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TerrifiCon 2017 – Salute To TV’s Batman


This past weekend, I ventured into my first experience with a Comic Convention. I got my press passes for TerrifiCon in Connecticut, drafted a good friend, Steve, with a history in newspaper reporting, and headed off to the Mohegan Sun Casino. When TerrifiCon was first announced they had an amazing lead

KPonTV on How To Revamp and #SaveNashville

Nashville ended one week ago, tonight. BUT WAIT! Rumors have Lionsgate shopping the show around to networks and streaming services such as Hulu, CMT and more. Some rumors have it getting the Friday Night Lights treatment where is runs on a second-run platform and is used in the summer on

Sister Site Launches – ReWatching The West Wing

TheTwoCents founder, KP, has started a weekly round-table style website for discussions on Aaron Sorkin's The West Wing. The discussion has already begun for Season One - Episode One: "Pilot". Join in! Season One - Episode One - "Pilot" Original Air Date: September 22, 1999 Roundtable: KP moderates with: Lindsay, Jer, RobbyK, and

KPonTV on Storage Wars Volume 1 & 2 on DVD

As we get ready for the return of Storage Wars on A&E, let's look back at the first two volumes that are now available on DVD. I happened upon this show by accident. I was scrolling through the channels one weekend and found a Storage Wars marathon. Well, who would have

Blue Bloods – Recap & Review – Reagan v Reagan

Blue Bloods Reagan v Reagan Original Air Date: Mar 9, 2012 KP - Editor-in-Chief Once again your fearless Blue Bloods Recapper, FK, is off watching cars turn left very quickly. So, I get to dust off the ole recapping skills and dive into a fun episode of, what I consider, one of the most

The 2011 KPonTV Awards

2011 is coming to a close with some amazing television that's happened since the calendar turned in January. Trying to remember back for the entire year is a daunting task, but that's why I get paid the big bucks. What? I STILL don't get paid for this? Hmm, I need to check

KPonTV on The Office Collection Special Edition on DVD

Whether you're making your own list for TV Claus or looking for a "can't lose" gift for another TV fan, you should be adding this to your search. This holiday season fans of great TV can celebrate with The Office Collection Special Edition. Written and created by Golden Globe winners Ricky

KPonTV on Planet Earth Limited Collector’s Edition

This fall, experience the ultimate portrait of our world like never before as BBC Earth releases Planet Earth Special Edition and Planet Earth Limited Collector’s Edition to Blu-ray and DVD. Not only is this series one of the most stunning collection of nature shots I've ever seen, but the Collector's Edition

KPonTV on The Big Bang Theory Complete Season 4 on DVD

Season four brought us a full season of Amy and Bernadette. Howard went legit. Superhero costumes. Howard's programmable hand. Priya's appearance. Sheldon's cats. Evil Wil Wheaton's return. Robot Sheldon and "Shamy". I was very excited to receive this disc set in the mail. On September 13th, you'll be able to purchase