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Switched at Birth – Recap & Review – Fog and Storm and Rain

photo: abc family
photo: abc family
Switched at Birth
Fog and Storm and Rain

Original Air Date: Feb 17, 2015

Karen Belgrad – Managing Editor

The past two episodes dealt with the immediate fall-out of Bay’s assault. Message boards have been flooded with conversations about the incident, with more than a few viewers commenting that what happened to Bay wasn’t rape. But Missouri law disagrees, and so did UMKC when they expelled Tank. But, regardless of the law, it doesn’t mean that everyone, including Emmett, will see things in black and white.

A huge storm, with torrential flooding, keeps everyone in close quarters tonight. Regina and Daphne are at the coffeehouse with Eric. Bay’s home with Emmett, John, and Kathryn, along with visiting grandmother Bonnie (played by Meredith Baxter) and surprise guest, Lucille (played by Joanna Cassidy). Did you have your Kleenex handy?

Daphne and Regina: Arriving at the coffeehouse prior to the storm, Daphne is surprised to see Regina and Eric embracing. But before she has time to react, Daphne is further shocked by the arrival of Nacho, her partner in construction site vandalism. Nacho is there to install illegal Wi-Fi, but is more interested in how Daphne escaped jail time for her crimes while on probation. Daphne tells him that Bay took the blame for both of them, so Nacho doesn’t have to worry about evading the warrant out for his arrest. But Nacho, having been on the run and sneaking around to see his kid, has different ideas. He’s angry that the rich white girl from Mission Hills (Bay) got off so easy, so he threatens to anonymously tip off the police unless Regina/Daphne pay him $10,000. Regina, defeated, tries to get the money from Eric, allegedly for Daphne’s tuition, but Eric sees through it. Instead, Eric flashes his gang tattoo at Nacho, sending the thug scurrying off. Eric says they all have a past, and that is his. But… his son, Will, seems awfully nervous about the possibility of moving again. Is Eric hiding something else?

Bay and Emmett: Bay is grateful that Emmett is there, but flummoxed when he doesn’t want to let her give the details about what happened. Emmett is furious that Tank isn’t in jail, threatening vigilante justice. Bay asks John if she can let Emmett continue to believe his version of events. John thinks Bay owes Emmett the truth because she loves him. Bay heads back to her room; only to find Emmett talking about leaving UCLA to be there with her until they can return together. Bay realizes she has to tell Emmett the whole story and it goes as badly as she had feared. At first, Emmett says that Tank, as the guy, should have walked away. But Bay protests that she and Tank, like Emmett in the past, were drunk and both made bad choices. Emmett zeroes in on the word “choices” and wonders why Bay is defending Tank. Emmett wonders if Bay was out for revenge following their spat, and Bay is appropriately outraged. Emmett storms off into the rain, and follows. She tells him that they can’t move past this unless he’s okay with the truth. But Emmett can’t tell her that, and leaves. Bay cries in her dad’s arms.

Kathryn and Bonnie (and Lucille): Kathryn is surprised when her mother arrives for a visit with a friend in tow. John immediately notices the closeness between the two women, and suggests that there may be more to it than friendship. Kathryn, not being familiar with Meredith Baxter’s real life story, says it’s impossible, as her mother was married for forty-two years. But Kathryn comes to terms with the concept, and goes to speak to her mother. While Kathryn tip-toes around asking if her mother if she is gay, Bonnie stuns her by revealing she has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and has early dementia. Furthermore, she’s known for a year, has her affairs in order, and wants to move to France to open a bed and breakfast. Kathryn is against it, understandably, that someone with her mother’s condition might not want to uproot to unfamiliar surroundings. Kathryn tries to lay down the law that her mother will move in with them. But Bonnie is insistent, she wants to live her life, not eat mashed potatoes in assisted living. Kathryn comes around, and thanks Lucille for being her mother’s friend or whatever she is. Lucille replies that she’s Bonnie’s companion.

Episode Title Art: Fog and Storm and Rain by Eyvind Earle

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