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Dear TV Claus … From Meg

For the month of December, the crew here at will be writing our letters to TV Claus. A powerful being who transcends all beliefs to bring us the wonderment of good television. You’ll see a new letter to TV Claus almost daily here and we hope you’ll chime in

True Blood – Recap & Review – Save Yourself

True Blood Save Yourself Original Air Date: Aug 26, 2012 Meg – Staff Writer How about that for an ending?! Holy season finale, y’all! After an inconsistent and often disjointed season, True Blood’s last installment before another interminable hiatus delivers quite a bit – a daring rescue, new lovers, creepy fairy births and

True Blood – Recap & Review – Sunset

True Blood Sunset Original Air Date: Aug 19, 2012 Meg – Staff Writer As we gear up for next week’s season finale, tonight’s episode was all about setting up the action for the finale. Power crazy Bill is ready to face off with (read: murder) the other members of The Authority who all

True Blood – Recap & Review – Everybody Wants to Rule the World

True Blood Everybody Wants to Rule the World Original Air Date: Aug 6, 2012 Meg – Staff Writer We have an interesting role reversal tonight, as Bill continues to drink the vampire supremacy kool-aid, while Eric proves to be the only sane (un)person in town. Lafayette gets some of the best lines of

True Blood – Recap & Review – Somebody that I Used to Know

True Blood Somebody that I Used to Know Original Air Date: Jul 29, 2012 Meg – Staff Writer Bill makes a bee-line for the dark side and endears himself to the new vampire authority by suggesting a plan to bring about the eternal subjugation of humans. Thanks, Bill. Meanwhile, Sam dates

True Blood – Recap & Review – In the Beginning

True Blood In the Beginning Original Air Date: Jul 22, 2012 Meg – Staff Writer Our friends in Bon Temps are not having a good day. As if being turned into a vampire stripper against her will wasn't enough, tonight Tara's useless mother shows up and yells at her about it. Jessica and

True Blood – Recap & Review – Hopeless

True Blood Hopeless Original Air Date: Jul 15, 2012 Meg – Staff Writer Another great week for True Blood! Tonight viewers are treated to the long-trumpeted (and frankly, overdue) return of Denis O’Hare as Russell Edgington. True to form, this development immediately ratchets up the death count, doubles the gore, and makes me

True Blood – Recap & Review – We’ll Meet Again

True Blood We’ll Meet Again Original Air Date: Jul 1, 2012 Meg – Staff Writer On tonight’s True Blood, Pam (finally) gets maternal, the murder of Debbie Pelt is resolved, the Authority finds its traitor (one of them, at least), and we patient viewers spend some time at the Moulin Fae. Yep, a

True Blood – Recap & Review – Whatever I am, You Made Me

True Blood Whatever I am, You Made me Original Air Date: Jun 24, 2012 Meg – Staff Writer Tonight on a glacially paced episode that nevertheless had its moments (I’m still chuckling over “i-stake”), Pam and Jason spend the entire hour moping (although for Jason moping involves seducing cat ladies), Tara is very,

True Blood – Recap & Review – Authority Always Wins

True Blood Authority Always Wins Original Air Date: Jun 17, 2012 Meg – Staff Writer Tonight on Law and Order: SVU (Special Vampires Unit), True Blood welcomes Chris Meloni, tortures Bill and Eric, and tortures me with pointless townie storylines. We learn that vampires love bureaucracy, werewolves love hierarchy and poor Steve Newlin