured managed to stage a prison break before Castiel’s nuclear soul stunt and sends them off to Montana to confront him.
Dick and Sucrocrop

Dick’s sudden interest in corn syrup was hinted at last week, and this week saw him confirming what we already know – the syrup makes the humans complacent for the Leviathan, turning us into slaves happy to be picked off like mains at a restaurant. Dean isn’t too happy that he now has to resort to eating “rabbit food” – fruits, veggies and water – considering that the road food he usually consumes would make him a mindless Leviathan drone. There is a side effect to the syrup though for those creatures that aren’t human or Leviathan – apparently the syrup makes human blood fatally toxic to vampires, shifters, werewolves and the like.

Dick also has the translation that the Winchesters have access to thanks to kidnapping Kevin, and holding the boy’s mother hostage. At the end of the episode Crowley is summoned by Dick for a chat

Alpha vs Leviathan = FIGHT! (or not)

The Winchesters attempt to level with the Alpha once Sam appeals to Dean’s rational side. The last time someone had tried to take down an Alpha there were at least twelve hunters, and not all of them made it back. They happen upon the Alpha’s lair thanks to a girl called Emily, who made herself out to be a prize candidate for Stockholm Syndrome, only to refer to the Alpha as Daddy rather than the man who kidnapped her when she was eight. Sam and Dean attempt to appeal to the Alpha by pointing out that the plague befalling his vampires was actually Dick’s syrup, only to discover that the Alpha was actually in league with the Leviathan. This, of course, doesn’t last long once Edgar arrives at the mansion as well. The Alpha is incensed and a scuffle ensues (I know, my headline was as misleading as I was disappointed that no epic fight actually occurred), only for Dean to behead Edgar before he could kill the Alpha. The Alpha reluctantly gives the Winchesters his blood, telling them that he would “see them next season.”

Does this mean the Leviathan storyline will actually get wrapped up, no matter how patchy and haphazard it has been? Now that Jeremy Carver has taken the helm hopefully he will tie this up and start afresh, or somehow ground the Leviathan storyline the way Gamble did not in Season Eight.


This was the worrying part. His possession of the motel maid and his increasing powers due to his hatred of Dick have put the Winchesters into a corner. If this were any other ghost they would have hunted him and dealt with the problem. But because this is Bobby, the closest thing they have to a father, neither brother is sure what to do. Sam has flip flopped – first he thought Bobby could be an asset, only to change his mind when confronted with Bobby’s vengeful spirit – while I think Dean sincerely doesn’t want to make the decision unless he’s absolutely forced to do so. While we know he’s disappointed Bobby didn’t move on, Dean’s attachment to Bobby surpasses Sam. Now that Bobby has possessed someone and taken his flask with him, leaving the Winchesters with no clue as to where he’s going, Dean and Sam have to face the reality that Bobby might soon be more of an enemy than a friend despite Bobby’s best wishes.

What did you think of this episode? What do you think Dick wants with Crowley? Do you think the Leviathan showdown with the Alpha was too non-existent? What do you think the boys should do with Bobby? Give me your TwoCents below or over on Twitter!

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