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Survivor: Philippines – Recap & Review – “Litte Miss Perfect”

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Survivor: Philippines
“Litte Miss Perfect”

Original Air Date: Nov 14, 2012

Ryan O – Associate Staff Writer

In this post-crazy Tribal episode, Lisa has to deal with what happened. Who is she going to play with? She goes through a lot in this episode as she talks with Jonathan about what sort of person she’s had to be to survive in Hollywood and what sort of person she can be now.

Abi doesn’t help her cause as she can’t keep quiet. She says quite a few things that trouble Lisa but is that enough to push Lisa into voting against Tandang?


Mike recounts how great it was not being voted out at Tribal Council and how the game could’ve been flipped on its head but wasn’t. He liked seeing Jeff go because he was very persistent in saying he wanted returning players to go.

Abi is angry she received a vote and starts accusing people of voting for her until Jonathan steps in and says he voted for her because he was mad no one told him about this “Plan B.” He didn’t like being out of the loop.

Jonathan asks Carter what happened at Tribal. Let’s stop and think about that for a moment: Jonathan. Asked Carter. Done? Carter explains Jeff had five votes, Pete had four, and Abi had one then explains where they came from. Jonathan realizes he blew it by not voting for Pete. Interesting. Jonathan didn’t have a plan in voting for Abi. He tells us he’ll see where he stands now but he acknowledges he’s a dead man walking anyway.

Malcolm and Lisa talk. Malcolm says he understands it wasn’t personal. Lisa seems to genuinely appreciate the gesture. She tells us she didn’t like breaking promises. She tells us the game might be too big for her.


Just as a reminder, here’s who’s left after Jeff Kent was sent away in the craziest Tribal Council I can remember.


Day 23. Jonathan tells us there’s still five Tandang members left that they can all vote together and he’d be done. However, there have been a lot of divisions within that group of five and Lisa and Skupin are so different from Artis, Pete, and Abi.

Jonathan tells Lisa she was just advocating for her alliance and she has nothing to be worried about. He talks about how she was a pleaser when she was a child and she doesn’t have to be that way anymore, at least not in the game. He says she’s spent her life being judged and performing for people. They really seem to share a moment that I would like to think is real and would disappointed to find out it was complete manipulation on Jonathan’s part.

Reward Challenge!

They’ll be divided into teams. One by one, they’ll dive into a mud pit under an obstacle, up an incline and down a slide into the mud, dig out a bag of balls, through a rice pit (yeah, I don’t know), and then the next person goes. Once all four bags have been retrieved, all 12 balls (each bag has three balls) have to be tossed into a basket that’s about a zillion feet in the air.

The winning team gets to bring school supplies and toys to a local village. Then, they’ll get to eat at the feast the village is having.

Teams, picked via a schoolyard pick:

Mike, Artis Lisa, and Pete vs. Jonathan, Carter, Denise and Malcolm. Seems like the second team is a slight favorite. Abi didn’t get picked and can’t get the reward. Ha ha.

Mike and Jonathan start. They get to the pit with the balls at about the same time. Mike is out first. Jonathan spends time finding all of the bags and pulling them up. He yells to his team that they’re all in the corners. He grabs one bag and goes.

Lisa struggles in the mud and Carter catches her quickly and builds a lead. Denise goes through the course well enough and just has to grab her bag and go. Meanwhile, Pete can’t find a bag. He’s still looking as Malcolm gets the last bag for his team. By the time Artis has the last bag for his team, the other team has put six of the 12 balls in the basket. It takes a little while for them to sink the final ball but the team of Jonathan, Denise, Malcolm, and Carter win.

Post-Reward Challenge

Jonathan, Carter, Malcolm, and Denise show up at the village with a box of toys (plastic balls and hula hoops). They talk with the kids. Jonathan tells the kids his name is Jonathan. They laugh and say “Jonathan.” He says that in America, his name is normal. They say, “Normal.” Ha! Zing!

Malcolm mentions that this experience reminds him of how much he enjoyed teaching kids in Micronesia and how much more fulfilling it is than pouring drinks for women in bars.

The foursome talk strategy. They say they need Mike and that probably means getting Lisa but they need to be gentle with her.

Back at the beach, Pete tells us he’s forced to work with Mike and Lisa. He says the two of them are going to trust him more than the other four.

Abi and Pete talk, as Lisa looks on, about how Jonathan needs to go next. Abi turns her attention to Lisa and how Lisa wasn’t supposed to give information to the others about them. Lisa tries to explain but Abi just talks over her. Abi then calls her gullible and naive right to her face.

