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Dear TV Claus … From JD

Hello and Happy Holidays to you all! For the month of December, the crew here at will be writing our letters to TV Claus, a powerful being who transcends all beliefs to bring us the wonderment of good television. You’ll see a new letter to TV Claus almost daily

Supernatural – Recap & Review – Bad Boys

Supernatural Bad Boys Original Air Date: Nov 19, 2013 JD – Sr. Staff Writer Just when I think I'm starting to lose love for Dean, this week's Supernatural came back with an episode that focused as much on as case as it did on Dean's back story, part of it we had never heard

Supernatural – Recap & Review – Heaven Can’t Wait

Supernatural Heaven Can't Wait Original Air Date: Nov 12, 2013 JD – Sr. Staff Writer So a couple episodes ago, Dean kicked Castiel out of the bunker when Zeke gave him an ultimatum. This week, we get to check in on Castiel and see what he's been up to since being booted in an

Supernatural – Recap & Review – Dog Dean Afternoon

Supernatural Dog Dean Afternoon Original Air Date: Nov 5, 2013 JD – Sr. Staff Writer Well, if you weren't clued in by a preview of this week's episode that this week we were going to get a funny episode, the montage at the beginning should have done the trick, with clips from some of

Supernatural – Recap & Review – Slumber Party

Supernatural Slumber Party Original Air Date: Oct 29, 2013 JD – Sr. Staff Writer Last week we got a Castiel episode, and this week we got a Charlie episode. My cup runneth over with fangirl glee. They just need Garth to make an appearance now! On top of Charlie being heavily featured, this episode

Supernatural – Recap & Review – I’m No Angel

Supernatural I'm No Angel Original Air Date: Oct 22, 2013 JD – Sr. Staff Writer This week's episode was a Castiel-centric one, and that made my little heart so happy. We got to see how he's adapting to his new life, and how he's surviving as a human. And while last week we learned

Supernatural – Recap & Review – Devil May Care

Supernatural Devil May Care Original Air Date: Oct 15, 2013 JD – Sr. Staff Writer After last week's whirlwind episode, the pace slows down a little (just a tiny bit) this week with "Devil May Care". We get to see what sort of shape Crowley is in, and Kevin too. And as the title

Supernatural – Recap & Review – I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here

Supernatural I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here Original Air Date: Oct 8, 2013 JD – Sr. Staff Writer When we left the Winchester boys last season, Dean had just stopped Sam from completing the last trial to shut the gates of hell. This left Sam near death, and Crowley (who was the subject

Arrested Development – Recap & Review – Off The Hook

Buster’s back! Throughout the entire 4th season of Arrested Development, Buster has been mostly absent. We’ve really mainly seen him reacting to things, but not gotten to observe his life following Lucille’s commandeering of the Queen Mary. Considering Buster has always been one of my favorite characters, it’s been mildly