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Face Off: Divide & Conquer — Recap & Review — Feral Fungi

Face Off: Divide & Conquer Fungal Zombie Challenge Original Air Date: Aug 1, 2017 Patricia Morris Buckley, Sr. Staff Writer   Is there anything that Face Off contestants like more than zombies? No, I didn’t think so. So the six remaining makeup artists (now in even teams of three) were thrilled with the next challenge —

Comic-Con 2017: Westworld Panel

Comic-Con 2017 Westworld Panel Patricia Morris Buckley - Sr. Staff Writer After an amazing first season, the cast and crew of Westworld has finished one week of shooting the second. But try to get plot points about the upcoming storyline out of them is near impossible. Instead, they wanted to talk about what a

Comic-Con 2017: Battlestar Galactica Panel

Comic-Con 2017 Battlestar Galactica Panel Patricia Morris Buckley - Sr. Staff Writer It’s not clear who enjoyed the Battlestar Galactica reunion more, the audience in Ballroom 20 or the cast and crew. The panel swapped stories, compliments and memories. And even after eight years of the show being off the air, fans ate

Comic-Con 2017: Sherlock Panel

Comic-Con 2017 Sherlock Panel Patricia Morris Buckley - Sr. Staff Writer In a panel devoted to turning BBC’s Sherlock into manga and comic books, it’s inevitable that the discussion would mostly be about the TV show. But first, producers Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue talked about the challenges of the screen-to-page conversion. “Getting Benedict

Comic-Con 2017: Wednesday Preview Night

Patricia Morris Buckley — Staff Writer Only a lucky few get a ticket to Wednesday’s Preview Night, the eve before the Comic-Con officially opens. There are no panels, but it’s a time for shopping before the quantities start to dwindle, or to comb the exhibition hall floor for the best