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Arrow – Recap & Review – Dangerous Liaisons

Arrow Dangerous Liaisons Original Air Date: Apr 26, 2017 Brianna – Managing Editor After a month away, Arrow is back to kick off its final run of episodes for season five with an exciting hour and an explosive ending. Now that Chase is in the wind after he took down his protective detail, the team

iZombie – Recap & Review – Wag The Tongue Slowly

iZombie Wag The Tongue Slowly Original Air Date: Apr 25, 2017 Brianna – Managing Editor Liv gets a little nosy on this week’s entertaining iZombie thanks to the brain of the week providing more information than Ravi needs about what Peyton is up to as Major continues his search for Natalie. Here are some of

iZombie – Recap & Review – Eat, Pray, Liv

iZombie Eat, Pray, Liv Original Air Date: Apr 18, 2017 Brianna – Managing Editor This week’s iZombie shifts focus a bit towards fixing the cure, Ravi dealing with his former boss and the whole Peyton/Blaine situation, and a new development for Major that causes some concern in another solid hour. Here are some of the

Famous In Love – First Impression – Pilot

Famous In Love Pilot Original Air Date: Apr 18, 2017 Brianna – Managing Editor I. Marlene King is at it again with Famous In Love, the story of Paige Townsen (without the d), a college student who finds herself at an audition for the most anticipated movie adaptation, Locked, and ends up getting the

iZombie – Recap & Review – Zombie Knows Best

iZombie Zombie Knows Best Original Air Date: Apr 11, 2017 Brianna – Managing Editor iZombie continues its third season with another fun hour that balanced the funny, the case of the week, and a look into Clive’s life outside of work and the team as a result of the heartbreaking murders last week. Here are

Arrow – Recap & Review – Disbanded

Arrow Disbanded Original Air Date: Mar 29, 2017 Brianna – Managing Editor Arrow continued its streak of solid episodes with "Disbanded". After seeing Oliver being subjected to mental and physical torture, "Disbanded" had Oliver at his absolute lowest and lost after calling off the team. With both Oliver and the team at a loss, Diggle and Felicity

Arrow – Recap & Review – Kapiushon

Arrow - Kapiushon

Arrow Kapiushon Original Air Date: Mar 22, 2017 Brianna – Managing Editor This week’s Arrow was heartbreaking and perhaps one of the best episodes in the series. After being captured by Prometheus and Talia last episode, the intense hour centers almost exclusively on Oliver in a cell in the present day while the flashbacks --

Arrow – Recap & Review – Checkmate

Arrow Checkmate Original Air Date: Mar 15, 2017 Brianna – Managing Editor And the game of chess Prometheus has been playing against the Green Arrow intensifies in a really entertaining way. Oliver and Team Arrow are dealing with the shocking discovery, and the game Prometheus has them playing, in a good hour that saw a

The Arrangement – First Impression – Pilot

The Arrangement Pilot Original Air Date: Mar 5, 2017 Brianna – Managing Editor The Arrangement premiered tonight and introduced us to Megan, an aspiring actress, who goes for an audition that turns out to be for a much bigger role than she anticipated. 98450