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Switched At Birth – Recap & Review – How Does a Girl Like You Get to Be a Girl Like You

photo: abc family
photo: abc family
Switched At Birth
How Does a Girl Like You Get to Be a Girl Like You

Original Air Date: Aug 31, 2015

Karen Belgrad – Managing Editor

Switched At Birth is juggling a lot of storylines right now. Daphne and Mingo. Toby and Lily. Eric’s secret. Bay finding herself post-Emmett/Tank. Kathryn’s musical. John’s financial woes. Melody and UMKC. And, of course, whatever Emmett will be up to the next time we see him.

Something really should go. I vote for the musical, mostly because, well, it’s a little silly. With the exception of how the financial issues will trickle down, it’s really the younger set driving the show. So, with that, let’s dive in and see what everyone is up to.

Toby/Lily: With a little prodding from Daphne, Lily tells Toby about her pregnancy. Toby is cold to the news, especially since he felt betrayed by Lily’s feelings for the other guy. But asking if it’s his child is too much for Lily, who is rightly pissed. But Daphne accidentally spills the beans about the Downs Syndrome test, which leads Toby to actually sit down and talk to Lily. They discuss their options, with Toby leaning towards (but never verbalizing) termination. Toby shares the conversation with Daphne, thinks they just need to adjust to a special needs child (like Regina did with her). Toby, probably more calmly than most would, tells Daphne to back off.

Daphne/Mingo: Coupled by Toby’s situation, Daphne finds herself realizing that Mingo doesn’t understand deafness the way she does. Mingo thinks it makes her life harder, but Daphne has no desire to be seen that way. In the end, Mingo looks to learn ASL (not ALS) to be able to better communicate and interpret when they’re out together. And Daphne realizes she needs to be more patient with those who haven’t had the same life experiences that she has had.

Bay: Prior to embarking on a Mexican trip, Bay decides to enroll at UMKC for a Spanish class. Sitting with Mary Beth, Bay realizes that the Tank situation is still present, due to hushed conversations, side glances, and even a mandatory sexual assault seminar. At a UMKC game with Travis, Bay mistakenly assumes students are talking about her and makes a scene. Travis tries to defend her by fighting, but Bay is furious, insisting she can stand up for herself. A talk with Kathryn tells her the incident isn’t something she has to run from or be defined by, but it is a part of her. Travis apologizes for his behavior, but also confides that he was sexually abused when he was twelve. Travis elaborates that it is more common among deaf children, due to a belief that they won’t report it. Bay hugs Travis and later okays talking to a friend of Mary Beth’s with a similar experience.

John: John continues to keep the tax troubles to himself, liquidating assets to cover the initial debts, unsure of how much more will be owed. But all around him, the family is hemorrhaging money. Daphne loses her scholarship due to her D in chemistry, and John offers to foot the bill. Kathryn wants to spend thirty thousand to produce her musical, and then casually covers Melody’s fifty thousand dollar shortfall when a donor pulls her student from the school (due to Bay’s assault). Even John’s car bails on him, with a cracked engine block. By hour’s end, he’s hurling papers in frustration. Given his heart history, it would be an awful scenario if John has a heart attack, leaving the family in unknown debt.

Episode Title Art: How Does a Girl Like You, Get to be a Girl Like You? By Yinka Shonibare

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