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Arrow Photo Peeks: “Irreconcilable Differences”

After a whirlwind and heavy crossover, Arrow is back in Star City and ready to celebrate!  Stills for the series' midseason finale have been released and gives us a hint of what to look forward to. Fresh off of their impromptu double wedding ceremony with Digg officiating, Oliver and Felicity are

Arrow Photo Peeks: “Thanksgiving”

Arrow's celebrating its first Thanksgiving the only way it can...with someone getting arrested. Oliver, Felicity, and William are celebrating their first Thanksgiving together and attending to Mayoral duties. Of course, while it seems like they are having a wonderful time, things hit a snag when Agent Watson drops by. But it's not

Arrow Photo Peeks: “Promises Kept”

The Slade saga continues on this week's Arrow. With Joe's appearance at the end of last week's episode, Slade is determined to know more about what happened to his son since he last saw him. He's searching for an answer as to how he ended up where he did and the situation