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Modern Family – Top 10 Moments – The Wedding (Part Two)

Modern Family The Wedding (Part Two) Original Air Date: May 21, 2014 Jules - Senior News Editor Cam and Mitchell's wedding day is finally here and it's anything but magical. To quickly sum up part one last week, wedding morning was all over the place for the entire family. Cam got

Modern Family – Recap & Review – The Help

Modern Family The Help Original Air Date: Oct 23, 2013 Wyner C – Associate Staff Writer Families need to compromise and listen to each other. It’s hard – that’s why families are inherently dysfunctional. Let’s see how this modern family reacts to decisions – especially when they need to decide

Modern Family – Recap & Review – The Late Show

Modern Family The Late Show Original Air Date: Oct 16, 2013 Wyner C – Associate Staff Writer I understand having to wait for a family member to get ready. That’s why our clan tells our mom a schedule that is half an hour earlier – it’s the only way to be

Modern Family – Recap & Review – Farm Strong

Modern Family Farm Strong Original Air Date: Oct 9, 2013 Wyner C – Associate Staff Writer Each family has a “smart-one” (Alex), “ditzy-one” (Haley), “emotional-one” (Cam), etc. You get my drift. Each role is important and makes the family a unit. Let’s see how this unit is functioning. In the

Modern Family – Recap & Review – Larry’s Wife

Modern Family Larry’s Wife Original Air Date: Oct 2, 2013 Wyner C – Associate Staff Writer Families need to work together – they’re stronger as a whole. It’s easy to break one chopstick but hard to break a bunch. Let’s see how our modern family works as a unit. Mitchell is

Modern Family – Recap & Review – First Days

Modern Family First Days Original Air Date: Sep 25, 2013 Wyner C – Associate Staff Writer First days at school or a job is hard – you’re the new kid. Even if there’s a period of awkwardness, there’s also excitement. I hate first days – I’m the quiet idiot in

Modern Family – Recap & Review – Suddenly, Last Summer

Modern Family Suddenly, Last Summer Original Air Date: Sep 25, 2013 Wyner C – Associate Staff Writer Now that everyone can marry the person they love, our modern family is getting in on the action. Let’s see how the historical ruling of striking down DOMA led to one of the sweetest

Modern Family – Recap & Review – Goodnight Gracie

Modern Family Goodnight Gracie Original Air Date: May 22, 2013 Wyner C – Senior Reviewer The season finale also marks the end of Gracie Dunphy, Phil’s mom. The family is in Florida to support Phil after his mom’s passing. Deaths are hard, let’s see how the funny family maneuvers through

Modern Family – Recap & Review – Games People Play

Modern Family Games People Play Original Air Date: May 15, 2013 Wyner C – Senior Reviewer Competitiveness is in everyone. Some know how to temper that Monster and some let it take over. Let’s see how our funny family fail and succeed (or try to). Phil gets a RV and plans

Modern Family – Recap & Review – My Hero

Modern Family My Hero Original Air Date: May 8, 2013 Wyner C – Senior Reviewer We each have our heroes. Hells, Enrique Iglesias sings about wanting to be yours! Who’s the champion in your family? Let’s see who Luke and Manny chose as their family hero for their homework assignment. Hero #1: