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Switched At Birth – Recap & Review – The Ambush

photo: abc family
photo: abc family
Switched At Birth
The Ambush

Original Air Date: Mar 17, 2014

Karen Belgrad – Managing Editor

We’re only one week away from the winter finale! What will the cliffhanger be that teases us until summer? Will it be romance? Will it be scandal? Will it be danger?

Based on the previews for next week, it might very well be all three. But until we get there, we first have to talk about what we have here. And tonight we had quite a variety of stories coming to the forefront.

Daphne: Daphne finally chooses between Jorge and Campbell, and it was pretty much a no brainer. She confessed to Katheryn that she was torn, but her attributes list told another story. While Jorge was solid and dependable, it was clear that Campbell was the one who set her heart aflutter. She makes plans to go out with Campbell, but as soon as it begins, it’s clear that Daphne isn’t as comfortable with the wheelchair as she expected to be. She tries to lift him to a curb, but when she can’t she remarks that she used to do it babysitting with strollers. They’re denied entry to a restaurant, allegedly due to capacity, but clearly due to the chair. Daphne is indignant, screaming at the doorman, but Campbell would just rather move on. He ends the date, but the two take time to talk about it the next day. She admits that she feels sorry about the physical limitations he faces (like rock climbing). But there’s a teaching moment, where he makes her see that just because she has a disability, it doesn’t mean she’s automatically in tune with every other disability. She questions how a physical relationship would work, so he pulls her into his lap for a steamy kiss.

Bay/Emmett: Bay and Emmett are doing well as just friends. She has his back when Matt returns from suspension, even though the two guys just fist bump and call it a day. Because he is grounded for skipping class, she agrees to take his girlfriends’ photograph to get framed. But her photo guy calls at the end of the hour and advises that it’s not Mandy’s photo, but a professional and copyrighted image. Bay is torn as to how to tell Emmett without sounding like she’s disparaging his relationship. Clearly this interaction is set-up for next week, as we’ll surely find out what the #BEmmett future holds, right?

Bay/Tank: After Buckner dumps garbage and unleashes a goat on Carlton prior to their field hockey match-up, Bay is ready for some revenge. Daphne and Sharee, not wanting to get in trouble aren’t interested, so she enlists Tank who advises her to “retailiate-escalate.” The two sneak on Buckner’s campus under the cover of darkness and vandalize the Cornelius Buckner statue with a dress, signage, and painted make-up. They don’t get caught, but they do return to Tank’s room. When Tank goes to take their make-out session to the next level, Bay balks, and Tank is upset/confused. She confides in Regina, who advises her that having sex with Ty doesn’t mean she has to automatically have sex with the next guy that comes along if she isn’t ready. Bay admits she isn’t sure if she’ll ever have intimate desires towards Tank. He comes by to apologize and offers to wait until she’s ready. It’s an important message for viewers, partly because we saw Tank (in the end) respect Bay’s wishes, and partly because Bay chose what she wanted, not giving it up just because it is expected.

Toby/Nikki: Nikki surprised Toby with a two-day visit home from Peru. The newlyweds get down to sexy business, but Toby has to take leave to go tend to the car wash and field hockey. After meeting with Buckner’s coach, who has all but dismissed the Carlton game as a practice, Toby is inspired to arrange for a college recruiter to come scout Sharee. He’s clearly relishing his role, but Nikki has also found her calling in her missionary work, which is now primed to send her to Africa indefinitely. She wants Toby to come with, but the conversation is tabled when Toby has to go to the Carlton-Buckner game. They lose horrifically, but do score one goal. It’s enough to impress the scout who gives Sharee her card and for the team to celebrate as if they won. But back at home, Toby admits that he’s content with his life. And Nikki feels as though she has to continue her mission, as it’s her purpose in life. The two sadly come to the conclusion that their marriage isn’t in their mutual futures. And I have to admit, although it was played to be a sad moment, I feel it would’ve been nice to see them actually try and live as a young, married couple rather than give them this out.

Regina: Wes rewards Regina for her hard work with a fancy car. I have no idea what make/model it was, but it was clearly head-turning as even Kathryn was impressed. Wes sends Regina, and her Spanish language skills, to seal a buyout with an East Riverside taco joint owner for ten percent above the appraised value. Regina recommends the deal to the owner believing it is a far amount. Wes is impressed with Regina’s closing abilities and asks her to help him with three other land buyouts. She tries to leave to attend Daphne’s game, but Wes puts the kibosh on it and tells her hard work comes with sacrifice. After seeing how pleased Wes was with the deal, Regina is suspicious and takes some files to John to review. It turns out the land was under-appraised, which is legal, but leaves Regina with a sour feeling about Wes.

Episode Title Art: Well, I found three paintings entitled “The Ambush”, and I’m not sure which one Lizzy Weiss (creator/writer) was going for… There’s Charles Marion, Eugenio Lucas, and Frederic Remington. Which one do you like best?

And there you have my TwoCents for this hour. Share your TwoCents, comments, feedback, and hopes for the winter finale below!

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