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The Flash – Flash Facts – Abra Kadabra

The Flash Abra Kadabra Original Air Date: Mar 28, 2017 Jules - Managing Editor This week we are met with a new meta, but he's a little different than the ones we've met so far this season. Also, something the future predicted comes true. Let's get the Flash Facts of what happened. Another

The Flash – Flash Facts – Duet

The Flash Duet Original Air Date: Mar 21, 2017 Jules - Managing Editor This week's Supergirl ended with Kara falling into a coma at the eyes of the Music Meister, who was on a mission to find the fastest man alive with motives unknown. This week's Flash picks up from this moment and then takes

The Flash – Flash Facts – Into the Speed Force

The Flash Into the Speed Force Original Air Date: Mar 14, 2017 Jules - Managing Editor With Wally trapped in the Speed Force, there's really only one person that can save him and this episode is all about that. Let's get to the "Flash Facts" of what transpired.  Barry realizes he must go

The Flash – Flash Facts – The Wrath of Savitar

The Flash The Wrath of Savitar Original Air Date: Mar 7, 2017 Jules - Managing Editor Remember we left off last week with a proposal? Yeah, we get that answer and why Savitar has returned.  Check below for the this week's episode's "Flash Facts." Barry and Iris are engaged! Everyone's happy, including Joe, who

The Flash – Flash Facts – Attack on Central City

The Flash Attack on Central City Original Air Date: Feb 28, 2017 Jules - Managing Editor Another fun episode with a show celebrating Valentine's Day a little late. Last week found the team in Gorilla City and as the title suggests, this week, the gorillas come to Central City. Let's get to the "Flash

The Flash – Flash Facts – Attack on Gorilla City

The Flash Attack on Gorilla City Original Air Date: Feb 21, 2017 Jules - Managing Editor This week Harrison Wells is missing in Gorilla City, so Team Flash to the rescue! Let's get to the Flash Facts of what happened in this episode. Jesse explains that her dad Harrison Wells was "invited" to

The Flash – Flash Facts – Dead or Alive

The Flash Dead or Alive Original Air Date: Jan 31, 2017 Jules - Managing Editor This week's decidedly lighter toned episode has Cisco facing the new arrival to town, Gypsy, while Iris employs the help of her speedy brother to bust a gang for a story. For all the details, check out the

The Flash – Recap & Review – The Present

The Flash The Present Original Air Date: Dec 6, 2016 Jules - Managing Editor It's winter finale time. After a week dealing with aliens, we head back to where we left off on The Flash dealing with finding Alchemy and Savitar. Cisco finds a connection between Julian and an ancient Hindu weapon that has

The Flash – Recap & Review – Invasion!

The Flash Invasion! Original Air Date: Nov 29, 2016 Jules - Managing Editor DC Week Crossover continues, or really rather truly begins in this week's The Flash episode since the crossover officially began at the end of last night's Supergirl episode. While Barry assembles what Felicity calls "best team up ever" to battle