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Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Recap & Review – “Big Bad Wolf”

photo: cbs
photo: cbs
Survivor: Blood vs. Water
“Big Bad Wolf”

Original Air Date: Nov 20, 2013

Ryan O – Associate Editor

Mother and daughter. Is there a stronger bond anywhere in the universe? Maybe but I didn’t do well in chemistry, so I’m not exactly sure. Ciera, while close to her mom, is ready to dump her mom overboard if it means fortifying her position.

In other happenings, Tyson realizes that he’s clearly the biggest potential threat in the game and is trying to continue to control of the game while not appearing to control the game. Unrelatedly, there’s a pinky swear, so that’s fun.


Katie tells us she’s defeated since it’s 7 people to her 1. She has to figure out something or she’s going to Redemption Island next.

The next morning, Laura talks to Ciera about how much power they hold since they’re two votes. Ciera doesn’t really want to hear that. Instead, Ciera says they have to avoid strategizing and lay low. Ciera tells us she’s got more of the game figured out at this point than her mom does. Laura tells us she trusts her daughter’s judgment. Ciera then tells us if her mom needs to go so she can go further in the game, then she needs to go.

Redemption Island Duel!

Aras vs. Vytas vs. Tina.

Each person has to retrieve three bags using a grappling hook, open one of the bags and pull out a ball, then guide that ball through a table maze.

The loser goes to the jury.

Tina and Aras get their first bags quickly. Tina gets her second and then her third. She starts on the maze. Vytas gets his first but Aras gets his second. Then Vytas gets his second. Vytas gets his last bag. Aras quickly gets his last bag. In the maze portion, Tina has her ball inches from the end when it drops through a hole and out of the maze and she has to start over. Meanwhile, Vytas finishes and he wins. Tina works through the maze and gets to the finish. She’s second and Aras is on the jury.

Jeff goes through a lot of very overwrought brother-brother blah blah. Whatever.

Vytas gives the clue to Katie. She keeps it. Katie tells us her biggest concern is finding the idol.


Katie reads her clue and goes looking for it. Tyson tells us he’s not worried since he has the idol. Instead, he’s thinking about his next move. He talks with Hayden and Caleb about the three of them and Gervase voting for Laura. They can then pull Ciera back into their alliance and move on from there. Tyson doesn’t want Laura and Ciera making it too far in the game together. After that, they can vote for Katie and Monica.

Ciera goes to talk with her mom. They talk through the game and likely scenarios. Ciera tells Laura that she has a better chance of winning than Laura. She gives a pretty emotional interview. Laura tells us she’s proud of her daughter’s courage and growth. She gets emotional, too. It’s contrived, sure, but it’s a nice moment.

Katie gets up early to look for the idol. Laura gets up and follows her. Katie intentionally digs in the wrong area.

Tyson talks to Ciera about voting for her mom. Well, actually, he says Caleb and Hayden are planning on it. Ciera tells him she’s okay with it. Tyson says he has her back.

Immunity Challenge! Immunity! Back up for grabs!

Each person will stand on a platform over the water. They’ll hold onto a rope. Every so often, they’ll have to hold on lower down the rope, making it harder to hang on. Last one still standing wins. Along with immunity, the winner gets hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and soda.

Hayden is first out. Caleb is out soon after that. Gervase falls when they move down the rope. Ciera is right after him. Katie is out, too. Laura is out and it’s just Tyson and Monica. Tyson struggles, tries hard to hang on but then drops. Monica wins.

Monica can invite one other person to eat with her. She offers to give it all up so the rest of them can eat. She wants to help her “family.” Jeff goes for it, as does everyone else. Everyone chows down. It’s about the best move Monica can make in her situation where she realizes she’s sitting in sixth place.


Ciera pulls Katie aside and gets her to promise not to tell anyone what they talk about. Katie agrees and then they pinky swear, so you know it’s staying between just them. Ciera tells Katie the plan to vote for her mom. Katie is interested but says she’s still playing her idol (that would be the one she doesn’t have). Ciera laughs and calls her bluff. Katie quickly asks how she knows. “Because I have it but don’t tell anybody.” Nice! That was a nice play by Ciera.

Ciera tells her mom about Katie’s idollessness. Ciera decides to go to Tyson about Katie not having the idol, saying now is the time to get Katie since she doesn’t have the idol. Tyson seems good with it, as do Caleb and Hayden who are there, too. Tyson, however, tells us it was a mistake to tell Ciera they were voting for Laura since she’s smarter than they realized. Now, he says, is definitely the time to take out Laura since they can’t have a couple going far in the game.

Tribal Council

Katie says she feels under the gun.

Caleb says there’s a bunch of maybes in regards to the idol.

Tyson says there’s a lot to consider in regard to Ciera and Laura. Caleb says they’re different since they’re both very independent and want to go far in the game.

Laura turns to Tyson and tells him that if you get one of them, you get two votes. Ciera is making the “Oh, god, MOM! Shut UP, MOM!” face. Laura is saying everything Ciera didn’t want her to say and really isn’t helping herself.


Laura, Katie, Laura, Laura, Laura, Laura (this vote actually says, “Laura (mom),” I wonder whose vote that was), and Laura is headed to Redemption Island.

The two women share an embrace and Laura leaves.

Bubbling Under

So, no couples left. I wonder if this is how the producers thought this would go. Anyway, Ciera did position herself the best she could with her alliance. It won’t do a lot of good though. As it stands, she’s fifth — ahead of Monica but behind all of the guys.

I do like how Tyson has pretty much taken the immunity idol out of play. It’s use-by-non-use is an interesting approach and it’s worked very well for him.

What do you expect to happen in the coming weeks? Let’s hear your Two Cents!

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