Artis states the obvious when he tells us that Abi thinks she knows so much about the game and about people. “I don’t know who told her that but she needs to shut up.” Seriously, Abi needs to put a lid on it. She keeps making things worse for herself — like when she revealed she had an immunity idol.

Abi and Pete continue on with Lisa, telling her to keep Mike on a bit of leash so that he doesn’t switch sides.

Lisa tells us she made a big thing about loyalty at the last tribal council in an effort to keep Mike. Now, she feels a bit stuck. She says switching might look awful even though it makes sense to her.

Immunity Challenge! Immunity! Back up for grabs!

Each player will be balancing an over-sized paddle. They’ll roll a ball down the handle onto the flat part and try to land it in one of six little divots in the paddle portion of the paddle. The first person to balance a ball in each of six spots wins. Very interesting. I like it.

Mike is the first person to land a ball. Pete lands a ball next. Mike gets his second. Pete gets a second. Mike gets his third and his fourth. Pete gets his fourth. Mike gets his fifth. Pete loses a few balls. Mike lands his final ball and wins.

Artis tells us that Jonathan will be going home and then they go back to camp and relax.


Abi tells us she’d like to vote for Mike since he’s annoying but he has immunity and they also need his vote. She’ll be okay with voting for Jonathan though.

Mike and Malcolm are laying down near a tree talking. Meanwhile, Abi is smashing a coconut against the very same tree trying to open it with the machete. The inevitable happens and the coconut flies off and hits Mike in the head. That’s just how thoughtless Abi is. Mike is okay.

Denise, Malcolm, and Carter decide the safest thing for them to do is to vote for Artis since Abi wouldn’t share the idol with him but she might give it to Pete.

Jonathan and Lisa have a pretty meta conversation. Jonathan asks Lisa who she thinks the good guys are and who the bad guys are — who will the audience be rooting for and against? I’m not sure I remember anyone having this conversation. He points out the audience will be impressed that she’s been loyal to Tandang and especially to Mike but they’ll be hoping that she turns on Pete, Abi, and Artis. It’s perceptive on his part since it is what the audience is hoping for.

Lisa tells us she still wants to be loyal but she’s not sure if that’s the old Lisa. She’s not sure what to do.

Jonathan and Malcolm talk with Mike about voting for Artis. He seems noncommittal.

Mike tells us he has to talk to Lisa about it and so they talk. Mike says they have to consider which group can get you further and which group would you rather play with. He asks how they can stay loyal to someone that hasn’t stayed loyal to them. She says she’s considering switching.

Tribal Council

Lisa says the fallout from last tribal council was mostly internal. She was welcomed with a lot of grace from the rest of the players. Jeff asks Abi if she showed Lisa any grace. Abi asks Lisa if she showed her grace. Lisa explains she experienced more grace from the people she was working against than the people whose alliance she saved. Jeff wants to know what that means. She says it means the other players have a lot more maturity and experience and that they could see and understand what she was trying to do within the game.

Jeff tells Abi that her face looks incredibly tense. Abi says she’s surprised to hear that the other players are protective of Lisa. Jeff points out that’s not what Lisa said. Abi says she thought she showed grace toward Lisa. (Uhhh, not that we were shown, Abi.)

Lisa says she not sure if she can set aside her heart to play the game.

Denise says she thinks that the Tandang people haven’t considered that the numbers might change. Abi assures her they’ve considered it. They aren’t sure if they have Lisa’s vote. Lisa totally deflates with this pronouncement. She’s can’t believe it. Jonathan can’t help but smile. Lisa says this is what she’s gotten all along. She says her actions have always been loyal to Tandang but with Abi’s words maybe she needs to reconsider things.


No one plays an idol.

Artis, Jonathan, Artis, Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan, Artis, Artis, Artis and Artis is out.

Abi looks at Mike, who won’t make eye contact. She looks at Lisa, who looks back at her. She looks like she’s going to cut someone’s throat.

Here’s who voted for each person:

Voting for Penner: Artis, Lisa, Pete, Abi

Voting for Artis: Mike, Denise, Carter, Malcolm, Jonathan

Bubbling Under

So, it’s 5 to 3 now. What happens to Lisa? Will she stay on a sinking ship? Will they take her? Just how nuts will Abi go?

What do you expect to happen in the coming weeks? Let’s hear your Two Cents!

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