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Switched At Birth – Recap & Review – Starry Night

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Switched At Birth
Starry Night

Original Air Date: Jan 3, 2012

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

Welcome back to season 1.5 of last summer’s hit, Switched At Birth. It’s been near five months since we left off, so if you need to catch up, you can do so here.

To quickly remind us where we left off… Angelo (Bay’s father) is back in town. Regina is still not completely trusted after having kept the baby switch a secret. Bay is dating Emmett, and Daphne’s openly jealous. Now, on to the new episode…

We open with Bay trying to sign via cell phone video to Emmett, but she can’t quite get the placement right for him to see her signs or read her lips. Daphne intervenes and finishes up the chat on Bay’s behalf, much to her chagrin. The two girls then join their three parents and Adrianna for a family meeting to discuss Angelo’s decision to relocate to Kansas City permanently.

John is vehemently opposed to the girls having any contact with him. Daphne is more than fine with this, but Bay wants the chance to get to know him. John issues a sweeping declaration that all meetings will be chaperoned and all phone calls supervised. He volunteers that he will accompany Bay to her meeting with him the following evening at a jazz club (which is apparently all ages?). Bay feels that she can’t get to know Angelo with John hovering, so she convinces Regina to ask John to let up on the situation. John decides that Regina will go in his place. John really is a bit on the domineering side, isn’t he?

As the preparations for the evening are underway, nobody is taking the scheduled meeting in stride. When Bay refers to Angelo as her dad, John is visibly hurt. And Daphne continues to be upset about Angelo being in anyone’s life. She wants to talk to her number one confident, Emmett, but he’s out of cell signal. So Daphne blows off Kathryn’s planned horror movie night and heads out to the East-West (music) Fest (more on that below). She tells Kathryn that she got Regina’s permission, but I would’ve loved to see that scene, because imaging Regina giving Daphne permission to go off alone is hard to imagine. Nonetheless, Daphne heads to the fest where she somehow manages to find Emmett’s tent, crawls in, and goes to sleep.

Bay and Regina meet up with Angelo, who is surprised to see an equally flummoxed Regina. The two adults initially reminisce about old times at the club, but sensing Regina’s discomfort, Angelo changes the subject to Bay. Regina is very surprised to learn that Bay and Emmett are an item. But her surprise is quickly waylaid when she and Angelo end up bickering and ruin Bay’s evening. Bay suggests next time that perhaps Kathryn will accompany them. Bay’s mood becomes even worse when she finds out that Daphne went ahead to the music fest. After the dinner, Regina calls her sponsor, but is adamant that she’s not going to drink.

I’ll get to the fest in a moment, in full, but first want to cover tonight’s evolution of Kathryn. Kathryn (and the lawyer, Amanda) are very wary of Angelo’s surprise nurse witness for their lawsuit. Despite John’s near jubilation at the idea of the nurse’s testimony, Kathryn is highly skeptical. She seeks out the nurse, Miss Muños (played by Justina Machado, Six Feet Under) to hear her story first hand. Miss Muños tells Kathryn specific detail she remembers (such as Kathryn had trouble breast feeding because she never had with Toby due to a –repaired- cleft palate). It seems her family was enamored with star athlete, John Kennish, so she made a point to be near the family. She’s not sure if she put the baby in the wrong crib, but knows she was over-tired due to the excessive working hours. Kathryn tells John she met the nurse and puts down his doubts over his actions by pointing out that he sometimes railroads her. He apologizes and she admits she needs to stand up for herself more often. And that is something I’d like to see!

Now… prior to Daphne’s arrival at the fest, two thirds of Guitar Face were dismayed to learn they’d be playing on a far-away side stage, not opening for Cold War Kids, and playing opposite Arcade Fire on the main stage). Wilke knew all of this and mocks the other two for believing they’d really have such a plum spot on such a big ticket (he’s pretty much right). While promoting their band, Toby jokes they should call themselves “Free Booze” to get people to their stage. Wilke and Emmett like the idea, over Toby’s objections. They also run into Simone Sinclair (Maiara Walsh, Desperate Housewives, Mean Girls 2), who is an old friend of Bay’s. She’s off to see indie band, Helen Mirren’s Cleavage (which I don’t think actually exists).

Fast forward to the next morning; where Emmett is upset to find Daphne in his tent. She protests that she needed to talk to him, but he doesn’t think it’s a great idea for her to be there when he’s with Bay. Even Toby briefly gets the wrong idea. Bay arrives and quickly takes her place on Emmett’s arm, seemingly just to get under Daphne’s skin. When the band takes the stage, Bay’s “I’m With The Drummer” T-shirt is too much for Daphne and she takes off. The “Free Booze” gimmick gets people to their stage, but the crowd is unhappy to find music and not booze. Bay, having already upset Emmett by helping with his order at a food stand, intervenes when a rowdy concert goer accosts Emmett looking for his free drink. He’s angry at first, but the two have a heartfelt conversation where she reminds him she’s still learning. He explains (via Daphne’s translation) that he needs the world to understand him, even if it’s via pointing and gesturing. Bay gets it, but wishes she could’ve learned without Daphne’s help. The two share a nice moment where he expounds that he couldn’t imagine a world where he couldn’t tune everything out once in a while.

Daphne is still having her pity party, when Wilke finds her on a pier. He listens to her mope about how she can’t talk to Emmett about Angelo and stuff. Having heard enough, he gets her to remove her hearing aids, and pushes her in the water. Luckily she can swim and the two horse around in the lake.

Bay and Daphne come to a mutual agreement that everything is screwy with their family. Which pretty much accurately sums things up. I’m hoping that Daphne gets a new arc besides being jealous of Bay, because I really think it’s Bay’s confidence that she envies. I hope she realizes it sooner than later.

So there are my TwoCents for the mid-season premiere. Share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!

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