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Survivor – Recap & Review – Hungry for a Win

photo: cbs
photo: cbs

Survivor: Samoa
Hungry for a Win

Original Air Date: Oct 8, 2009

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

The Top 16 Things I Learned from Survivor

Foa Foa (Yellow)
Russell H: Russell is still thinking he’s running the game… I’m not so sure. Yes, he’s caused havoc, yes, he’s manipulated some people, but Brilliant Mastermind? I think not. In fact, MSNBC agrees with me… to read that article, go here. He did solidify a pseudo-alliance with Natalie in this episode, planning to say at the Final Tribal Council: “She rode my coattails the whole way.” We’ll see.

Mick: When the Reward Challenge rolled around, Mick (as leader) had to pick two people to accompany him to the actual challenge. He picked Russell and Natalie. When they arrived, there was a treasure chest, a cage of chickens, and no Jeff. What? Both tribes of three stood around and looked at each other for a while, until Russell made a break for the chickens and chaos ensued. Once instructions were found and read, they discovered they had to play a game of Survivor Bache. Mick had his ball closest to the stick the entire game… until Dave’s turn. Foa Foa lost yet another Reward.

Natalie: During the Immunity Challenge (an obstacle course that culminated in stacking blocks), Natalie really did well. Using Jaison’s height, she got on his shoulders and was able to carefully place all the blocks a seconds before Galu (if you don’t believe how close it was, check out the picture – Galu in purple placing their last two blocks as Foa Foa in yellow hears Jeff declare that they had one).

Ashley: Ashley also did a great job in the Immunity Challenge. Foa Foa had been behind, but Ashley made up a ton of that on the rope bridge, speeding past Monica, who would, because of that rope bridge, find herself on the chopping block at Tribal Council.

Jaison: This guy is beaten down. He said that it would be nice to win, but that he is just looking to survive at this point. He said that coming on Survivor may have been “the worst decision of [his] entire life.”

Liz: Was she even in this episode?

Galu (Purple)
Erik: As soon as Shambo returned from her visit to Foa Foa, Erik was all over her about the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. He guessed that if there was an idol hidden at Foa Foa, there had to be one at Galu. Duh! So, she told him the clues and he went looking for the one at their camp… and found it!

John: Right when Erik was talking to Shambo about the possibility if another Immunity Idol hidden at their camp, John came up to her and said “I’ve got a brilliant idea: maybe there is another Immunity Idol hidden at our camp!” Again I say “Duh!”

Russell W: The leader of Galu, he picked Shambo and Dave to accompany him to the Reward Challenge… which was a very good move (see Dave below). When the tribe lost Immunity, however, he made a stupid move. He told everybody how to vote and would take no further discussion on the matter. “I’m the leader… these people gotta listen to me!” If he keeps acting like that, he’ll be short for this game. (PS – they didn’t vote how he told them to!)

Dave: Kevin Spacey look alike Dave single-handedly won the Reward Challenge for Galu but didn’t make a big deal of it in front of the tribe (“I’m trying to stay emotionally centered and humble”). I’m liking him a lot.

Kelly: Kelly labored for an hour to get some milk out of a coconut and Yasmin just sat there and waited for her to do it so she could get some, too. This really rubbed Kelly the wrong way. She let the rest of the tribe know that she was sick of Yasmin doing nothing.

Brett: At Tribal Council, Jeff asked Brett what his criteria was for voting and he said “Whoever is not pulling their weight at camp.” That’s code for Yasmin.

Laura: Jeff asked Laura the same question, and she gave the same answer, which led Yasmin into a diatribe about how awesome she is in challenges and that she doesn’t need to do anything around camp because she pulls her weight “on the field.”

Shambo: The self-proclaimed Chicken Whisperer was responsible for the chickens Galu won in the Reward Challenge. Then she promptly lost one… she didn’t know chickens could fly. Um… they are birds, honey. This put her head on the chopping block for a bit, but then the tribe found more glaring faults in other tribe members. Shambo lived to cluck another day.

Monica: She really cost Galu the Immunity Challenge. So the question became, do you judge the vote on performance in challenges, or at camp. She came really close to going home (Russell had told everyone to vote for her), but in the end, annoyance became the deciding factor… and everyone was really annoyed with Yasmin.

Yasmin: She didn’t think she was in danger and claimed that anything anyone asked her to do she did. I think that’s the key: She never did anything of her own volition. That coupled with the fact that she wore heels to Tribal Council. Are you kidding me? The tribe has spoken.

What do YOU think? What does Jeff Probst think? (Read his Survivor Blog here). Did the right person leave? Who will be sent packing next? Give us your Two Cents in the comment section below!

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