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Arrow Photo Peeks: “Next of Kin”

I know we have yet to watch this week's episode but the CW has released stills for next week's Arrow! And there's some clear progress on the Olicity front. The stills for the episode titled "Next of Kin" give many fans a definitive answer about where Olicity stands. We see Oliver coming

Legends of Tomorrow Photo Peeks: “Zari”

We'll be meeting a brand new member of the team on next week's Legends of Tomorrow! In the episode titled "Zari," the Legends initially set out to help the Time Bureau with capturing a rogue time traveler. But in classic Legends of Tomorrow fashion, the team finds themselves making it worse before it

Arrow Photo Peeks: “Tribute”

Arrow - Tribute

A familiar face will be returning to Arrow this week! The CW released a few photos for "Tribute, " and it seems like Anatoly will be making his return to Star City. Given how he and Oliver left things towards the end of last season when he was in the city, one

Legends of Tomorrow Photo Peeks: “Freakshow”

Legends of Tomorrow - Freakshow - Photo Peeks

And to the circus the Legends go! The CW has released photos for next week's Legends of Tomorrow that will take the team to 1870. There, they will be meeting P.T. Barnum and everyone in his circus. It's not all fun for them, though. The team will be working to fix an

Once Upon A Time Photo Peeks: “A Pirate’s Life”

The Savior's back! ABC has released photos for this Friday's Once Upon A Time that sees the return of Jennifer Morrison's Emma Swan. With a rebooted season where many of our old Storybrooke friends as new characters in Seattle, Emma finds herself reunited with her husband and grown-up son. There's also

Arrow Photo Peeks: “Fallout”

Here we are! Less than a month out from a new season of Arrow! It's been a somewhat quiet summer for fans of pretty much every character on the show after Chase's final move against Oliver was to blow up Lian Yu with almost everyone Oliver loves on it. So, while we're