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Switched At Birth – Recap & Review – Surprise

Switched At Birth

Original Air Date: Feb 14, 2017

Karen Belgrad – Social Media Editor

While last week’s episode regarding cultural appreciation wasn’t a one off (Iris returns next week), tonight’s hour focused its intention elsewhere… namely on the returning Toby, Lily, and Carlton. And while there’s a lot to unpack there, Bay and Daphne get their own moments as well.

So as we count down to the series finale, let’s discuss what happened on Switched At Birth’s episode that may have aired on Valentine’s Day, but nary a box of chocolates was to be found.

Lily and Toby: The duo visit from London, with baby Carlton in tow. It’s clear that Lily is very rigid in her parenting, clearly trying to do everything she can to make sure Carlton receives all the attention and care he needs. It’s also clear that Toby isn’t nearly as tuned in as Lily, working as a DJ all over Europe while Lily is Carlton’s primary caregiver. And then… we find out Toby is gambling again (dropping ten thousand on soccer matches). All of this might have been discussed calmly and rationally, except for Toby decides to drop a “momzilla” label on an exhausted Lily right before their living room wedding.

But since their names aren’t Bay or Daphne, everything is quickly resolved. No sooner does Lily lash out a Toby (just after being pronounced husband and wife by an officiating Daphne), than the two hash it out, Toby admits his gambling problem, Lily admits she’s not cut out for stay-at-home-momming, and the pair decide to move back to the states and live with Kathryn and John.

Regina: John decides it is time for Daphne to move on from “Schmingo” and quickly focuses his eye on Luca as a possible suitor. Regina comes clean to John, who is amused at the age difference. And then to Daphne, who is just relieved that Luca doesn’t have a crazy ex-wife like Regina’s last fella.

Daphne: Is having nightmares about Bay’s Japanese Encephalitis bout in China, and finds herself worried over every malady (sore neck, upset stomach) that bay presents with. And while Luca is not a romantic possibility, his time as a military medic resonates with her. Daphne realizes that her guilt comes from initially brushing off Bay’s symptoms. And then Bay points out that Daphne practically carried her for miles, likening Daphne to Supergirl.

Bay: Bay has the most drama this week, first feeling guilty that she broke girl code against Mary Beth to date Travis. She brings Mary Beth a spider-painted ukulele as a birth day gift, but is stunned to see Tank there with Mary Beth. Mary Beth tries to explain how she and Tank came to be a couple, but Bay is too furious to hear anything. And Travis tracks down the couple to yell at Mary Beth and call her a horrible person. Even without knowing the full backstory, it’s hard not to feel for her. (B.K. Cannon sells the “verge of tears” perfectly!)

Tank decides to brave hostile territory and pay Bay a visit. He doesn’t try to ask for his own forgiveness, but instead just speaks to Mary Beth’s situation, including how while the girls where in China, Mary Beth’s mother got sick. Bay goes back to see her friend, one on one, where she finds out that Mary Beth’s mother had a stroke and she was feeling sad and lost when she encountered Tank. The two were there from each other when they needed each other. And while it’s unclear how a Bay/Travis and Tank/Mary Beth pairing will affect the girls’ friendship, there does seem to be hope.

However, what a late night text from Emmett asking for Bay so come see him means for Bay/Travis remains to be seen.

Episode Title Art: Beats me… but Surprised! by Henri Rousseau seems like a possibility.

And there are my TwoCents! Share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!

  • ollibear

    Hey, Bay initiated that texting.

    Even when Emmett told Bay that he was okay, Bay followed up by asking him, “Anything I can do?”

    And as for Emmett’s return text asking Bay to come over, I don’t see as Emmett owes Travis any more loyalty than Travis gave to him.

    I was more surprised that Bay turned down Travis spending the night with her, by making up a lie about needing to work all night at the tattoo parlor. Bay’s decision to text Emmett, though, didn’t surprise me. Fidelity is not Bay’s strong suit.

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