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Switched At Birth – Recap & Review – The Stag Hunt

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Switched At Birth
The Stag Hunt

Original Air Date: Jul 18, 2011

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

So that was an ending tonight! I’m not going to start with the end, but wow… that was a surprise. Did you see it coming?

Tonight was all about the interactive relationships, with a little bit of an after-school special flavor thrown in for good measure. All of our key players (except John and Regina) interacted and overlapped. But am I wondering if poor Abuelita is hiding somewhere?

There was major movement in Toby’s gambling storyline tonight. After the parents get an email from the school about the stolen chemistry test, it takes savvy Bay mere moments to figure out Toby’s involvement. With Daphne, she confronts him and he does a really poor job of feigning innocence.

As the school scandal worsens, some students rat out Wilke for selling the test. Surprisingly Wilke is willing to take sole blame and let Toby off the hook. Toby sees this as a clean slate (even though his parents already know about his involvement). Bay steps in and asks Regina to talk to him about addiction. She tells him how she almost lost custody of Daphne (to Social Services) due to her drinking, and she only got it under control when she realized she needed to be accountable to others and not just herself.

The pep talk gets through to Toby. He gives his dad his lucky deck of cards (not very lucky, eh?) and vows to be accountable to his father. The story stopped short of him going to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting, but it did feel wrapped up a little too neatly. I know Toby believes lying and almost getting expelled was his rock bottom, but I wonder if we’ve really seen the last of this.

Kathryn is still trying to convince Regina that Bruce (Denise’s ex) is not a good romantic partner, but Regina stubbornly refuses to listen. She continues to have dalliances with him and even considers introducing him to Daphne. When Kathryn finds out that Bruce and Denise still hook up from time to time (thanks to a well-place cliché earring), she reveals the information to Regina. Again, Regina doesn’t listen, but when Bruce casually confirms it, she dumps him. Kathryn acknowledges that she would always tell a friend that type of information. Regina is astounded to realize Kathryn would consider her a friend. As was I, considering how contentious their relationship has been.

Bay is still on the hunt for her birth father, Angelo Sorrento. She finds a dark haired man with that name is DJ’ing at a club, and becomes convinced he is the one. She and Emmett make plans to go to the club, but are interrupted in their conversation by Daphne. Daphne is flummoxed and hurt to realize the two have been spending time together without telling her. After some hesitation, she agrees to go to the club with them.

At the club, after Emmett helps them get in, the two confront Angelo. Daphne ends up pouring her heart out about being abandoned, while Bay nervously takes the more direct approach. It turns out this Angelo Sorrento is nobody’s father as he is gay and has never slept with a woman. And they’re at a gay bar. Later, Emmett and Bay inquire about the guitar case, and Daphne seems more taken aback by their closeness than anything else.

Daphne confronts Emmett about his seeming interest in Bay, noting how he said she and Liam wouldn’t work because of the deaf/hearing issues. Maybe she’s even a little hurt because Emmett truly did seem to have eyes only for her, but she doesn’t address it. After Emmett swears to Daphne that there is “nothing. going. on.”, he goes to Bay’s school and surprises her with a kiss. Bay is clearly surprised, but has a spark in her eyes.

After Regina evades questions about the guitar case, Daphne sneaks it out of her closet. She spends a great deal of time trying letter (correlating to a telephone) and random number combinations. She gets more and more frustrated and then tries B-A-Y, which shockingly opens the case. The contents reveal childhood photos of Bay, snapped at a distance, and reports cards. Daphne is stunned to clearly realize her mother has been stalking Bay for years.

So…. WOW! Did you see that coming? Do you think the hospital’s secret weapon in the lawsuit proves Regina’s prior knowledge? Did she do DNA testing or inquire years ago? Is that why Bay’s birth dad left? What will this reveal do to the budding familial relationships between the main house and guest house? And how funny was Emmett’s reaction to the pink bra in the lost and found box? Can you differentiate between the ASL signs for making out and making coffee?

New couplings! Dramatic reveals! The beauty of Kathryn and Bay working to learn sign! So much happened! So much is going to happen! And congrats to Switched At Birth for their FIVE Teen Choice Nominations!

Well, those are my TwoCents! Share your TwoCents, feedback, and comments below!

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